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Boston Brawlers | Clubs' challenges Assassin's Creed III Guide

Set 1

1. Meet with Harold Ring in the old brewery in Boston.

Hint: He will be marked on the map with the Brawlers icon.

2. Disarm 5 enemies.

Hint: To disarm an enemy, slow down time with a counterattack and press the jump button.

3. Kill 5 enemies affected by a smoke bomb in no more than 10 seconds.

Hint: Start off by buying a smoke bomb in any shop and use it on a group of 5- enemies. After they get blinded, you will need to perform a quick streak of five assassinations by pressing the attack button to jump between enemies.

4. Kill 25 enemies with the hidden blade.

5. Stealth kill 10 enemies.

6. Kill 10 officers.

Hint: Officers lead British soldiers patrol groups. They can be distinguished by the sabre which they use.

7. Achieve a 5 enemy kill streak.

Hint: Keep pressing the attack button after a successful counterattack and point to enemies who Connor should kill with the analog stick. You need to choose the weakest enemies to continue the streak. Officers and grenadiers are capable of blocking such attacks.

Set 2

1. Kill 10 grenadiers.

Hint: These enemies wear a kilt and fight using an axe. Firstly disarm them with the jump button and finish off with a normal attack.

2. Kill an enemy with all types of weapons.

Hint: Types of weapons include the following: standard (e.g. an axe), blunt weapons, the hidden blade, small weapons (e.g. the tomahawk), heavy weapons, pistol, musket, bow, poison dart, dope dart, mine.

3. Perform 5 Double Assassinations.

Hint: Double assassinations can be performed by standing above two enemies, choosing the hidden blade and aiming at the enemies so that they both shine. Press the attack button and Connor will perform a double assassination on them.

4. Have the assassin recruits assist Connor in combat 10 times.

5. Liberate 3 forts.

Hint: The locations of forts can be found on the below maps. To liberate them, you need to set fire to the gunpowder storages, kill the officer and change the flag. All these elements will be marked on your map.

The Frontier

Boston - Boston Brawlers - Clubs' challenges - Assassins Creed III - Game Guide and Walkthrough


New York - Boston Brawlers - Clubs' challenges - Assassins Creed III - Game Guide and Walkthrough

New York

1 - Boston Brawlers - Clubs' challenges - Assassins Creed III - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Set 3

1. Achieve a 7 enemy kill streak.

2. Use a rope dart to do a predator move 5 times.

Hint: A description of this move can be found in the "Assassinations - Ranged weapons" section.

3. Own every weapon available in stores.

4. Disarm and kill 10 Jagers with their own weapons.

Hint: Jagers are soldiers with bandanas and hats with a red feather. To defeat them, you need to block their attack and disarm them with the jump button to make them vulnerable to attacks. These enemies most commonly appear during the third level of notoriety.

5. Defend yourself from firing 10 times with a human shield.

Hint: When you see that an enemy is trying to fire at you, approach another soldier and press the jump button to make Connor grab him and block the bullet.

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