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Artifact Guide

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Best contructed decks in Artifact Artifact Guide and Tips

Playing Constructed mode in Artifact at the highest difficulty level requires not only great skill, but also expensive and good cards. Below we have presented some of the best possible decks in blue/green and black/red. Thanks to them you should win a large part of matches.






Treant Protector

Leather Armor x3


Drow Ranger

Traveler's Cloak x3

Ogre Magi

Star Align x3

Blink Dagger x3

Diabolic Revelation x3

Unearthed Secrets x3


At Any Cost x2

Emissary of the Quorum x2


Aghanim's Sanctum x3


Arcane Assault x2


Foresight x3


Annihilation x2


Incarantion of Selemene x2


Heroes order: Kanna, Treant Protector, Zeus, Drow Ranger, Ogre Magi.





Sorla Khan


Revtel Signet Ring x2

Phantom Assassin

Legion Commander

Demagicking Maul x2


Bronze Legionnair x3

Phase Boots x2

Untested Grunt x3

Mercanery Exiles x2

Blink Dagger x2

Disciple of Nevermore x2

Legion Standard Bearer x2

Claszureme Hourglass x1

The Oath x3

Stonehall Elite x2


Gank x3


Oglodi Vandal x2


Tyler Estate Censor x3


Heroes order: Axe, Phantom Assassin, Legion Commander, Sorla Khan, Tinker.

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