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Army of Two Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Army of Two Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Game Guide - General tips Army of Two Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016


General tips

  • Always turn on your GPS with the [Back] button, when you have no idea where to go. It will show not only the proper route, but also interesting objects - computers, control panels, shields, ladders and explosive fuel containers.
  • each tougher enemy - heavy armored or in a turret - isn't of course unbeatable. To finish such guys, let your companion take some Aggro, so the opponents will focus on him. Meanwhile, try to surround your enemies and shoot them in the back. You can also throw a grenade or use a rocket/grenade launcher, but remember that the explosive material must blow up behind the unfriendly heavy guy. In case of turrets, you may also shoot the gunner through the tiny window in the shield, but that often requires a whole lot of ammunition;
  • the easiest enemies are marked with blue symbols (displayed when you put your crosshair on them), tougher with red and the well-armored with green. Try to eliminate them in that order, so the most difficult guy will die as the last one. Moreover, notice that bosses have a red symbol with a scull - although they're tough, their death sometimes end the whole level, so you won't have to eliminate the rest of the enemy group. Simply kill or harm the boss when you notice a good occasion;
  • The heaviest weapons like Minigun M134 or grenade launcher MGL MK-X are completely unpractical. The first one has an incredibly low accuracy, while the second has an extremely limited amount of additional ammunition. Better create for yourself a weapon, which is accurate and has a lot of bullets in a single clip - I guess upgraded AUG is the best bet here. However, if you're a master in aiming with a gamepad, you may create a gun, which - besides having an enormous clip - can impress with its firepower. Here I recommend you FAMAS with some upgrades. But if you simply want to test the biggest cannons, take also a nice secondary weapon, for example MP7;
  • Attaching silencers is rather not necessary. Although they lower the Aggro and allow you to surround and finish the enemies a bit faster, they also lower damage inflicted by bullets;
  • remember that going with a cover (riot shield or car door) you can punch someone with your shield. If you manage to get close to an enemy, press the fire button to hit and kill the poor guy;
  • acting as dead allows to regenerate your health calmly, but remember that in such condition you leave your partner on his own. Moreover, if you start acting in front of your enemies, they will notice that something is not right and they'll start shooting. Starting faking death under a heavy fire should do the trick.
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