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ArmA II Game Guide & Walkthrough by

ArmA II Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Complex and vast game as ArmA II offers almost infinite variants and situations during battles. It is connected with your gear and units using it, and of course tactical maneuvers. There three elements are a base for game's philosophy. In single player mode everything is a little bit clichéd for new users. Take a look on below advices before your adventure on Chernarussian (and others) lands will start:

  • Don't care about your ammo. Enemy has plenty of other weapons and magazines. Search bodies and change gun as you like.
  • In few missions you can switch between units! Using Sykes gear will give you a profit by DMR rifle.
  • The myth about bush providing cover is not sure. Enemy troops don't see you lying in the grass but... cover fire can hurt you. Use standing tree-trunks for maximal cover.
  • Not only Fuel trucks refuels your vehicle but also barrels.
  • Gravity on Chernarus still works! So if you are aiming with rocket launcher make sure you won't hit the dirt. Javelin breaks this rule.
  • From time to time order your soldiers to "Hold Fire". Unnecessary use of firepower is a worst thing.
  • Keep you squad in formation. Don't let your soldiers going away for 150-300 meters, except snipers and normal orders.
  • In Warfare mode heavier vehicles like BRDM or LAV-25 can be captured - shoot the tires, kill ejecting crew and take Repair truck.
  • In Warfare missions Supply trucks gathering some money for you and your enemy. Destroy few trucks to cut him from enlarging army.
  • Just before enter urban area take a deep look on it! Use your binoculars or mounted sight on sniper rifle.
  • Don't be an aviator king because enemy has ZSU-23 or other Anti-Aircraft weapon.
  • AI uses cover fire, so order your squad to keep low and flee from area if it's possible.
  • Always heal your units, even if they aren't marked as injured. They can bleed out during fights.
  • Never climb on big rocks!
  • Be a reasonable leader - destroy BMP's only with rocket launchers
  • If scenario allows this - buy AT units for your main squad.
  • Don't drive a tank by "from up to down" style. It's essential to learn about 3-step tank fight: put your cannon slightly from hill, hit the target, get back. It's safe move.
  • Enemy without night vision goggles is blind but he sees muzzle flash.
  • Game has well projected autosave system, which activates only when user is safe. On regular Mode you have 7 slots for saves, on Veteran only 1.
  • In ArmA II we don't use real geographic coordinates. Information about locations is given in specific numbers like 134078. First three means latitude, next three longitude. Check map for proper square.
  • Bullet penetration could be useful. Wooden fence doesn't guarantee full cover.
  • Fleeing enemy is flanking enemy.
  • Complete all training missions - they'll prepare you for proper battles, commanding etc. Do not dismiss them at start!
  • Familiar yourself with all gear in editor (create small mission with one unit and few ammo boxes) or Armory.
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