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ARK Survival Evolved Guide

ARK Survival Evolved Guide

Jurassic ARK The ARK guide offers various hints introducing new players into the game's world. It includes information on topics such as gathering supplies, taming animals, finding artifacts and using engrams.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a huge sandbox game, with a developed survival system, cooperation and ability to improve the character you control. The following guide contains all of the information about the creatures you meet in the game, hidden caves with artifacts and contents of supply drops. You will learn how to summon and defeat one of the main bosses of the game (Bloodmother Lysrix), which resources are required to create your very first equipment, where to look for them and how to build your character. A separate chapter concerning the taming process of dinosaurs can also be found here, as well as information about feeding and training them. If you're an inexperienced player you will also learn how to start your journey, how not to die, how to spend development points gained after advancing to higher levels and where to set up your first camp.

The game has one DLC, released on 1st September 2016 called ARK - Scorched Earth. It unlocks an additional area and new possibilities - all of those were described in a separate chapter.

ARK - Survival Evolved game guide contains:

  • Controls and system requirements;
  • General hints introducing new players into the world of ARK - Survival Evolved;
  • A description of all types of supply drops, coupled with their contents;
  • A list of all of the resources available in the game;
  • A detailed guide concerning the taming process;
  • A list of most useful dinosaurs found in the game;
  • A description of engrams, with the requirements that must be met to use them;
  • A complete World Map;
  • Locations of artifacts;
  • A short description of the Scorched Earth DLC.

Przemyslaw Szczerkowski (

About ARK Survival Evolved Guide

Author : Przemyslaw "Cophelio" Szczerkowski for

last update : October 19, 2016

Guide contains : 18 pages, 367 images.

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ARK: Survival Evolved Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Studio Wildcard
  • publisher: Studio Wildcard
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4

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