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ArcheAge Game Guide

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8. Houses and fields ArcheAge Guide

This chapter introduces you into the system of housing and agriculture in ArcheAge. You will learn about the profits of owning your own house and about the options that cultivation of soil provides.


A Farmhouse. - 8. Houses and fields - ArcheAge - Game Guide and Walkthrough
A Farmhouse.

Owning a house, in ArcheAge, is inseparably bound to the system of crafting. It is the private houses of the players that serve as workshops, where the most valuable items in the game are crafted. If you do not own a house and the crafting stations that you would put there, it is going to be difficult to reach the higher levels of your craft. Even impossible, in some cases.

Apart from that, thanks to houses, you can create your own teleporting spot, which you can then record in your teleporter book. Houses can be freely decorated. You can hang pictures on the walls, place furniture, fly flags, etc. Also, there is a space for bed, where you can replenish your work supplies, every now and then.

If your house is located in an open PvP, you can also use it as shelter - you simply need to close the door and all the windows to be completely safe. After you fit the house with a mailbox, a equipment chest and the portable set that summons the most important traders, your house becomes, nearly, a self-sufficient stronghold.

Remember that, if you have a house, you need to pay a weekly fee. Neglecting to do that may result in losing both the house and the stretch of land that it is on.

Arable fields

Chopping down of trees. - 8. Houses and fields - ArcheAge - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Chopping down of trees.

Thanks to arable fields, you can grow crops and breed animals. This process is exceptionally easy - you only need to buy a sapling, from the trader, or an animal, and place it within your farm. This starts a countdown, up until the moment at which your crop is mature. In some cases, you can speed this up, by e.g. watering the plant, or feeding your animals. After the time elapses, it is time for gathering your crops - cutting down trees, picking flowers, milking, shearing, or killing the animals. And the process starts over.

Everything that you place on your farm takes up space. Depending on their size there can be several or, a dozen-or-so cultivated goods. Also their maturing process varies, some of them are ready just after several minutes, whereas you need to wait, for the others, as long as 2 days. Also the climate is what has the effect on that. Some plants and animals prefer hot areas, where they grow faster than in other conditions.

At the arable fields, you create basic materials necessary to craft the more advanced gods. Nearly the entire crafting system is based on farming. That is why it is a quite profitable profession and you have plenty of customers.

You should also remember that, as much as placing "goods" on the fields does not require too many work points, gathering crops does. Also, remember that owning a field also requires you to effect weekly payments.

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