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ArcheAge Game Guide

Table of Contents

6. Trade ArcheAge Guide

From this chapter, you will learn the basic information on trade in ArcheAge. You will learn the basic mechanics of the system that governs this element of the game and you will learn how to earn gold, thanks to it.

How to start

Crafting of trade packs. - 6. Trade - ArcheAge - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Crafting of trade packs.

To start trading in ArcheAge in the first place, you need to craft a trade pack You can do that thanks to the special machines that are located in all of the major locations, on both continents. You craft the pack off the special materials, characteristic for a given region. Then, you need to transport it to another location far away, where you can sell it to a special NPC, in exchange for one of three materials - gold, supplies or Gilda Stars. The longer and the more dangerous the route, the higher the pay. In the case of short trading routes between the neighboring locations, you can only receive your pay in gold. You will profit the most from long overseas journeys.

Remember that, with a trade pack, you move much slower and you cannot use gliders or teleporters.


On the trading route. - 6. Trade - ArcheAge - Game Guide and Walkthrough
On the trading route.

If your route crosses the territories, where it is possible to attack the other players, it is highly possible that you will encounter many opponents that will want to take your merchandise away from you. Therefore, it always pays off to travel in a group and, secondly, to plan your movements and always make sure that the risk will pay off. It may be that instead of taking the risk of a long and lonely overseas journey, where the chances to fail are low, it is a more sound idea to make several smaller deals in protected areas.


The enemy guild supplying packs in peace time. - 6. Trade - ArcheAge - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The enemy guild supplying packs in peace time.

The main advantage of trading travels is that your supplies of Gilda Stars rise fast. For these, you can buy, eg. several of the fastest ships in the game. A well organized guild is capable of obtaining an armada of galleys fast, which will ensure it with long reign over the seas. Also, what is worth the effort are the special resources that you can obtain only by trading. Their prices can be really high which is why, in each harbor that ends overseas trading routes, you can expect to encounter many members of an enemy faction that dream of making quick cash.

It is worth adding that, even if you fail to deliver the pack that you have crafted (e.g. your killer, or a party member does that instead) you still receive some of the profits from that pack. The deliverer receives 80% of the income, whereas the crafter receives the remaining 20%. It is not too much, although it is some sort of a consolation. Just enough, when you are attacked by someone, after a long journey, right before you reach your destination.

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