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ArcheAge Game Guide

Table of Contents

4. Guilds, parties, raids ArcheAge Guide

In this chapter, you will learn the basic information on the guild system in ArcheAge. Apart from that, you will learn about the mechanics of parties and raids.

The guild

The guild panel. - 4. Guilds, parties, raids - ArcheAge - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The guild panel.

It is very simple to start a new guild in ArcheAge- you simply need a 5-member party, where each player has, at least, the 5th level of experience, and pay the fee of 1 gold piece. You can do that in each major city, with the Guild Manager NPC. The membership in a guild allows you use its dedicated chat window, where you can easily communicate with the other guild members. Depending on the rank allotted to you, you will receive various profits, including the option to add and dispatch remove members.

Later into the game, guilds may fight battles between each other, for territories and power, over the Auroria isle. The strongest ones will be able to build their castles, which ensure them with income from taxes, as well as ensure a number of other profits. Still they will require you to defend them, in the course of numerous and regular sieges.

Guilds group members of the same faction only. There is an exception, though, i.e. pirate guilds. To become a pirate is possible for everyone who turned to the dark side of the force and killed, or robbed, the members of his own faction. Such pirate guilds may consists on the representatives of all four races.

The party

The party is a group of 5 players. It is the most frequently seen form of cooperation between players, because it allows you to hunt freely in the instance dungeons. Health points, mana points and the list of buffs and debuffs, of the members of a party is always on display, thanks to which the healer may react to threats immediately.

The raid

A raid in ArcheAge. - 4. Guilds, parties, raids - ArcheAge - Game Guide and Walkthrough
A raid in ArcheAge.

Raid is nothing else but a combination of several, or several tens of parties. In practice, this form is used during battles against elite monsters in the open world. Unlike in the party, information about all the members of the raid are displayed in the form of small squares, which may make it difficult to figure things out and slow down the reaction of healers.

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