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ArcheAge Game Guide

Table of Contents

2. Skillsets ArcheAge Guide

This chapter introduces you to classes in ArcheAge. Here, you will learn a bit more about the available skillsets, learn about differences between them and about the most effective combinations.

Skillset selection

In ArcheAge, there are as many as 120 different classes available. Each one has 3 component skillsets, which you pick from among the 10 available ones. These are:

  • Battlerage
  • Sorcery
  • Archery
  • Occultism
  • Shadowplay
  • Vitalism
  • Defense
  • Songcraft
  • Auramancy
  • Witchcraft

You make your first choice (from the abbreviated list) while creating your character and the second one, after you reach the 5th experience level. You make the last choice at level 10. Then, your class receives an unique name.

During the game, you can change the skillset for a small fee but, you need to remember that each one needs to be leveled up separately. Your base skillset (as long as you do not change it) will level up alongside you, level after level, until you reach level 50. If you decide to change, then the new skillset will have to "catch up" with the rest of the skillsets. This is why, it is recommended that you make your starting choice with consideration and change only after you have reached the maximum experience level, when perfecting new trees is much easier and faster.

The individual skillsets combine with each other and allow you to introduce special combinations (more about this in the next step), which allows you to eliminate enemies easier. The synergy of the individual skillsets is the key to victory and that is what you should attach the most care to, while designing your character.

Within the initial skillset, you can find both active and passive skills. You unlock the former by obtaining successive levels, whereas the former are unlocked in exchange for skillpoints. For example, to learn a passive skill that requires, at least, 4 skillpoints, you first need to distribute those 4 points within that tree (including the points that you spent on the other passive skills) At the 50th experience level, you will have a total of 23 skillpoints to distribute among 3 skillsets.

The most popular classes

Thanks to the complete freedom of choice in ArcheAge, you can create any class combination. However, it needs to be pointed out that some of the classes are much weaker than their "well-thought out" alternatives. To make the start easier for you, we have prepared a list of the most popular combinations that always win their way into guilds or raids. The whole has been divided into several categories, so that everyone can find something for themselves.

Damage dealers

Darkrunner in action. - 2. Skillsets - ArcheAge - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Darkrunner in action.

Classes that deal damage shine in the battlefield the most. It is them that decide the effectiveness of a given group and they are the most feared by the opponents. Playing as this type of character is easier and much more enjoyable - you do not need to worry about anything else than extermination of enemies. They are perfect for solo games - you can deal with all of the quests and defend yourself from opponents, if necessary.

  • Primeval (Archery / Shadowplay / Auramancy) - the most popular variation of the archer. Highly mobile, deals high ranged damage and provided with lots of buffs.
  • Darkrunner (Battlerage / Shadowplay / Auramancy) - a character that fights at close quarters. A combination of a warrior and an assassin - if he manages to sneak behind somebody's back, in nearly 100% it equals the opponent's death. Strikes fast and hard. If properly played, he can wreak havoc in the enemy lines.
  • Daggerspell (Sorcery / Shadowplay / Witchcraft) - one of the most popular mages. Very effective in 1 on 1 battles, although he does just as well in mass battles.

Tanks/ initiators

The tough characters that always stand in the first line, during the battle. Indispensable in instances, they take on the attention of monsters and buy damage dealers the time necessary to kill them. They are perfect in PvP, they are tough to kill, they are capable of incapacitating the enemy and eliminate him from further combat. They deal excellently in solo games.

  • Abolisher (Battlerage / Defense / Auramancy) - thanks to the defensive skills and numerous buffs, he is very difficult to kill. He is a real nightmare to all those who deal physical damage. The mages handle them a bit better.
  • Defiler (Occultism / Defense / Witchcraft) - an ideal character for 10 on 1, who also reigns during minor skirmishes/ He is resistant to both physical and magical damage and, thanks to the Occultism and Witchcraft combination, he is capable of controlling the situation in the battlefield. If necessary, he can quickly eliminate single enemies.
  • Blighter (Battlerage / Defense / Shadowplay) - a tougher variation of the Darkrunner. He makes up, for the lack of mobility and resistance to debuffs, with resistance to physical damage.


A healer is a key element of each party. It is him that keeps the allies alive, makes sure that debuffs do not exact toll on them and, if necessary, can revive. He is indispensable during high-level activities. Playing solo, as such a character, may be tedious, due to low damage dealt.

  • Templar (Vitalism / Defense / Auramancy) - the most popular healer combination. He is resistant to attacks and debuffs, thanks to which he can go on for longer and focus o his basic task - keep the others alive. He also does well in 1 on 1, especially against mages.
  • Hierophant (Vitalism / Auramancy / Witchcraft) - a bit modified version of the Templar. He makes up, for the gaps in physical defense, with increased resistance to magic and with various debuffs. A nightmare to all the mages.
  • Shadowbane (Vitalism / Defense / Witchcraft) - The toughest version of the healer. Very tough to kill, but vulnerable to debuffs, due to the lack of Auramancy. Apart from that, unlike the ones above, requires higher skills, due to the lack of the basic healing combination (Conversion Shield + Antithesis).


The supporting characters stay in shadows, where they keep backing up their allies from. A word of warning - playing them may be tedious, because it grinds to performing the same actions, over and over again. It is possible to play solo as this class, although there is not much point to that, because they are designed to act in groups.

  • Cleric (Vitalism / Songcraft / Auramancy) - a quite versatile combination that provides you with resistance to debuffs and due to the option to function as an emergency healer.
  • Tomb Warden (Defense / Auramancy / Songcraft) - high resistance to damage and to debuffs allow you to focus, nearly entirely, on playing the buffing music.
  • Enchantrix (Witchcraft / Auramancy / Songcraft) - just like above but, places emphasis on resistance to magic.


Battlerage is a skillset that is entirely based on battle at close range . The skills of this class focus on dealing damage and incapacitating the enemy. Also, it offers a vast array of, the so called gap closer's, i.e. all sorts of charges and leaps that allow you to cut short the distance between you and the enemy, immediately.

Active skills

  • Triple Slash (level 1) - the basic attack that consists of three successive slashes. The mana cost is low, it deals moderate damage and weakens the enemies.
  • Charge (level 3) - Charge towards the enemy. The enemy hit stays immobile for less than 2 seconds.
  • Whirlwind Slash (level 10) - the character whirls in one spot and deals considerable damage to the surrounding opponents.
  • Sunder Earth (level 15) - as a result of a powerful slam, the ground splits, deals damage and slows down the enemy and, apart from that buffs resistance in the nearby allies.
  • Lasso (level 20) - pulls the enemy and makes him deal damage to you, for the next 4 seconds
  • Terrifying Roar (level 25) - weakens and extends the duration of negative effects on the opponent and, at the same time, buffs your resistances.
  • Bondbreaker (level 30) - removes some of the negative effects on you and, temporarily, makes him resistant to them. Also, reduces physical damage taken.
  • Precision Strike (level 35) - a powerful blow that deals massive critical damage. The stab in the back raises the chances of dealing critical damage.
  • Frenzy (level 40) - your character goes berserk and raises his resistance to magic. Each blow dealt by him, brings down his physical defense and each taken one, raises it.
  • Battle Focus (level 45) - for 20 seconds, your character is more effective at parrying the incoming attacks, deals more damage, his skills have a lower mana cost and the cooldown time on those skills is shorter.
  • Tiger Strike (level 50) - charges at a distant enemy, In its duration, you can hit, as many, as 5 nearby enemies, at a time. The damage taken can neither be parried, blocked nor dodged.

Passive skills

  • Weapon Maneuvers (min. 2 skill points) - increases physical attacks by 5%.
  • Dual-Wield Proficiency (min. 4 skill points) - raises the chance of a critical physical attack, by 8%, allows you to parry ranged attacks, while wielding dual weapons.
  • Attack Speed Training (min. 6 skill points) - shortens the cooldown time of Battlerage o 10%.
  • Deflect and Retaliate (min. 7 skill points) - increases the chance to parry by 2%. Each successful parry regenerates all Battlerage skills.
  • Reckless Charge (min. 8 skill points) - decreases the duration of all examples of slowing down and immobilizing, used against your character. After you use each charge, movement speed increases by 40% for 3 seconds.
  • Puncture (min. 9 skill points) - critical physical attacks decrease the opponent's physical defense by 2000.
  • Weapon Mastery (min. 10 skill points) - increases damage dealt by all the Battlerage abilities by 15%.


Sorcery is a skillset that revolves around both dealing AoE damage and quick elimination of single enemies. The spells that you find here weaken the opponent on impact, but it requires a moment to cast them, which exposes them to attacks.

Active skills

  • Flamebolt (level 1) - the basic attack that sets the opponent on fire. deals considerable damage and has a low mana cost, thanks to which it is a perfect filler for all the spell rotations.
  • Freezing Arrow (level 3) - deals considerable damage from cold and slows down the opponent it hits.
  • Insulating Lens (level 10) - forms a protective barrier around the character, which absorbs some of the damage and temporarily, increases physical resistance.
  • Arc Lightning (level 15) - strikes the opponent with lightning, deals considerable damage.
  • Freezing Earth (level 20) - the explosion of ice freezes the nearby enemies and deals damage to them.
  • Searing Rain (level 25) - for 7 seconds, the rain of fire deals damage to all the enemies within a given area.
  • Frigid Tracks (level 30) - the character leaves a trail of ice behind, which freezes the pursuing opponents.
  • Magic Circle (level 35) - forms a special symbol on the ground, which boosts magical capabilities of the characters within.
  • Chain Lightning (level 40) - strikes a group of opponents with a lightning.
  • Flame Barrier (level 45) - forms a wall of fire on the ground.
  • Meteor Strike (level 50) - summons a meteor that deals damage to all thee enemies within the area and knocks them down.

Passive skills

  • Mana Pool Increase (min. 2 skill points) - increases the pool of mana by 15%.
  • Magic Range Boost (min. 4 skill points) - increases the range of the Sorcery skill by 5m.
  • Efficient Sorcery (min. 6 skill points) - decreases the cost to use the Sorcery skill, by 15%.
  • Mana Flurry (min. 7 skill points) - decreases cooldown time of all the skills, by 6%.
  • Recuperation (min. 8 skill points) - decreases the duration of sleep and terror, by 10%.
  • Magic Precision (min. 9 skill points) - increases the chance of a critical magic attack by 10%.
  • Aranzeb's Infusion (min. 10 skill points) - increases damage from all the Sorcery skills, by 15%.


As the name suggests Archery is entirely based on ranged combat. The skills within this class deal much more damage, if you are within an appropriate range of the opponent - the closer you are, the weaker your attacks.

Active skills

  • Charged Bolt (level 1) - an arrow that always hits its target. The enemy hit is, additionally, slowed down.
  • Piercing Shot (level 3) - a ranged attack that deals considerable damage and, additionally, causes bleeding. Additional damage per each Bloodthirst points.
  • Endless Arrows (level 10) - the basic attack of the archer, whose purpose is to generate Bloodthirst points. Deals 50% of the regular damage but, it is much faster to use and you can use it endlessly.
  • Double Recurve (level 15) - increases ranged damage by 9%.
  • Deadeye (level 20) - temporarily increases ranged damage. Any move cancels this effect out.
  • Snare (level 25) - removes the disarm effect, lowers magic and physical attack, as well as it deals damage to the nearby enemies.
  • Float (level 30) - the character goes up into the air, thanks to which ranged damage dealt, and range, rise. Makes it impossible to move and to use the skills that require preparation.
  • Boneyard (level 35) - deals magical damage and creates a prison of bones, which blocks all of the nearby opponents.
  • Concussive Arrow (level 40) - an explosive arrow that deals damage to the opponents and disarms them all, in a given area.
  • Missile Rain (level 45) - shoots a halo of arrows at the selected spot.
  • Intensity (level 50) - increases the chance of dealing critical damage, makes invulnerable to terror, provides all the attacks with a 100% chance of generating Bloodthirst points.

Passive skills

  • Wild Instincts (min. 2 skill points) - increases the movement speed, by 8%.
  • Eagle Eyes (min. 4 skill points) - increases the accuracy of ranged attacks and the chance to land a critical attack, by 3% and 2% respectively.
  • Archery Expertise (min. 6 skill points) - shortens down cooldown time of some of the ranged skills, by 10%.
  • Ranged Attack Evasion (min. 7 skill points) - increases chances to dodge, by 8%.
  • Marksman (min. 8 skill points) - increases the range of ranged attacks, by 5m.
  • Sharpshooting (min. 9 skill points) - increases the chance of dealing a ranged critical blow by 3% and damage from the blows, by 20%.
  • Feral Claws (min. 10 skill points) - increases damage dealt by all the Archery abilities, by 15%.


A school of magic that, apart from spells that deal damage, also has a vast array of various debuffs. This skillset focuses, mainly, on enabling the character to survive for as long as possible.

Active skills

  • Mana Stars (level 1) - quick magical attacks that waken the enemy and deal moderate damage
  • Crippling Mire (level 3) - slows down the enemy and deals damage to him. Moving terminates the spell effect.
  • Hell Spear (level 10) - stuns the nearby enemies and deals damage to them.
  • Absorb Lifeforce (level 15) - drains the opponent for vital forces and transfers them over to the caster. Moving terminates the spell.
  • Summon Crows (level 20) - deals damage and decreases the accuracy of physical attacks of the opponents within reach.
  • Mana Force (level 25) - repels the opponent and replenishes some of the caster's mana points.
  • Telekinesis (level 30) - raises the opponent into the air and allows the caster to control the direction in which he flies, for 12 seconds.
  • Retribution (level 35) - a shield that reflects 50% of the damage taken.
  • Stillness (level 40) - silences the nearby opponents and removes the effect of terror from the caster.
  • Urgency (level 45) - shortens cooldown time of the Occultism ability by 9 seconds.
  • Summon Wraith (level 50) - summons a wrath that weakens and deals damage to the opponents within a given area.

Passive skills

  • Enhanced Mana Recovery (min. 2 skill points) - speeds up the regeneration of mana points.
  • Reprisal (min. 4 skill points) - after you take damage, increases your chances of dealing a critical magical attack, by 20%, for the duration of 10 seconds.
  • Caster's Enrichment (min. 6 skill points) - decreases regeneration of health points, outside of combat, and increases mana regeneration.
  • Macabre Reach (min. 7 skill points) - increases damage dealt by the critical magic attacks, by 20%.
  • Overpowered Spell Locus (min. 8 skill points) - after you take damage, increases, temporarily, magic attack. Moving removes this effect.
  • Intensified Harm (min. 9 skill points) - after you take damage, increases damage from magical critical attacks, by 50%, for the duration of 6 seconds.
  • Death's Beckoning (min. 10 skill points) - shortens cooldown time of the Occultism skill by 20%.


A skillset of assassins. In here, you can find attacks that temporarily stun the enemy, disarm him and also deal lots of damage to them. Allows you to speed up your movement, temporarily, and to become invisible.

Active skills

  • Rapid Strike (level 1) - quick physical attacks that deal moderate damage, generate Bloodthirst points and deal damage to the opponent.
  • Overwhelm (level 3) - jumps at the opponent, stuns him and deals damage. Generates 1 Bloodthirst point.
  • Drop Back (level 10) - a quick shop to the back.
  • Wallop (level 15) - a combination of swift blows that generate Bloodthirst points.
  • Stalker's Mark (level 20) - marks the opponent, weakens him increases damage dealt to him and decreases the effectiveness of the receive healing spells.
  • Stealth (level 25) - makes you invisible and slow you down slightly.
  • Toxic Shot (level 30) - shoots a poison arrow at the opponent.
  • Pin Down (level 35) - deals damage and generates 6 Bloodthirst points.
  • Shadowsmite (level 40) - a powerful attack that disarms the opponent and deals tremendous damage to him, during a blow to the back. Removes all of the generated Bloodthirst points and increases damage per each one of them.
  • Freerunner (level 45) - increases the speed and agility of the user, slightly. Makes invulnerable to poison. Lasts 30 seconds.
  • Shadow Step (level 50) - teleports you behind the back of the selected opponent. Temporarily, it increases the speed of movement, decreases the generated aggression and has a 50% chance of resetting cooldown.

Passive skills

  • Evasive Counterstrike (min. 2 skill points) - after each successive dodge, at close quarters, counter the opponent and generates 5 Bloodthirst points.
  • Consecutive Evasion (min. 4 skill points) - after a successful dodge, at close quarters, increases the chance to dodge, by 16% for 7 seconds.
  • Disregard (min. 6 skill points) - permanently decreases the generated aggression.
  • Loophole (min. 7 skill points) - after you receive ranged critical damage, it decreases the ranged critical damage, by 30%, for 3 seconds.
  • Piercing (min. 8 skill points) - after a successful critical attack, it increases the chance of critical attack, by 10%, for 8 seconds.
  • Bloodthirst points Intensified (min. 9 skill points) - doubles the number of the generated Bloodthirst points.
  • Shadow Mastery (min. 10 skill points) - shortens cooldown time of the Shadowplay ability, by 20%.


The only healing skillset. The skills here will let you keep your allies alive, or even revive them, in the event of sudden death.

Active skills

  • Antithesis (level 1) - heals the allies. When used against enemies, wounds them. requires a moment to cast.
  • Mirror Light (level 3) - removes debuffs and increases the potency of the received healing spells. If used against enemies, it increases damage taken by them, immobilizes temporarily and decreases the potency of received healing spells.
  • Resurgence (level 10) - considerably increases the regeneration of health points, for 10 seconds.
  • Revive (level 15) - revives the dead ally. Cannot be used in combat.
  • Skewer (level 20) - stuns the nearby enemies. Requires a moment to cast.
  • Mend (level 25) - heals all the nearby allies.
  • Infuse (level 30) - regenerates some of the mana to the selected ally.
  • Aranzeb's Boon (level 35) - increases Spirit and Intelligence factors of the target.
  • Renewal (level 40) - for 30 seconds, it gives a 15% chance of regenerating some of the health points, while taking damage.
  • Fervent Healing (level 45) - heals the target immediately. It can be used 5 times, while increasing mana cost and the potency of the spell, with each use.
  • Twilight (level 50) - makes the caster and the nearby allies invisible, for 60 seconds. Moving removes the effect.

Passive skills

  • Painful Recharge (min. 2 skill points) - turns 3% of the taken damage into mana points.
  • Quick Recovery (min. 4 skill points) - regenerates all of the Vitalism immediately after damage is taken.
  • Spirit Growth (min. 6 skill points) - raises Spirit by 9%.
  • Alms (min. 7 skill points) - shortens cooldown time of all the skills, by 6%.
  • Invigorated Healing (min. 8 skill points) - increases the healing ability of the Vitalism skill.
  • Defiance (min. 9 skill points) - raises magic resistance, by 500 permanently. Also effective on the nearby allies.
  • Joyous Spirit (min. 10 skill points) - shortens cooldown of the Vitalism skill by 20%.


This is a typically defensive skillset that uses shield and buffs that increase the number of health points, chances to block or the user's physical defense. Also, allows you to control aggression and to attract the attention of the enemy to you.

Active skills

  • Shield Slam (level 1) - stuns the opponent with a shield bash.
  • Refreshment (level 3) - increases the maximum of the caster's health points. Allows you to regenerate Mettle points.
  • Bull Rush (level 10) - a shielded charge at the enemy. Silences the enemies and raises aggression.
  • Boastful Roar (level 15) - raises the generated aggression, weakens the enemy and deals damage dependent on the amount of Mettle points, after which it removes all of them.
  • Toughen (level 20) - speeds up the regeneration of health points. Allows you o regenerate Mettle points.
  • Revitalizing Cheer (level 25) - regenerates health points, based on the amount of the Mettle points, after which it removes all of them.
  • Redoubt (level 30) - decreases movement speed temporarily and increases the chances of blocking with the shield. Prevents knocking down.
  • Ollo's Hammer (level 35) - summons a magic hammer that deals damage and knocks down the enemies in the specified spot.
  • Mocking Howl (level 40) - draws attention of all the nearby enemies and increases the generated aggression, basing on the amount of the Mettle points, after which it removes all of them.
  • Imprison (level 45) - encloses the caster and all of the allies within an impenetrable barrier. Lasts for 20 seconds.
  • Invincibility (level 50) - for 12 seconds, makes you immortal. Moving removes the effect.

Passive skills

  • Supplemental Block (min. 2 skill points) - after each successful block, it increases the chance of blocking with the shield, by 15% for 5 seconds.
  • Shield Edge (min. 4 skill points) - gives you a chance to stun the opponent temporarily, during a successful block of a physical attack.
  • Shield Edge (min. 6 skill points) - increases physical defense, by 700.
  • Guardian (min. 7 skill points) - permanently, decreases the generated aggression, by 50%.
  • Spry Fortress (min. 8 skill points) - decreases the time of stun and knockdown.
  • Bear's Vigor (min. 9 skill points) - increases the maximum of health points and buffs the Refreshment and Toughen effects.
  • Ursine Roar (min. 10 skill points) - shortens cooldown of the Defense ability, by 20%.


Songcraft is a skillset that revolves, mainly, around strengthening the nearby allies. The abilities here increase both damage dealt and defensive statistics, as well as movement speed.

Active skills

  • Critical Discord (level 1) - deals magic damage and temporarily increases chances of a magic critical attack, by the caster.
  • Startling Strain (level 3) - stuns the opponent for 2 seconds and makes him vulnerable to all the other Songcraft skills. Temporarily, shortens cooldown time of all the skills of the user. Does not interrupt the music.
  • Quickstep (level 10) - plays music that increases movement speed of the user and of the nearby allies.
  • Dissonant (level 15) - weakens the enemy and deals magic damage to him.
  • Healing Hymn (level 20) - heals the selected target and moves over to a nearby ally. May heal, up to, 3 characters.
  • Hummingbird Ditty (level 25) - shortens cooldown time of all the abilities of the selected target.
  • Ode to Recovery (level 30) - plays music that increases regeneration of the user's, and the nearby allies', health points.
  • Rhythmic Renewal (level 35) - summons the spring that health the user, and all of the allies around, for 60 seconds.
  • Bulwark Ballad (level 40) - plays music that increases physical and magical defense of the user and the nearby allies.
  • Bloody Chanty (level 45) - plays music that increases the power and the speed of the attack, in the user and the nearby allies.
  • Alarm Call (level 50) - removes stun and ensures resistance to it, to all the nearby allies. The effect lasts for 15 seconds. Using a different skill interrupts this effect.

Passive skills

  • Syncopation (min. 2 skill points) - decreases casting delay and the chance to interrupt it, by 50%, during a blow.
  • Hold the Note (min. 4 skill points) - extends music's effects by 10 seconds.
  • Uptempo (min. 6 skill points) - shortens cooldown time of all the skills, by 5%.
  • Disciplined Performance (min. 7 skill points) - after you receive critical damage from magic,, it decreases damage taken, by 30%, for 3 seconds.
  • Loudspeaker (min. 8 skill points) - increases the range of music.
  • Allegretto (min. 9 skill points) - decreases the duration of stun and silence.
  • Zeal (min. 10 skill points) - after a successful critical magic attack, for 6 seconds, it increases the chance of a magic critical attack, and critical healing. Their potency goes up by 50%.


Auramancy is a support skillset, where you can find all sorts of various buffs that provide you with temporary resistance to all debuffs, disarmament, silencing and stunning. Apart from that, it provides you with additional mobility, thanks to the teleportation skill.

Active skills

  • Thwart (level 1) - weakens all of the opponents and generates 1 Inspired point.
  • Comet's Boon (level 3) - attacks the opponent with magic and, temporarily, raises movement speed.
  • Conversion Shield (level 10) - forms a shield that absorbs some of the damage from magic.
  • Vicious Implosion (level 15) - causes a magic explosion that deals damage and lures the nearby enemies into its center.
  • Teleportation (level 20) - immediately, teleports the caster forward.
  • Health Lift (level 25) - increases the maximum amount of health points, in the target.
  • Meditate (level 30) - regenerates some mana points in the user. Moving, or using any other skill removes this effect.
  • Shrug It Off (level 35) - removes stun and provides a temporary immunity to it. Decreases the incoming damage from magic, by 50%.
  • Liberation (level 40) - for 20 seconds, it ensures you with resistance to silencing and disarmament.
  • Leech (level 45) - puts the opponent to sleep and steals one of his buffs. Dealing damage to the opponent removes this effect.
  • Protective Wings (level 50) - makes the user, and the nearby allies, invulnerable to magic. Moving removes this effect.

Passive skills

  • Absorb Damage (min. 2 skill points) - turns 7% of damage taken into health points.
  • Hearten (min. 4 skill points) - doubles the duration of the Inspired effect.
  • Inspiration Cloak (min. 6 skill points) - after you take critical damage, it decreases the opponent's attack for 3 seconds.
  • Unassailable (min. 7 skill points) - provides 1 % chance to become partially immortal.
  • Improved Targeting (min. 8 skill points) - increases accuracy and chance of a critical hit, from physical attacks, in melee.
  • Magic Condenser (min. 9 skill points) - increases accuracy and the chance of critical hits from magic attacks.
  • Teleportation Discipline (min. 10 skill points) - grants 50% of chance of resetting cooldown time on the Teleportation skill.


Witchcraft is a school of magic that focuses on debuffs. The spells here allow you to disable the opponent, temporarily, which buys you some time to regenerate or to cast the most destructive of attacks. Some of the skills also provide temporary buffs to the caster and his allies.

Active skills

  • Earthen Grip (level 1) - deals damage from magic, to the opponent, and immobilizes him.
  • Enervate (level 3) - deals damage from magic, to the opponent, and uses up some of his mana points. decreases the effectiveness of the received healing spells, extends the duration of stun and knock down effects.
  • Bubble Trap (level 10) - encloses the enemy in a floating bubble. Dealing damage to him removes this effect.
  • Insidious Whisper (level 15) - causes terror in the opponent. Dealing damage removes this effect.
  • Purge (level 20) - removes one of debuffs, when used on allies, and increases their defense against magic, temporarily, by 25%. If used against an enemy, it removes one of buffs. .
  • Play Dead (level 25) - the caster pretends to be the Death and regenerates, gradually, health and mana points. Moving removes this effect.
  • Courageous Action (level 30) - ensures the target with resistance to sleep and terror.
  • Lassitude (level 35) - outs the target to sleep. Damage dealt to the opponent removes this effect.
  • Banshee Wail (level 40) - causes terror in the nearby enemies and then stuns them. Damage dealt to them removes this effect.
  • Focal Concussion (level 45) - deals damage from magic and stuns the opponent, while removing all the buffs from him.
  • Dahuta's Breath (level 50) - summons a magic wave that deals damage to the opponents and reples them..

Passive skills

  • Folding Time (min. 2 skill points) - shortens cooldown time of all the skills, by 4%.
  • Illusion's Favor (min. 4 skill points) - increases regeneration of health points.
  • Magic Detection (min. 6 skill points) - permanently increases resistance to magic by 500.
  • Mitigation (min. 7 skill points) - after you take critical physical damage it decreases damage taken, by 30% for 3 seconds.
  • Baleful Recharge (min. 8 skill points) - 2% of all the damage that you deal turns into mana points.
  • Augment Witchcraft (min. 9 skill points) - extends the duration of Witchcraft skills and shortens cooldown time on some of them.
  • Enshroud (min. 10 skill points) - shortens cooldown of the Witchcraft skills, by 20%.
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