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Interceptor class javelin in Anthem Anthem Guide and Walkthrough

On this page of the Anthem game guide, you will find the description of the Interceptor class. The Interceptor is one of the four main classes of Javelins (exosuits). From our description, you will be able to learn about the general applications of the Interceptor class and about the elements of this suit that make it stand out from the rest of the classes.

The description of the Interceptor class is a work in progress. This section will be expanded in the near future to also include suggested builds for this particular class.

Who is the Interceptor class for?

The Interceptor is a class that focuses on agility and delivering fast, precise attacks - Interceptor class javelin in Anthem - Javelin Classes - Anthem Guide

The Interceptor is a class that focuses on agility and delivering fast, precise attacks. As a result, it is a slightly more challenging class to play, but it can be highly effective in the hands of a skilled player.

  1. The Interceptor is the least armoured class out of all of the Javelins available in the game. You have to take this into consideration and avoid being drawn into dangerous engagements and situations.
  2. The Interceptor class is most effective when dealing with single targets and small groups of enemies. The ideal plan of attack for this class involves launching a precise, swift strike at a specific target, and then moving away from the fray before the enemies can launch a counterattack.
  3. The Interceptor is the only class that can execute triple jumps and triple dodges. The second feature should be especially useful when trying to evade enemy attacks.

What abilities does the Interceptor class have?

The first group of abilities of the Interceptor class are assault systems. The character can be equipped with a variety of different "gadgets", e.g. with a cluster mine, a venom bomb, or a searching glaive which will track the target.

The second group are strike systems. This category also offers a wide range of available actions. The Interceptor can, e.g. attack an enemy in melee and cause shock damage to him, generate an illusion that imitates your hero and is capable of dealing damage to enemies or unleash a cloud of poisonous acid.

The final group of abilities are support systems. These are exclusively support skills. You have the option to, e.g. remove negative status effects that have been inflicted on your hero or on an ally of yours, or you can weaken a selected enemy and make him more vulnerable to damage for a specific amount of time.

The Interceptor's ultimate ability is called Assassin's Blades and can be used to inflict massive amounts of damage to all enemies within the range of the attack.

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