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Anno 1800 Game Guide by

Anno 1800 Game Guide

Table of Contents

Anno 1800 - important new features Anno 1800 Guide and Tips

This chapter of Anno 1800 walkthrough describes the most important features that were introduced in the latest release of the series. Some of these features are:

Going back to historical times - Anno 1800 - important new features - Basics - Anno 1800 Game Guide

Going back to historical times. Anno 2070 and Anno 2205 presented a futuristic vision of amazing technological discoveries. The previous release even allowed players to travel to space and set up their own colony on the moon. Meanwhile, Anno 1800 takes us back to historical times and places players in the XIX century, where steam and electricity ruled. You will be able to build your city at the beginning of the century and transform it into industrial power.

Blueprint mode. Anno 1800 allows you to use the blueprint mode, which will facilitate the process of managing available space on your island. You can plan your city in advance, and continue to construct buildings when you have enough resources. Furthermore, you can select a building and move it to another location if needed.

An additional game session - Amazonia - Anno 1800 - important new features - Basics - Anno 1800 Game Guide

An additional game session - Amazonia. Similarly to the previous release of the series, Anno 1800 offers an additional game session. After investigating an impressive city in your primary location, you will unlock South America - you can build a new city there, and acquire unique goods.

Cultural buildings. Fulfill your workers' needs, and you will be able to obtain artisans for your empire. You can use them to build two cultural buildings: Zoo and Museum. These unique constructions will increase your city attractiveness. In order to acquire new species of animals or legendary artifacts, you will have to participate in special events - expeditions.

Expeditions - Anno 1800 - important new features - Basics - Anno 1800 Game Guide

Expeditions. Move the camera away from the world map and you will notice some interesting events. Select them, and you will learn that it is possible to send an expedition to the region. All you need to do is choose your ship, supplies and important crew members, and confirm the mission. Once the ship reaches its destination, there will be a short briefing - you can decide how your crew will behave in case e.g. the inhabitants attack you. Finish the expedition and you will receive valuable rewards: rare species of animals for your Zoo or legendary artifacts for your Museum. Nothing stands in your way to have your own e.g. Stonehenge on the island!

City attractiveness - Anno 1800 - important new features - Basics - Anno 1800 Game Guide

City attractiveness. Your empire is defined by six factors: culture, nature, festivity, vulgarity, pollution, and instability. All these factors will affect city attractiveness - the greater it is the more guests and tourists will visit your island.

Exploration and trade. Game designers focused largely on exploring, finding new resources on your map and trading with other factions. Establish contact with other islands to obtain luxury goods. You can also send your navy to invade enemy territory.

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