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Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide by

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide

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ACNH: Turnips - how to make bells by selling it? Animal Crossing guide, tips

Last update: Friday, November 12, 2021

On this page of our FAQ to Animal Crossing New Horizons we explain what is it all about with turnip and how you can earn money by selling turnip.

If you don't know what's all about, then it's about money. This catchphrase works well in case of turnips. A healthy vegetable is used in the game to earn bells.

Turnips - what is it all about?

Turnips are a unique vegetable in Animal Crossing. First of all, we can only buy it once a week. Secondly, its purchase price is not constant (though it is usually around 100 Bells for a piece). Thirdly, we have exactly one week to sell turnips - it'll deteriorate after that time. Finally, at Nook's Cranny, the selling price of turnips is different every day and there are some drastic differences.

So, as you can see, investing in a turnip resembles some sort of stock exchange investment. You can buy it for 100 Bells per piece, and on the last day before it deteriorates, its value in the store may be just 40 Bells. So within a week you have to make the right decision whether you want to sell the turnips on a particular day or risk waiting for a better price.

How to buy a turnip?

This is what a turnip salesman looks like. - ACNH: Turnips - how to make bells by selling it? - Gameplay mechanics - Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide
This is what a turnip salesman looks like.

Turnips can only be bought on Sunday before noon. Then a trader named Daisy Mae will show up on your island. You can buy any amount of turnip from her - if you have enough money.

Turnip price

The price of turnips is not fixed. One Sunday we'll buy it for 90 bells and on another day for 110 bells.

The same goes with sales. One time at Nook's Cranny they'll offer us 40 bells for a turnip. Some another time they'll offer us 400 or 500 bells for it. So, be on your guard and keep an eye on prices - that's the key to success.

Important - the price of a turnip at Nook's Cranny changes twice during the day, so you need to check it both before and after noon.

How to make a lot of money by selling turnip?

Investing in turnips may bring various results. Sometimes, the price won't be high even during the whole week (at Nook's Cranny store) - and as a result you'll either lose or regain a bit more than you've invested. There is one way to solve this problem - turnips can be sold on friends islands because their prices are different for everyone.

So if your friend can sell turnips for an astronomical amount, then visit him (we explain it in more detail here). Of course, that requires paying a Nintendo subscription fee, but that's a separate story.

If you dont sell a turnip within a week, it will deteriorate next Sunday - ACNH: Turnips - how to make bells by selling it? - Gameplay mechanics - Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide

Deteriorated turnips

If you don't sell a turnip within a week, it will deteriorate next Sunday. Its value will drop dramatically, and you will lose money.

However, it is worth letting one turnip spoil. When you put it on the ground outside, it will be eaten by ants - and from time to time, flies may come to it. This is a simple way to catch two new insect specimens. Perfect solution, if you like to complement the museum collection (unfortunately, it does not pay off to sell them, because they are quite cheap).

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