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Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide by

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide

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ACNH: Golden tools - how to get the recipe? Animal Crossing guide, tips

This page of our ACNH guide explains how to get golden tools recipies: axe, fishing rod, shovel, slingshot, net, watering can.

Last update: Friday, November 12, 2021

In this section of our game guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons we explain what golden tools are and how you can get recipes that will allow you to craft them.

Golden tools are the best variants (highest levels) of tools we can create in New Horizons. What does that mean? First of all, they deteriorate less frequently than their poorer versions. Therefore, they will save some time for creating new axes or butterfly nets. Additionally, they demonstrate how much time we have devoted to play the game - because obtaining them requires a lot of work and time.

Note that in order to make golden tools, you will need one golden nugget, so it is worth saving them for later (especially when you get a recipe for the first golden tool).

PROTIP - if you care about rare furniture, you can forget about golden tools. Unfortunately, by crafting them you will simply use up your gold reserves - so maybe it's worth making some sacrifice and using ordinary rods or slings.

Golden Axe

To get this recipe you have to destroy 100 axes (no matter what kind of axe it is, it can be stone, flimsy or simple axe).

To craft the Golden Axe you will need:

  1. axe
  2. golden nugget

Golden fishing rod

To get a golden fishing rod you need to fill out the fish page of the Critterpedia. What does that mean? That you have to catch all the fish that are in the game (you don't have to give them back to the museum). This task will probably take you a year, because some fish are seasonal, so they only appear in autumn or winter.

To craft a Golden Fishing Rod you will need:

  1. fishing rod
  2. golden nugget

Golden shovel

To get the recipe for the Golden Shovel you need to help Gulliver 30 times - you can read more about that on this page of our guide.

To craft a Golden Shovel you will need:

  1. a shovel
  2. golden nugget

Golden slingshot

To get the golden slingshot you have to shoot down 300 balloons (we explained it here). After you complete this task, the next balloon (no. 301) will contain a recipe for a golden slingshot.

To craft a golden slingshot you will need:

  1. slingshot
  2. golden nugget

Golden net

To get the golden butterfly net you have to fill out the insect page available in Critterpedia. As is the case of fish, it will probably take you all year round, because some specimens are seasonal and only appear in autumn or winter.

To craft a golden butterfly net you will need:

  1. butterfly net
  2. golden nugget

Golden watering can

In order to get the Golden Watering Can, you need to take care of your island - so, your island has to get a rating of 5 stars. We explain how to achieve such a result in this section of our guide.

Interestingly, the Golden Watering Can has one additional function - it will allow you to turn blue roses into golden versions of this flower.

Components required to craft a Golden Watering Can:

  1. watering can
  2. golden nugget
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