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Among Us Guide

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Among Us: Crewmate Guide & Tips Among Us guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, October 15, 2020

On this page of the Among Us guide you will read about the most important tips for players who have become Crewmates and what they need to do to win the game.

Tips & Tricks

  1. If you are afraid of being killed first, stay with a group of people, preferably consisting of three. There's a good chance you won't be killed, plus you'll have an alibi thanks to the other players in your group. However, this doesn't always works, as someone may accuse you of not doing tasks as you stayed with other players, and there is a small chance you are walking with an impostor.
  2. If you see someone in front of you using a Vent, report it straight away and tell the other players. Only impostors can use Vents.
  3. Use cameras to view what is going on in other rooms. Using them, you can see players that follow each other - you can then tell about them during a meeting, or confirm whether someone is telling the truth or lying.
  4. Thanks to the Admin console, you can view how many players are there in a given room. If you see that someone in one room has suddenly traveled a considerable distance and found themselves in another, distant room, it most likely means that the player has used the Vent and moved to another room. Of course, the Admin console doesn't tell you who did it, so when you see that someone has done something like that, and better yet, all of a sudden a player is gone, it means the body is there. You can also, without reporting the body, check who's coming out of that room to make sure who it was and report it at the next meeting.
  5. When your character dies, you become a ghost. You can move through rooms, while none of the players sees your spirit. But that doesn't mean you're useless at this point. As a spirit, you can continue to do your job to help your team win.
  6. After dying, the chat links you and other players that are dead - you can write your predictions there.


Crewmates win the game in two ways. The first is a good deduction and ejecting of all impostors from the ship. This is the most common way to win in Among Us. The second goal, however, is to complete all tasks before all Crewmates are dead. To do this, each player must complete all the tasks and fill in the progression bar, which is located in the top left corner.

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