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Amnesia Rebirth Guide by

Amnesia Rebirth Guide

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Amnesia Rebirth: Beginner's Guide Amnesia Rebirth guide, walkthrough

This page of the Amnesia Rebirth game guide contains a set of tips for getting started - it's stuff to help you stay alive, sneak around, and explore the area.

Last update: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

This page of the guide to Amnesia Rebirth contains a handful of tips for beginner players. The following tips concern e.g. exploring the area, using disposable items, avoiding monsters and finding secrets/collectibles.

1 - Amnesia Rebirth: Beginners Guide - Basics - Amnesia Rebirth Guide
  1. You can save the game manually, which in this game is quite unusual - the progress is saved when you exit to the main menu. You can rely on this method to protect yourself, e.g. before fighting some monsters. If the heroine dies, you can exit the game without saving and then return to the previous save. You might also consider making a backup of your save files (e.g. copy them to another directory or to a USB drive).
  2. Searching all new places is highly recommended. First of all, this way you can get matches and oil, which are the main disposable items. Additionally, you can come across various secrets and collectibles. Always try to explore 100% of the current location, because you won't be able to return to many of them after using a passage or watching a cut-scene. In such cases, you can only resort to loading a previous save file from the main menu.
  3. Use matches and the oil lamp wisely, as both these items have very limited uses. Additionally, use matches to light torches and braziers. Remember to add more oil to the oil lamp whenever you come across an oil container, and take the lamp out of the inventory mainly in larger, dark locations.
  4. Don't stay too long in the dark. The heroine will then begin to gradually lose her senses, which may eventually cause her to almost go insane. If you don't prevent that, Tasi could "die". Returning to lighted places and turning away from monsters and other disturbing things can bring the fear level back down.
  5. You cannot fight the monsters in any way, so don't search for any weapons or throwable items. Try to sneak in locations with ghouls and ghosts. If they notice you anyway, run away immediately. If a ghoul is chasing you, we also recommend lying down on the ground once you get far enough from the monster - this way, you'll lose the chase more easily.
  6. There is one important choice in the game, specifically in The Laboratory chapter - we have described it in more detail in our walkthrough. We recommend that you play this stage twice to unlock both achievements (you can load the game to do so). There are 3 endings in the game - all available at any time. You can repeat the final chapter to unlock them all in a single playthrough.
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