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Aliens Fireteam Elite Guide

Aliens Fireteam Elite Guide

Game over, man! Game over! Aliens Fireteam Elite guide contains complete walkthrough, Beginner's Guide and best tips to exploration, character classes, combat and perks. We also describe system requirements and controls.

The following guide contains a complete breakdown of Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Here, you will learn all the basic mechanics, such as combat, death in the game world, mission preparations and much more. The guide will help you successfully complete the game and pay attention to the most important elements. You will learn about the available classes and their specialties. You will also read about the most important beginner's tips that will make it easier for you to start your adventure in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. You'll also learn about the game's more complex mechanics, such as Challenge Cards and weapon customization.

Another, equally important part of the guide is the extensive section with the answers to the most frequently asked questions, i.e. the FAQ. There, you will learn, among other things, whether there are daily challenges, whether it's important to grind in this game and how to unlock new weapons and items.

In the guide to Aliens: Fireteam Elite, you will also find pages about the in-game controls, system requirements and how many hours it takes to complete the game in several variants.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite: Beginner's Guide

Below you will find some of the most important tips for players starting their adventure with Aliens: Fireteam Elite:

  1. Team work is the most important thing! There is no point in separating yourself from the allies. If you are alone, you increase your chance of dying. Don't split from the group if you don't have to, because you will end up surrounded by overwhelming enemy forces, resulting in your death.
  2. Don't waste ammo and items. While you may think you have a large supply of ammunition, the truth is that you don't have that much. The exception to this is if you are defending a specific room, which contains an ammo crate. Only then will you have the opportunity to use most of your ammunition, as you can easily replenish it.
  3. Making a mission difficult rewards you with better rewards. If you select a challenge card, you can increase your credit multiplier. Therefore, it's a good idea to choose a challenge card if you know that you can manage the challenge.
  4. Prepare to defend yourselves. During certain missions, you will need to defend yourself from subsequent waves of enemies. The defence sequence is initiated by interacting with a key object or performing a particular action. Instead of immediately proceeding to the defense, replenish your resources and deploy items such as anti-personnel mines or turrets.
  5. You have the ability to free yourself from being grabbed If your opponent manages to catch you, quickly press the button displayed on the screen.

More hints can be found on a separate page of our guide: Beginner's tips.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite: Gaming platforms - what can I play on?

When Aliens: Fireteam Elite premieres, it will be available on the following platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S and on PC.

Aliens Fireteam Elite: Language versions

Aliens: Fireteam Elite has 12 languages to choose from. Out of these, 7 languages are available as dubbing.

About Aliens Fireteam Elite Guide

Author : Dawid "DavideLi" Lubczynski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : September 24, 2021

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Cold Iron Studios
  • publisher: Focus Entertainment / Focus Home Interactive
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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