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Age of Wonders 4 Guide

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Age of Wonders 4: Society Traits Age of Wonders 4 guide, tips

In this section of the guide you will learn about social traits, as well as other traits are needed when configuring your new faction in AoW 4.

Last update: 30 May 2023

Society Traits are a collection of 18 Traits that will form the foundations of your future Empire. They will determine what resources you'll have in abundance, and what will be the strong and weak points of your civilization. In Age of Wonders 4, one of the basic markers defining a civilization are Affinities that offer bonuses to a variety of aspects, such as Production, Food, or Draft. In this part of the guide, you'll learn of another group of traits that affect the amount of Affinity your state has at the beginning of a match.

To view the lists of Body and Mind Traits, visit the dedicated pages of our guide.

1 - Age of Wonders 4: Society Traits - Basics - Age of Wonders 4 Guide


  1. +20 City Stability for Throne City and cities that share a border with it.
  2. +20 Gold Income for Throne City and cities that share a border with it.
  3. 1 Throne City Population.

Chosen Uniters

  1. +30% Income from Vassals.
  2. +10 Alignment Points.
  3. +1 Rank for Shield units, +1 Rank for Polearm units.
  4. Extra Shield unit or Polearm unit.

Devotees of Good

  1. +10 City Stability.
  2. +5 Imperium per each Good alignment level.
  3. +10 Alignment Points.
  4. +1 Rank for Support units, +1 Rank for Polearm units.
  5. Extra Support unit or Polearm unit.

Ruthless Raiders

  1. +3 to Gold income in Cities.
  2. +3 Draft per tier of units killed in a victory.
  3. -10 Alignment.
  4. 2 Random Hero Items.

Prolific Swarmers

  1. -10% Food requires for a new Population point.
  2. +1 Rank for tier I units.
  3. -20% upkeep for non-Magic Origin units.

Ritual Cannibals

  1. Units gain the Corpse Eating ability.
  2. -10 Alignment.
  3. Nearest City gains +3 Food and Mana per tier of non-Magic Origin units killed or lost in a victory.

Mana Channelers

  1. Summoning spells cost 50% less mana points.
  2. +1 Rank for Magic Origin units.
  3. Extra Magic Origin unit.

Ancient Wise Ones

  1. When a Tome is unlocked, a random skill from it costs 60% less.
  2. 1 Random Research Skill unlocked.

Gifted Casters

  1. +10 Combat Casting Points.
  2. +10 World Map Casting Points.
  3. Combat Casting Cost -20%.
  4. Extra Combat Spell unlocked

Adept Settlers

  1. +1 City Cap.
  2. -25% Founding Cities Imperium Cost.
  3. +1 Population for new Cities.
  4. 1 Throne City Population.

Experienced Seafarers

  1. +2 Draft, Food and Gold from Fisheries.
  2. -25% Cost and Upkeep for Naval units.
  3. +2 Rank for Naval units.
  4. Basic Seafaring empire skill unlocked.

Fabled Hunters

  1. +100% resources from cleaning Infestation, Ancient Wonder and Resource Nodes.
  2. +1 Rank for Ranged and Skirmisher units.
  3. Extra Ranged unit.

Wonder Architects

  1. Ancient Wonders can be annexed without requiring Population.
  2. Cities gain +20% production per annexed Ancient Wonders.
  3. 1 nearby Ancient Wonder near Throne City cleared.


  1. -30% Unit Enhancement Research Cost.
  2. -30% Unit Enhancement Upkeep.
  3. +1 Rank for Shield units, +1 Rank for Polearm units.
  4. Extra Shield unit or Polearm unit.

Great Builders

  1. +2 Gold from Quarries.
  2. -50% production points needed to improve the province.
  3. Workshop city structure, Stone Walls city structure.

Scions of Evil

  1. +10 Draft per Evil alignment level.
  2. +5 Imperium per Evil alignment level.
  3. -10 Alignment.
  4. +1 Rank for all units if Pure Evil alignment.
  5. Extra Shield unit or Shock unit.

Powerful Evokers

  1. +1 Rank for Battle Mage and Support units.
  2. +5 Combat Casting Points per Battle Mage and Support unit.
  3. Extra Battle Mage unit or Support unit.

Shadow Walkers

  1. +2 Vision Range for Cities and Provinces.
  2. Scout units have universal Camouflage.
  3. Outpost start with the Watchtower upgrade built.
  4. Wayfinder Enchantment unlocked and costs no upkeep.
  5. Extra Scout unit.
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