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A Plague Tale Requiem Guide, Walkthrough by

A Plague Tale Requiem Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Plague Tale Requiem: Accessibility settings A Plague Tale Requiem guide, walkthrough

This page of the Plague Tale Requiem game guide compiles accessibility options, including control sensitivity, automatic QTE, subtitle display under dialogues, motion blur, single button presses.

Last update: Thursday, January 12, 2023

From this page of the guide to Plague Tale Requiem, you will learn about the available Accessibility features developed for, e.g. people with disabilities. The options include making it easier to control the character and move the camera, display captions, adjust vibration or change the sound source mode.

General tab

In Plague Tale Requiem, you will not find a separate tab containing only accessibility options. However, there are various options available.

  1. Vibration - The default strength is set to normal. You can reduce them or turn them off completely.
  2. Steady Camera - The camera placed behind the heroine's back is dynamic by default. It can move and shake. You can force the camera to be still.

Gameplay tab

  1. Stick Swap - You can make the right analog stick be for moving and the left one to look around.
  2. Invert Camera Axis - Separately, you can select inverted settings for the X axis (horizontal) and Y axis (vertical).
  3. Sensitivity - The game allows you to separately change settings for camera movement, aiming and movement sensitivity. You can, for example, reduce the sensitivity if the controls seem too fast.
  4. Use Aim Assist - Aim assist is enabled by default, but you can change how it works.
  5. Automatic Timed Input Execution - You can completely disable all sequences where you have to act under time pressure.
  6. Automatic Quick Interactions - You can disable QTEs that involve pressing buttons quickly.
  7. Invincible Mode - It grants Amicia partial immortality. We discussed it on the Cheats page.
  8. Hold - You can change the way some actions work, such as running, aiming or issuing commands so that instead of having to hold down a button, you will simply need a single press.

Language tab

  1. Display Subtitles - In addition to enabling subtitles, you can modify their display style: showing character names, font size, showing background under subtitles, subtitle color.

Graphics tab

  1. Brightness - You can increase the brightness level if you have trouble seeing objects, rats or large enemies in dark locations.
  2. Motion Blur - You can disable this effect if the blur makes you uncomfortable.

Audio tab

  1. Listening Mode - You can better match the game to the sound source you are using, such as playing with headphones.
  2. Mono - You can opt out of the default stereo sound and enable mono mode.
  3. Speech to Vibrations - You can cause spoken dialogues to be transmitted to the controller in the form of haptic vibrations.
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