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12 Minutes Guide

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12 Minutes: Ending 2, Coward - walkthrough 12 Minutes Guide, Walkthrough

On this page of the 12 Minutes tutorial you will read about the second possible ending of the game (Coward).

This page of the guide explains how to unlock the second ending to Twelve Minutes - Coward.

When the loop starts - 12 Minutes: Ending 2 - Coward - Transition description - 12 Minutes game guide

When the loop starts:

  1. Take both cups from the room and fill one with water (dragging it from the inventory over the sink).
  2. Go to the bathroom and close the door behind you..
  3. Take sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet and add them to the cup.
  4. Put the cup on the the table next to the couch - now you just have to wait until your wife reaches for the cup and the pills start working.
The following steps need to be done quickly - 12 Minutes: Ending 2 - Coward - Transition description - 12 Minutes game guide

The following steps need to be done quickly. When your wife asks where the cups are, she probably won't want to drink what you give her.

  1. Go back to the bathroom (and close the door behind you). Remove the pocket watch from the ventilation shaft under the cabinet (open the shaft with keys to the apartment).
  2. Go to the bedroom - if the wife hasn't been there before, turn the light on and off once (you will only get shocked after turning it on for the second time).
  3. Hide in the closet near the door and take the phone from the jacket. Close the closet behind you.
  4. When the policeman comes, let him go into the bedroom and wait until he gets shocked by the light switch.
  5. Follow him quickly to the bedroom, tie him up with his zip cuffs which you'll take from the intruder when you search him (don't take anything else from him, though).
  6. Talk to him when he wakes up - say that you're innocent and ask what should you do in the second answer. Give him the watch.
  7. As instructed, sit on the couch. Give him the phone and tell him about the wife's suicide. Finally, go to the bedroom and check on your wife's body.
In this ending, the wife dies - 12 Minutes: Ending 2 - Coward - Transition description - 12 Minutes game guide

In this ending, the wife dies. The loop starts again - it's not strictly the end of the game, only one of the ineffective solutions.

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