Game GuidesWorld Soccer Winning Eleven 9 Game Guide & Walkthrough
World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 Game Guide & Walkthrough

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 Game Guide & Walkthrough

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Maciek "maciek_ssi" Bajorek

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The Pro Evolution Soccer 5 walkthrough guides you through issues concerning attributes, the formation and the control. Every of mentioned subject matter was described in the entirely comprehensive method. Everything is supported with the large part of the text. It was checked and tested paying special attention to as much as possible.

The form of the guide is aimed at players who possess basic information about football. If somebody has problems with understanding of basic issues then he (or she) may need to use tips placed on the training menu of the game.

I am greeting entire Polish ISS/PES/WE scene.


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Winning Eleven 9



World Soccer Winning Eleven 9

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 Video Game

  • genre: Sport

  • developer: Konami

  • publisher: Konami

  • platform: PS2/Xbox/PSP/Xbox360

  • rated: 3+

The most anticipated soccer franchise in the world comes out with its best game ever.

The most anticipated soccer franchise in the world comes out with its best game ever. Winning Eleven 9 features new animations, new clubs and leagues, a refined Master League, and online play with players around the world! Take your favorite team online and prove your skills by progressing through the online divisional ranking system. Winning Eleven 9 is the top rated soccer game in the world and delivers the most pure soccer experience ever seen.
- Create your team and compete online with divisional ranking system
- Control the action with brand new animation, player training, and soccer formations
- Play in new leagues with new clubs including Chelsea and Arsenal added to an already robust lineup
- Recruit from thousands of the world's top pro players
- Negotiate with players as they develop, grow old and retire in the multi-season Master League mode
- Use Memorial Match Mode to save VS. Mode results for up to 20 different individuals

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Comments and responses

socceralert 06/09/2010 08:33

can anyone tell me that if you are playing master priemere league and after playing 1 year you want to change the formation or composition of teams in league like there are four parts a,b,c,d and in each there are 16 teams how can you change please tell me fast

fifagiggs 09/07/2008 08:59

The best football game ever seen game review

zidane 04/03/2007 12:16

hey good info but i have a question i play a season the difficulty settings is 3 stars i did this cause the 2 star is very easy and the 4 star too hard... well i enjoy the 3 stars but the defence of any team in 3 stars is very hard! (for me then) so i need att do you have a hint or trick or tip that can help me with scoring a goal with the 3 stars difficulty and attack please post a comment or mail me at

ZEUS 09/01/2007 20:21


henry 05/12/2006 03:53

evrything is good... bt gt only one thing is bad.. tat's the player's ability is setted.. i meant the player in the game can't actually show the real form of the player at times.. i hope games lik tat can be invented.. lolzx..tat would be fun!!

saranyan 26/09/2006 11:51

the game is very nice i am almost addicted to the game one request is that we require cheat codes

chee_y 18/07/2006 02:04

Well done! The game is magnificently done - the only downside is the game producer not able to secure usage of real teams of EPL (except Arsenal & Chelsea)

patrick 09/06/2006 20:04

this is the lousiet soccer game ever invented. So many attributes. passing to a player needs maximum accuracy. not realistic at all. the computer can win the ball so easily yet it is so difficult to win the ball back. when shooting, it is unlike the previous winning eleven series where u can lob the keeper. whatsmore, the keeper charge out frequently, making it impossible to score at all. games such as pro evolution n virtual strikers have auto player search help, which means that when u make a pass, the computer immediately passes the ball to the nearest player available. 1 touch passing is also impossible. Winning Eleven is destroying the beautiful game with lousy passing attributes, making players having to do solo dribbling. Unrealistic at all. DOES ANYONE SEE DEFENDERS BEING ABLE TO CUT OUT ONE TOUCH PASSING ON TV AT ALL?? at times i agree..but not everytime. the producers have alot of work to do.

mike 21/02/2006 14:29

this move move is bicycle kick in winning eleven9 how made