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White Flutterscotch, Zumbug

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Metatron" Falkowski & Marzena "Louvette" Falkowska

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White Flutterscotch

Pinata: White Flutterscotch - White Flutterscotch, Zumbug - Pinata species - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Pinata: White Flutterscotch

Animal: Butterfly

Base Value: 600 coins

Housing Cost: 330 coins

Appear requirements: Have 1 daisy in the garden.

Visit requirements: Have 2 daisies in the garden.

Resident requirements: There are 4 daisies in the garden.

Romance requirements: Has eaten any piece of fruit. A Flutterscotch house is in the garden.

Variants: Feeding it a poppy flower will change its color to red. Feeding it a watercress flower will change its color to green. Feeding it a bluebell flower will change its color to blue. Feeding it a water lily flower will change its color to pink. Feeding it a tulip flower will change its color to black. Feeding it a bullrush flower will change its color to brown. Feeding it a buttercup flower will change its colour to yellow. Feeding it a bird of paradise flower will change its color to orange. Feeding it a thistle will change its color to purple.

Other information:

1. Each color of Flutterscotch is a separate species, not a variant, and must be treated as such. For example, although all species of Flutterscotch use the same house and have the same romance requirements, when romancing Flutterscotches you must romance two of the same color(species). You can't romance a White Flutterscotch with a Green Flutterscotch, etc.

2. Romancing two Flutterscotches of any color will result in a White Flutterscotch offspring.


Pinata: Zumbug - White Flutterscotch, Zumbug - Pinata species - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Pinata: Zumbug

Animal: Zebra

Base Value: 3600 coins

Housing Cost: 1980 coins

Appear requirements: When a Horsetachio eats blackberries and daisies, it turns into a Zumbug.

Romance requirements: Have 300 square pinometers of long grass (30%). Eat 3 orchids and a jar of jam. Have a Zumbug house in the garden.

Variants: Feeding it a bluebell seed changes its color to blue. Feeding it a water lily seed changes its color to pink. Feeding it a banana split and a carrot cake changes its color to yellow and orange.

Other information: Will be fighting with Chewnicorn, Horstachio and Ponocky.

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cjchilled24 01/03/2012 19:58

ya man it would be so cool if they put a penguin in it but how about a gorilla or platypus, platypi r bettter than penguins

XBox360 Gamer 11/07/2011 17:32

It would be EPICLY AWSOME if the put a Penguin Pinata in the Viva Pinata wouldn't it! I wish they did!

[ see image ]XBox360 Gamer 11/07/2011 17:28

Galagoogoo are freakin hard to get kinda but if ur rich and want a galagoogoo then buy whatever tower of sour pieces u need but havnt got yet from the garden items section in Cost'O'Lots Store!

[ see image ]powerpuff57 22/04/2011 20:14

i gess it is ok i wanted my name two be goth girl!!!!!! nice stuff thow

Chocolatelover123 04/08/2010 20:51

you have to tinker a blackberry adamtoyboy.

adamtoyboy 04/08/2010 10:27

how do u get a jar of jam couse i need to get a lionspoiler start

chantee369 11/04/2010 02:18

put a santa hat on a zumbug. Go on,try it. Its good

dub dub 22/11/2009 10:51

if you have allready romanced chipos then you can just use romance sweet or ill send you 2 yellow flutterscotches ready to romance for free

dub dub 18/11/2009 18:11

if anyone needs candaries or chippos then im willin to trade for LLLL

chewnicorn2th 17/10/2009 05:16

And if it land on something like a tree take a shovel and tap whatever it is on.

chewnicorn2th 17/10/2009 05:10

It has to be happy

IronicCody 20/08/2009 00:54

someone plz having problems with my flutterscotches.i need candaries to eat them so they can romance so i can romance hippos.BUT MY EFFING FLUTTERSCOTCH DOESNT LAND ANYWHERE OR GO WHERE I TELL IT 2!!!!!!any tips would be very very very much appreciated(if u post ur GT u mite get a free hippo from someone named ironiccody :)) thanks!!

lamia_animi 26/06/2009 00:02

how the beezlgum do i get thro the zumbug maze iv tried 20 or so times an with 1 life it aint happening?? help please my gt:- Lamia Animi

TwilightWolfPrincess 25/06/2009 22:34

I made a garden full of nothing but various different colours of Flutterscotches. I still need brown and a few other colours as well, though.

captainmo 04/05/2009 05:40

Hello if anybody wants a pinata add me at LibertyNow and I can also send you the money for that pinata's house! But note most likely keep you as a friend, so make sure you ask for all the pinata's you need! Also if you truly need it I can TRY only try to send the romance requirements! Spread the word! Trust me I have every pinata except for the arocknid I never got around to getting it. So ask me for any pinata and if you can send me an arocknid pretty plz. So remember my GT is LibertyNow! THIS IS NO PRANK!

FatBoiRhys 08/04/2009 12:14


tommo14 18/01/2009 03:35

never mind about my other comment it finally worked so i got a zumbug and a roario

tommo14 15/01/2009 05:33

can someone please help me i gave my horsetachio a blackberry but he did not eat the daisy flowerhead....WHY NOT?!?!?!

yoyoman 04/09/2008 22:53

trade ne1 a 4 head and lots of $$$$ for fizzly bear my game tag is pure owned fool

dudette 01/08/2008 20:37

when it says eats blackberries and daisies on zumbug does it mean it has to eat both or just one of the two and how many of them?

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