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Reddhott, Roario, Salamango

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Metatron" Falkowski & Marzena "Louvette" Falkowska

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Pinata: Reddhott - Reddhott, Roario, Salamango - Pinata species - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Pinata: Reddhott

Animal: Firefly

Base Value: 2100 coins

Housing Cost: 1155 coins

Appear requirements: The Reddhott is created when a Taffly is set on fire by sending it to a firebrand, then quickly dousing it with the watering can.

Romance requirements: Has eaten 3 chilis. Have 3 lights of any kind in the garden. Have a Reddhott House in the garden.

Variants: Feeding it a water lily flower changes its color to pink. Feeding it a bluebell seed changes its color to blue. Feeding it carrot cake changes its color to red.

Other information: Reddhott will be fighting with Arocknid and Dragumfly.


Pinata: Roario - Reddhott, Roario, Salamango - Pinata species - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Pinata: Roario

Animal: Lion

Base Value: 5500 coins

Housing Cost: 3025 coins

Appear requirements: You are a level 38 gardener or better.

Visit requirements: There are 5 Doenuts and 5 Zumbugs in the garden. The garden is worth 40,000 chocolate coins.

Resident requirements: Has eaten 2 Doenuts and 2 Zumbugs. The Garden is worth 50,000 Chocolate coins.

Romance requirements: Is wearing a Crown. Have a garden worth 60,000 Chocolate Coins. Has eaten a pinata worth 4,500 chocolate coins.

Variants: Feeding it a bottle of medicine changes its color to pink. Feeding it a bluebell seed changes its color to blue. Feeding it a sunflower seed changes its color to yellow.

Other information: Roario will be fighting with Barkbark.


Pinata: Salamango - Reddhott, Roario, Salamango - Pinata species - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Pinata: Salamango

Animal: Salamander

Base Value: 2800 coins

Housing Cost: 1540 coins

Appear requirements: Feed a Newtgat a Chili to turn it into a Salamango.

Romance requirements: Has eaten 1 Reddhott and 2 chili seeds.

Variants: Feeding it a gooseberry to change its color to green. Feeding it a banana changes its color to yellow. Feeding it a bottle of milk and a nightshade seed changes its color to white.

Other information: Using your watering can on the Salamango increases its happiness.

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cinnamonkey 25/05/2012 03:24

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cjchilled24 01/03/2012 18:18

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vivapower42 22/11/2011 21:27

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RiaTan 22/08/2011 20:22

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direneed99 02/08/2011 06:46

don't know if anyone still plays this but does anyone have a roario I can have.... been trying for weeks and I'm done haha... I have all the others and will trade for it.

Thi65 24/07/2011 01:14

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[ see image ]holly1208 31/08/2010 16:41

OMG, I cannot get a Roario... it must be the hardest animal to get on the game. I have the Salamango and reddhott. Reddhott: 1. Direct a Taffly into a fire light 2. Put the Taffly out before it goes out itself/becomes ill. Salamangos: 1.Get a Newtgat to eat a chilli this post has been modified by its author [2010-08-31 17:43:27]

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