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Sour Mallowolf, Moozipan, Mothdrop

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Metatron" Falkowski & Marzena "Louvette" Falkowska

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Sour Mallowolf

Pinata: Mallowolf - Sour Mallowolf, Moozipan, Mothdrop - Pinata species - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Pinata: Mallowolf

Animal: Wolf

Base Value: none

Housing Cost: none

Appear requirements: You are a level 31 gardener or better.

Visit requirements: You are a level 32 gardener or better.

Resident requirements: Has eaten a Pigxie.

Other information: As a sour, it prevents visitors to your garden. If you tame it, the Mallowolf is able to scare away Ruffians.


Pinata: Moozipan - Sour Mallowolf, Moozipan, Mothdrop - Pinata species - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Pinata: Moozipan

Animal: Cow

Base Value: 2800 coins

Housing Cost: 1540 coins

Appear requirements: Moozipan is a domestic pinata. It can be bought for 3080 coins from Miss Petula's Paper Pets.

Romance requirements: Have 12 daisies or 12 buttercups in the garden. Has eaten 1 banana split. Have a Moozipan house in the garden.

Variants: Feeding it a sandwich changes its color to white. Feeding it a banana tree seed changes its color to yellow. Feeding it a water lily seed and a snapdragon seed changes its color to pink.

Other information: Feeding a sunflower to a Moozipan and building a milking shed will allow it to make milk. Giving a Moozipan a bell will allow it to make milk automatically, without eating a sunflower.


Pinata: Mothdrop - Sour Mallowolf, Moozipan, Mothdrop - Pinata species - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Pinata: Mothdrop

Animal: Moth

Base Value: 600 coins

Housing Cost: 330 coins

Appear requirements: Nighttime.

Visit requirements: Nighttime.

Resident requirements: Has a light in the garden.

Romance requirements: Has eaten 1 thistle. Have a Mothdrop house in the garden.

Variants: Feeding it a daisy flower changes its color to yellow. Feeding it a bluebell seed, turnip, and a carrot changes its color to blue/orange. Feeding it a pumpkin and a watercress flower changes its color to green/red.

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Shad0wpup 06/12/2013 18:39

i know how to get a pigxie do these: get a mystery house, swanana house, rashberry house. get a rashberry and a swanana, then get joy candies and feed it to them. then romance them. u should get the egg then it hatches and cocoons. u should get a pigxie :D

misshans123 11/05/2012 04:49

I was about 8 years old when I was lvl 45 :p now I am 12, I retrieved my account on my upstairs xbox 360 and when i retrieved it back on my down stairs xbox 360 all the game data i have EVER had on ANY game, was deleted... All my Sonic the Hedgehog 06 progress gone, viva pinata, gone................................ Btw I have Dragonache :D TIP FOR ALL YOUS OUT THERE: When you have the dragonache egg, whether you put it on dirt, grass, or in water, it determines the color... Water: Blue, dirt: brown, grass: green

Christopher10 23/05/2011 02:09


hiram22 20/11/2010 04:22

I have a chewnicorn but i don't have Xbox live

hiram22 20/11/2010 04:20

I saw a profitamole when i was level 10

DragonBecks 17/09/2010 18:19

any1 want pigxies? i'll trade 1 for 5,000 coins or 2 for 8,000 coins. Im open to friend requests. my gamertag is DragonBecks

Penguin76230 09/08/2010 22:22

ATTENSION ANYONE im kinda new to XBOX LIVE could anyone add me ill accept some of ur trade offers

Bonboons rule 22/07/2010 13:16

you dont need to get master romancer just feed a swannana and a rashberry a joy candy from ivor bargain. you should have a mystery house if you have both a rashberry and a swannana

TwilightWolfPrincess 25/06/2009 22:38

I'm not sure, I can't really remember now, but I think you need to be a Master Romancer of both Swananas and Rashberries before the Mystery House will appear in Willy's shop. Then, just complete the romance requirements of a Swanana and a Rashberry and direct them to eachother!

alieeeeeeeeeee >.< 25/05/2009 01:00

someone answer!@@ plz i want a pigxie :'

alieeeeeeeeeee >.< 25/05/2009 00:58

im a lvl45 and i dont have a mystery house in willys shop.

alieeeeeeeeeee >.< 25/05/2009 00:50

um i cant get a mystery houz

captainmo 04/05/2009 05:30

Hello if anybody wants a pinata add me at LibertyNow and I can also send you the money for that pinata's house! But note most likely keep you as a friend, so make sure you ask for all the pinata's you need! Also if you truly need it I can TRY only try to send the romance requirements! Spread the word! Trust me I have every pinata except for the arocknid I never got around to getting it. So ask me for any pinata and if you can send me an arocknid pretty plz. So remember my GT is LibertyNow! THIS IS NO PRANK!

igot aPigxie! 18/03/2009 01:22

My friend swears he saw a sour mallowolf- and hes level 10!?!

tommo14 15/01/2009 05:35

WOAH!! panda the eevee i only got to level 50 today and im 10!!!

ssid 29/12/2008 02:31

how tha hell do you het ms wats her face to let you buy pinatas im i lvl 17 gardener iz dat why?

panda-the-eevee 12/10/2008 21:50

level 50 yay!!!!! ps im 9!!!

zeee 11/10/2008 13:31

To get a pigzie what you do is 1. Make sure you can buy the mystery house ( if you don't have that then you won't be able to get a pigzie ) 2. Make sure you swananna and rashberry have their romance requirements filled ( including their own houses ) 3. Go to the begger guy and get 2 joy sweets. Feed them both the joy sweets 4. Direct the rashberry to the swananna and then they will romance Thats how i did it, and i did on the first go. Hopefully this will help anyone who doesnt know how to get a pigzie

megathief97 01/08/2008 08:32

ill get any pinata for anybody message me my gamertag megathief97

FireLord 05/01/2008 17:13

to get a mystery house u have to be level 32 or higher and u need to go to Willy Builder and u need a swaana and a rashbeery

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