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Designing and maintaining the garden - Viva Pinata Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Artur "Metatron" Falkowski & Marzena "Louvette" Falkowska

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Without chocolate coins, which are the currency on pinata island, there's no way to develop your garden and gain new animals. That's why you need to make your hobby a profitable activity. Sooner or later you'll find a source of income suitable for you. We propose just a few examples for a good start.

Selling pinatas - You can sell unnecessary pinatas to get some money, but turning regular species into another, rare and valuable ones and selling them is much more profitable. For example Reddhotts, which are created by setting Tafflies on fire and dousing it with watering can, are a good source of income. On a higher level, it's easy to gain chocolate coins by breeding and selling valuable species.

Selling plants - Soon after starting the game you will find, that you can cash in more on some plants that on the others. For the beginning, take chili. The rule is simple: buy seeds, sow them, fertilize (check the table above), water and then sell. On a higher level, it's good to grow an oak - you just need some place in the garden and a bit of patience. Orchids and bulrush are also valuable.

Garden with poison ivy - Creating a garden full of poison ivy and nothing else is the third way to gain money. First buy some seeds at the shop and sow them around. Then wait until they drop a green bloom. Poison ivy doesn't need to be watered, so you just must be patient and successively sell the bloom. Meanwhile the plants come out of bloom and leave seeds - you know what to do with them. Every visiting pinata sell right away. This garden isn't too good for them. After gaining a satisfying amount of chocolate coins, move to your main garden. You can always return here later and earn some more.

Garden full of poison ivy isn't very beautiful but it might be useful in case of money trouble. - Making money - Designing and maintaining the garden - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Garden full of poison ivy isn't very beautiful but it might be useful in case of money trouble.
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Comments and responses

DestoryU 04/08/2011 23:07

I breed bunnycombs till they are twin and wildcard and then sell them for 9000+ each

Peacemaker1187 15/05/2011 03:54

At Thecrazycat. It sickens the pinatas and stops good plants from growing.this post has been modified by its author [2011-05-15 04:57:00]

CinnamonChewnicorn 18/04/2011 19:19

Also, you can go to the hunter and get a two expensive-ish pinata, and then do the things it says that you have to feed it/give it to make it be able to romance, after you've done that just buy some romance sweets and romance the two pinatas to sell the other pinatas.

Thecrazycat 05/04/2011 07:23

What does poison ivy do to a pinata?

JammieDuRant 22/08/2010 17:48

My ways of making money are: 1:Get lots of Venus Pinata Traps and plant them in a bunch. Then wait a day or two and their flower head pop off. 2:When you get a Taffly resident, turn it into a Redhott and sell for 2100 instead of 300 coins. 3:I heard people sell Chilli for 400 but I heard a better one. You can get and sell Orchids for 1800 coins! 4:You can get more money from plant by tapping them until all the flower heads are off. Then you can sell the heads, seeds, and the flower! (example) Instead of getting 1800 coins from Ochrids, you can get 2100 coins!

vivapinatalover 17/07/2010 20:56

you can earn money by using the seed's seedos give's you grow.sell.MONEY!

Mandel95 21/12/2009 19:35

just grow a bunch of oak trees with fertilizer from that ivor guy and then sell some acorns to pay for the seed then the tree for like 2000 or just breed animals alot thats what i do :)

dub dub 18/11/2009 18:45

another idea buy lots ove venus pinata plants and get a few pinata sell the flower heads 600 each but be careful it might cost a few pinata lives

dub dub 18/11/2009 18:41

Theres another way but you need lot ove water and patience and ned to be high level i grow oak tree and sell them i normally plant ten at a time in a garden witch is empty and i get 11000 every time it also good idea for gettin wealth master achivement

sigaru 01/05/2009 23:57

hmm...the moozipan sounds like a good idea. i think i'll try that.

Dark Palidin117 24/01/2009 11:30

make a garden with only milking sheds and cows, give all the cows a bell each and they will constantly produce milk, i have 20+ cows producing 3 milks a day each*600 each =lots of money. lots of cows and sheds required but its worth it

PanBimbou 02/01/2009 02:24

i thikn doing anything with weeds is better cuzz if u destroy them they drop about 3 more of those seeds so u dont have to buy more... also theyll drop something worth quite a bit of money (except toadstools... dont plant toadstools)

teehee! 29/12/2008 18:19

pumpkins rescued me from bankruptcy i only had ten chocolate coins and sour cocadiles reeking havoc on my garden, a started anuther garden, made some good soil and bought ONE pumpkin seed, i grew it and sold the pumpkin. with that money i was able to buy anuther seed and fertalize it to full growth, then i sold that. 350 coins already! i was then able to fertalize two pumpkins to full size, repining that process got me 2000 coins in 10 minutes and now i keep some seeds ther incase i cant even buy those

Sdog531 24/10/2008 00:05

make redhots by taking on the taffly and then clicking on them to guide them to the tiki that is on fire and then when it catchs on fire take the watering can and pour water on it then it turns into a redhot.

Sdog531 23/10/2008 23:57

make money by selling redhots for 2100 each

dragonache_tamer 14/08/2008 16:08

on chillis dont use red fertiliser use ivors speacial mix its just as good and its cheaper to buy

dragonache_tamer 14/08/2008 16:07

to get medicine for a sour crowla use barts tinkering on a jar of honey

dragonache_tamer 14/08/2008 16:04

only use chilliu will get more money

dragonache_tamer 14/08/2008 16:03

to make easy money buy loads of chillis (u can only buy ten at a time) plant them close to each other and use red or ivor special fertialiser on them three times then sell each them for 400 and then the money cums rollin in

dudette 01/08/2008 20:41

does the chilli thing work with every vegetable or just the chilli?

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