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You can open locks in several ways. Either chests or doors can be closed and the more difficult lock is, the more valuable items are hidden inside.

Lock picks can be bought mostly (but not only) at the smugglers.

Opening with a lock pick

This method requires developing the skills from the category of assassins skill - locksmith. You will learn this skill at the beginning of the game, it is necessary to develop it to be able to open the toughest locks.

Opening a lock is not difficult at all - Lockpicking - Tips - Two Worlds II - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Opening a lock is not difficult at all. You have to hit the gap in each circle with the lockpick. You can only manipulate the camera vertically, which makes lockpicking a little difficult at the beginning, especially with the more difficult locks. Using the right mouse button you can change the direction of lockpick rotation, so you do not have to wait for a full rotation around the ring and thus save valuable time.

Lock Type

Number of rings

Simple Lock


Basic Lock


Improved Lock


Solid Lock


Master Lock


There are five types of lock, with varying difficulty. The table above shows how many rings you have to break in a particular lock.


The more you have developed the locksmith skill, the greater is the chance to automatically open a lock. Unfortunately, the more difficult type of lock you are trying to break, the chance for auto-break is lower.

Opening with the weapon

Locks can also be destroyed using weapons. If you decide on such a move, the screen will show two information: probability of damage to the lock and probability of damage to the weapon. Better weapons makes it easier to destroy the lock - even the master ones.

Opening with magic

There is also a magical spell that allows you to open locks. The more carrier cards you use, the more difficult locks you will be able to open.

Cards required for the spell: Ice (effect) + Enchant (carrier) - Lockpicking - Tips - Two Worlds II - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Cards required for the spell: Ice (effect) + Enchant (carrier)

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Comments and responses

2woldsplayer 18/08/2011 00:38

Picking locks is easy, even the masterlocks only need timing and easy positioned gaps. To get the optimal space between the gaps, just press space to see the lock and if you don`t like it, use esc en press space again and the gaps will have changed position, keep doing this untill you find the setup of your liking and THEN start picking the lock. I only have 2 points spend on lockpicking and there is no lock i can`t pick, using this method. Hope it helps.

JolietJake 26/07/2011 04:38

Rather like Oblivion...i.e., entertaining a few times, then annoying. Buy all the lockpicks you can from whomever sells them, and do the auto-pick thing. It's a lot faster.

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