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Rustler's Run, Drought

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Rustler's Run

Received from: Altan [Savannah - northern part] (M7:2)

You will receive this mission after completing [Initiation ceremony] - Rustler's Run, Drought - Quests - Bayan - Two Worlds II - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You will receive this mission after completing [Initiation ceremony].

The race consists of passing through successive checkpoints, reaching Oros, taking Rustler's Trophy [Savannah - south-east part] (M11:1). You don't have to get off the horse to collect the trophy - you won't lose time this way. Return as fast as you can, passing through the checkpoints to Atlan [Savannah - northern part] (M7:2). If you make it in time, you will be able to talk about renewing the trade.

You have less than 3 minutes to complete the mission.

You will unlock [Drought].


Received from: Altan [Savannah - northern part] (M7:2)

You will receive this task after completing [Rustler's Run] - Rustler's Run, Drought - Quests - Bayan - Two Worlds II - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You will receive this task after completing [Rustler's Run].

Altan will agree to resume trading with Bayan if you will find a drinking water spring. Te man will open the city gate for you, thanks to which you will be able to talk with the citizens and learn something more. After getting to the spot, clear the square of Varns, who already began digging.

Solution 1

Talk with the Baasan entomologist (M7:5) and you will learn that termites might be able to help in finding drinking water. He will offer you his book (25 auras), thanks to which you will learn where to find termite nests (M7:7).

Solution 2

Talk with the Baasan entomologist (M7:5) and Purew (M7:6) (the answer to the question is of course "termites"). You will gain some info from each of them and. It seems that water can be found nearby termite nests (M7:7).

Solution 3

Search the Baasan entomologist's house to find a few information about termites and then talk with him (M7:5) or Purew (M7:6). You will learn where to search for termite nests (M7:7).

Return to Altan (M7:2) and tell him about the spring you found - Rustler's Run, Drought - Quests - Bayan - Two Worlds II - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Return to Altan (M7:2) and tell him about the spring you found. Unfortunately the man cannot resume trading with Bayan, as he's not the one in charge. You will be sent to a beacon (M7:8), where you are to talk with a mysterious person. At the top of the beacon you will meet Selen.

Ending 1

Agree to help Selena overthrow Alima. Return to Bayan and talk with Ledo [Bayan] (M3:10). In return you will receive the pass.

This choice is one of the solutions of [Desertgate].

Ending 2

Kill Selena and return to Altan (M7:2) to inform him about getting rid of the woman. Trade will be resumed - return to Alima [Bayan] (M3:2), where you will receive your prize - you can choose one out of three items (for a warrior, mage, archer).

The choice has its consequences in the future in [Sweet Vengeance].

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Comments and responses

suprpiwi 08/12/2014 10:53

sir please correct your post, it's "termite mounds", not nests :D

Pinchofginger 26/05/2014 05:33

If there are others having trouble (like me) with this race, here is a simple and quick way I discovered that lets you win the race, easy and without breaking a sweat! You need: A: 2 personal teleportation platforms (If you do not have any, and you are playing on PC, open the chat-window, write "twoworldscheats 1" and press enter, then point you camera at the ground, open the window again and write "personal_teleport_platform" and one will appear) B: Some time How to do it: First, save before attempting the race and just make your way down to the trophy trough the checkpoints, like usual. When you reach the trophy look at the map and REMEMBER where the trophy is on the map. This is important. Reload your save. Do not talk to Alter, just go down to the path that leads up to his house, where he can not see you, and place the first teleportation device on the ground there. After doing this ride down to where the trophy was on the map when you attempted the race. If you want to, look around the village a bit. There are all sorts of goodies if you are good at lockpicking, and a horse or two - but the place is also filled with human-dogs (those basterds!) so if you are low-level, avoid them. When you are ready, place your second teleportation device in the village but NOT right next to where the trophy was! If you place it too close to where the trophy appears, it will somehow EAT your device and the platform will be gone forever. Now that the second device is in place, you can go/teleport back to Altan and take the Rustlers Race challenge. Ride all the way trough the checkpoints down to the trophy like usual, you have enough time that you can do this at a normal pace without crashing you horse into trees. When you get the trophy, get off the horse and walk over to the teleportation platform you left in the village. The game is clever enough that if you want to use a regular teleportation stone/device/platform all the teleportation platforms near Altans house is GONE from the map. (Oh snap!) BUT if you did what I told you and placed your own personal platform near Altans house, that platform will be still be operational. Teleport to your first device and prance up to Altan, all the while smirking because you finished the race with 1 minute and 30 seconds to spare. Good luck!

Alexc9033 04/10/2011 06:01

yea an easy way to win is to not do the race on a horse but bring up the console and use the hero.move.fastrunspeed # command to increase your sprint speed(1 is normal speed, 2 is double speed, 3 is triple speed etc). This is not considered an actual "cheat" and you can still unlock achievements and such. I used #4 when I did this and I completed It with about 30 seconds left.

Dilwo 28/07/2011 07:21

An easy way to finish up those last few meters of the race going back to Altan, instead of going down the hill, jump right off the cliff. It saves you 15 or so seconds, and I managed to finish the race my first try doing that on accident. The race finishes as soon as you enter town, and jumping off the cliff puts you right in the town I guess. Try to keep your speed at the top, by counting 1 mississippi, 2 mississipi, 3 mississipi, 4. And on 4 increase your speed again, this will keep you constantly at full speed. Watch out for bushes, and jump over rocks. You can do it if you try a little harder!

JolietJake 26/07/2011 04:32

Because the steering in this game sucks, it's really hard to win this horse-race. I can't do it, so I guess Bayan folks are going to starve. And you have 3 mins 30 sec. And you can't use your teleports, else you would ride to the trophy, then teleport back. *That* I could do...

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