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Some quests on Cathalon can be difficult to spot, so here's a helpful map - Cathalon - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Some quests on Cathalon can be difficult to spot, so here's a helpful map:

1 - Rose Primsey

2 - the Artist

3 - Morio Dras

4 - River Dras

5 - Raul Dang and Mellor

6 - Creo

7 - Fariel

8 - Garondel / Gil Braver

Public enemy

Quest from: Sygius Destrus

Reputation: Society

You will meet Sygius and his assistant Amber West of Cathalon (see map below). Talk to Amber and your reputation with the Society will rise. You can now talk to Sygius. He wants you to solve the problem of the Enclave - a necromancer village that has been founded somewhere to the South (see our world map for exact location). Your mission is to eliminate the Flame, necromancers' leader. The only way reach her is to make friends with the necromants. In order to do that, check out the chapter "Enclave".

Sygius' whereabouts. - Cathalon - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Sygius' whereabouts.

An agreement

Quest from: Samon Veller

Reputation: Merchant Association

When you complete the quest

When you complete the quest "Earning Trust" (Tharbakin), Samon will have a package for you to deliver to Garrid Swan in Qudinaar. It's simple as that, just go there, find the local merchant guild and talk to the right person.

HINT: This mission should have a continuation (we think that the next quest sees you traveling to Ashos with another package), but in 1.4 it's bugged and the game will never allow you to raise your reputation high enough for Garrid to trust you with it. We'll see into that matter once the next patch comes out.

Orc catapults

Quest from: Raul Dang

Reputation: Brotherhood

Raul Dang wants you to go to Hadeborg castle (South of the river Gon) and get three trigger mechanisms - Cathalon - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Raul Dang wants you to go to Hadeborg castle (South of the river Gon) and get three trigger mechanisms. Go there once you feel strong enough to deal with huge numbers of orcs. The triggers can be found in a spot shown on the map to the left, near the teleport. You'll get 3000 Gold for that.

Arrow maker

Quest from: Mellor

Mellor needs 10 dodo feathers to manufacture the arrows somebody ordered. If you're patient enough to search for these harmless birds, be my guest. If not, use the "CREATE ING_35" console command.

Arrows for Rigwell

Quest from: Mellor

When you complete the previous quest from Mellor, he will ask you to take the arrows to Rigwell in the Eastern Army Camp.

Orc camouflage armor

Quest from: Creo

Creo is a blacksmith who specializes in creating a special king of espionage armor - one who wears it looks exactly like an orc. This would be a great help for you, provided that sooner or later you will end up entering Gor Gammar. To get the armor you must obtain an order from Othis. He's a corrupted soldier and will make you one for 2000 Gold. Now, talk to the blacksmith and pay him the rest of the money (apx 5000 Gold) to get the armor. Don't be too hasty about using it - you can wear it only once! Save it for Gor Gammar.

The artist

Quest from: The Artist

A local painter needs 4 saffron flowers to finish his painting. It's difficult to give you any clues on how to solve this quest. All we can say it that it certainly is possible to find the flowers quite near Cathalon. Your reward for this is a decent sum of gold.

Remember that saffron is blue. - Cathalon - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Remember that saffron is blue.

Against astrology

Quest from: Garondel

Garondel's house is near Gil Braver, a man who is looking for a refuge for the homeless. Garondel wants you to use a summon spider spell in Fariel's house. He'll give you a proper spell. Actually, the spell is automatically released once you enter Fariel's mansion (it's just across the street). Let the guards defeat the monster and then collect your reward.

True astrology

Quest from: Fariel

Fariel wants you to bring him a flawless diamond so that se can repair his equipment. You'll find one in the city dungeon - the entrance is in the southern part of Cathalon. Watch out for the undead in there. Diamond should be laying on the ground in one of the chambers. Take it back to Fariel in exchange for some money.

The heritage

Quest from: River Dras

River wants you to help him convince his brother about dividing their father legacy equally. Talk to Morio Dras and it'll turn out that the reason for his grumpiness is in problems that he's having with his wife. He'll give you a flower that he wants you to give to her. She'll be marked on your map. Before you reach her, though, you'll have a conversation with Thuya, her sister. She'll ask you to go buy a love potion for Morio's wife.

Visit Phyrrus Mox (map marker) - Cathalon - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Visit Phyrrus Mox (map marker). Pay for the potion and give it to Thuya. Talk to Morio and River once more. Advise River that he can sneak into his brother's house and listen to what he says in his sleep. Talk to Morio again - his wife should be back by now and he himself should be all cheerful and smiling. Offer your help in uniting the brothers once more. Visit River again, collect your reward (5000 Gold) and tell him that Morio wants to make peace with him.

Crowded with refugees

Quest from: Gil Braver

Gil is standing on one of the streets of Cathalon. He asks you to talk to Rose Primsey and try to convince her to let the refugees live in her house. She won't talk to you until you give her a flower that you get from Morio in "The heritage". Once you give it to her, she will agree to everything and you will be able to collect your reward from ol' Gil.

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chris house 04/05/2011 02:12

ok so on the crowded with refugies quest im not able to even talk to morio for some reason. can anyone help?

TomoR 12/09/2009 14:16

"Feeding the Poor" can be solved after you solve the "Tainted Food" Quest for Saria Talmok... Orna just gives you the food then when you tell her it could be tainted.

DirtyDollHouse 04/03/2009 22:29

I've never had to pay a fine. I've murdered and theived and broken into houses but i just tell them i don't want any trouble and they go away.. mind you I'm playing on the Xbox 360 so I don't know if that makes a difference or not

Firmest Dump 14/12/2008 10:23

The quest for the Orc Catapult Triggers can be completed twice. Simply give the triggers to the guy outside town that asks for them and kill him after the transaction. The triggers are now available in his inventory. Take them to the soldier guy in town and complete the quest again. As I've said before, I then throw down a teleport stone, kill him, and vamoose. I teleport back, everyone stops attacking, take the triggers back and stick them in a chest for safe keeping.

Firmest Dump 14/12/2008 10:11

About the Orc Camoflague Armor and it's single use. Why would someone use it to avoid conflict in Gor Gammar, are you playing the game to not kill your enemies? Here's how I use this armor. I complete every quest except for claiming the water relic in Ashos, which we all know kills everyone and fills the town with orcs. After completing all quests but this one, I go to Ashos, walk through town and kill everyone. Do not loot, because it removes the bodies. Then I go in and get the water relic, emerge into town, and kill all the orcs. Then, after looting all bodies, human and orc, I resurrect everyone. Why? because orcs and humans patrol together and sweep the ground together. It's funny and I enjoy that its not supposed to happen that way. After doing this, I put on the Orc Camoflague Armor and go to every town and city. All people now attack, and I kill everyone there, loot them, and resurrect them. At this point, I have now killed almost every living thing, resurrecting humans, giants, a few other things and the Ashos orcs to serve me, and I proceed into the final encounter with Reist and Gandohar, wearing the Orc armor, which looks snazzy. This is my side quest, of which I have created a few. I call it In The Guise of Aziraal. Give it a try.

Mizou 23/07/2008 02:47

Such horrible grammer guys, besides that this guide is great. Some of the quests in Ashos were really pissing me off and without this I would still be stuck there beating on the temple door with a mace.

Mongo1 12/04/2008 00:55

Re: lagging. Make sure in your computer settings, the total of virtual and actual memory = 4GB, no more, no less. If you have 2g of RAM, then virtual should be 2GB. You will still get the autosave lags, and the loading from CD lags, but they should be of much shorter duration. As huge as the 2 worlds map is, you would need about a gazillion GB of RAM to allow it to load entirely in RAM. There are other options for this, but you likely would not like them, such as the specific load points for dungeons. How much would you like the game if there were about 200 specific gates that you had to pass through (with the associated map load) to get to the next small piece of map?

QuiGon 11/04/2008 17:45

SoleilJC [ level 7 ] For the mission where you are to obtain 3 catapult triggers, instead of giving them to Raul Dang for 3000 gold, you can sell them to a Giriza member who awaits on a trail just south of Cathalon. He will give you more gold. (EDIT: 6000 to be exact) ...this true.. and after than you can kill him since he's good for nothing anymore,, loot back triggers, since you will not fail first quest, and then take them back to town for antoer 3000 from captain :P lol. not sure if will it affect storyline or will it do anything to anybody in town ..but i think not.

Devoidv3 26/02/2008 03:38

in responce to Desseous its not lagging, with having the game as seamless as possible every so often it has to pre load data, i play Two Worlds solo and offline and it does that. It can be annoying though.

Desseous 12/02/2008 21:07

I thought two worlds was a cheaply made game and lags alot?

Dave V 12/02/2008 00:13

What about the "Feeding the Poor" quest? It's a Cathalon quest. I don't see it mentioned here.

DeathKing 16/10/2007 17:21

Hey guys i need some help whit the quest Arrow maker ,when i insert the comand CREATE ING_35 nathing happen to i have to wright anything als???? (sory for my english)

sambo 5 12/10/2007 16:32

STICK hi ! I finish this game & playing it again this time with that guide which web page is posted here I did steal to but when I come out of house soldier aproch my right of way and ask me to pay a fine ,he ask for 30 thousnd but he be happy with only 30 % of that which is in his menue just klik that U"ll pay only 30 % of that/One more thing maybe U should check in which dificulty level U play this game if highest maybe U don't have this option to pay your way out ,but I'm not shure of this

sambo 5 12/10/2007 16:25

DanBThor99 This merchant quests are 3 about delivering pakages ,each in diferent pleace ,they will tel U that where to go,when U deliver last one and reach I thing level 8 with them (there are also same side quest from them )more points U get cheeper It"ll be for U to shop with them.There is a good walkthru web page step by step solution to side quest & maim Quest go to and downlod it at : U"ll find it very usefule I already finish the game and playing it 2 nd time around. If U folov the walkthru guide U"ll be OK

Mr. Progamer 09/10/2007 20:37

i know PPE i was just stating that i moved back to one of the biggest game series

Purple People Eater 09/10/2007 10:13

firstly this is about two worlds not about halo Mr Progamer! secondly blacklion you can't pay the guards if you comitted a crime in the streets and you was seen by everybody, i think you must restart or load the game before you committed crime (sorry for my english)

Mr. Progamer 29/09/2007 03:33

maybe,i rented this game for 360,returned it and now im playng HALO 3, I MOVED ON, i am a major Halo fan, HALO 3 IS SMOKIN' COOL ESPECIALLY ON XBOX LIVEthis post has been modified by its author [2007-09-29 04:34:33]

blacklion 29/09/2007 02:46

Thanks for the info Mr. Programer. I have tried going back to Cathalon and doing another crime but I just keep getting attacked by all in the city. I'm playing this on a computer. Could that make a difference?. Black Lion

Mr. Progamer 29/09/2007 00:26

same here,but i moved on and dont really care about the game now,got Halo 3 tuesday,the day it came out and it rocks, so cool i give it a 10 out of 10,i watched the 5 hr and 30 min countdown on G4,it comes on tomorrow again,all i have for u on this game is search every housethis post has been modified by its author [2007-09-29 01:27:16]

Carri5387 28/09/2007 15:16

Okay I can't complete the talk to Rose Primsey quest until I do the heritage quest but I can't find River Dras in order to get the quest. Any ideas on where he is???

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