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The forgotten village

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Web of fear

The forgotten village is a hidden location that doesn’t show on the map (check the location on our world map). There’s only one sub-quest in there. When you find the village, talk to the mayor. He won’t be very talkative and clearly express his worries about your presence there. You can leave and let the village be, but on the other hand you can visit a hidden grove to the South (you can tell by some huge rocks with runes engraved on them) – when you go back to the village from there, you’ll find it destroyed by giants. Well, not the most glorious of quests, we can tell.

1 - The forgotten village - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough
2 - The forgotten village - Quests - Two Worlds - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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Comments and responses

airslava 01/08/2011 21:52

and do you need to have a patch? because I have the game without patches and its impossible to save anyone, when I teleport there, some kind of wave (they just fall on the ground) kills evryone... :(

pickil 17/02/2011 00:52

Actually you can drop a teley stone near the mayor and as soon as u kill the giant teleport back to the town and kill the 4 giants and u can save the towns people

ThaBoss21 24/02/2009 23:38

I've been looking for wherever these things are i've stumbled across the forgotten village and all i can find is another town and bandits from the village entrance which way is it?

Firmest Dump 14/12/2008 10:26

Again, why would someone avoid a quest, its a video game. Do everything possible, even more than the game was designed to accomplish. I throw down a teleport stone, go to the grove, kill the giant there, teleport back and kill the giants in the villiage. Then I loot everyone and ressurect everyone. Now the giants work for the people they once terrorized, if u choose to see it that way. Actually, they all work for you, and giants too

Mongo1 30/03/2008 16:45

And when you return to the forgotten village, the townfolk will all be dead and a band of giants will be roaming about. If you don't like that ending then avoid the fort just like they asked.

FooMart 30/03/2008 15:26

This quest actually has a proper ending. To the west of the forgotten village (see actual directions below) lies a fort with a single giant guarding it. Either meeting the giant or defeating it (I forget which) successfully wraps up the quest (you get 500 experience points). Directions to the fort: follow the red road (i.e. it appears red on the game map) south. You will soon come to a junction with a road that tracks to the north-west. Follow it. The first branch to the right leads to the fort.

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