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Meteorites and Runes

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Meteorites can be forged into steel swords, and runes can be placed in silver sword, thus increasing their potential. Both tasks can be performed by blacksmiths. In practice, the idea of self-designed swords is not as cool as it sounds, as the best weapons in the game are given to you for completing quests anyway. Check out the weapons section for details. Below we list all the locations where you can find meteorite parts and runes.

Blue Meteorite

Chapter 1: Sold by Harena Brogga (M5.49).

Chapter 1: In a chest in the cave - phase 10 of Q1.6. Salamandra's Tail.

Chapter 2: Sold by Order Merchant (M8.33) and by Blacksmith's apprentice (M8.7).

Chapter 2: Sold by Thaler (M8.26).

Chapter 4: Sold by Blacksmith's Son (M30.21).

Red Meteorite

Chapter 1: In a crypt (M6.12).

Chapter 1: In phase 3 of Q1.20. Dead Hand of the Past - from Leo's ghost.

Chapter 2: In a crypt (M12.3), inside the tomb (M13.15).

Chapter 2: In Mage's Tower (M10.19) in the swamps.

Chapter 3: Won in fistfighting with Andrew Gablodda (M14.13).

Chapter 4: Sold by Blacksmith's Son (M30.21).

Chapter 4: One of the rewards for Q4.106. Temptation.

Yellow Meteorite

Chapter 2: phase 27 of Q2.27. Vizima Confidential.

Chapter 4: Won in fistfighting with The Rock (M30.6).

Chapter 5: In Striga's crypt (M34.14), by the body (M36.7).

Chapter 5: In Old Manor, in a chest (M37.6).

Sun Rune

Chapter 2: Sold by Thaler (M8.26).

Chapter 3: In Salamandra base, in a chest (M24.5).

Chapter 4: In phase 10 of Q4.90. Ripples, by Dagon's body.

Chapter 4: Sold by Blacksmith's Son (M30.21).

Chapter 5: Sold by the fence (M33.4).

Earth Rune

Chapter 2: Got from Zoltan at the end of Q2.24. Memory of a Blade.

Chapter 3: Won in fistfighting with Andrew Gablodda (M14.13).

Chapter 4: Near the village, by a body (M30.9).

Chapter 4: Reward for Q4.91. Old Habits Die Hard.

Chapter 4: Sold by Blacksmith's Son (M30.21).

Chapter 5: Sold by the fence (M33.4).

Chapter 5: Loot the body by a fireplace (M37.2) in Old Manor.

Moon Rune

Chapter 3: Loot a body (M25.3) in Kikimore Lair.

Chapter 4: In a chest on Black Tern Island (M31.3).

Chapter 4: Won in fistfighting with The Rock (M14.13).

Chapter 5: Sold by the fence (M33.4).

Chapter 5: In a chest in Old Manor (M37.6).

Chapter 5: In a chest in the Ancient Crypt (M39.4).

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zeroglyph 10/11/2008 06:48

<deleted, wrong place>this post has been modified by its author [2008-11-10 07:51:02]

†DeFF† 12/08/2008 23:06

i onse saw a vodyanoid go do the altar and u put into that plase items do plees the vodyanoid.(i think)>if you fight the cocatris than you can go do leos body and get a red metiore stone becose venamier isnt there<(i think) but in ecshage they will be abel do mutate themselfs earlier

Mongo1 20/06/2008 20:54

And the other funny thing is that as gifts to the fish people, the stuff you put in there for the most part is stuff they don't appreciate, thus you got crap in return.

Dark_(k)night 20/06/2008 10:32

Actually puting your things anywhere but the inns gets lost..I tried that too but put just some food....the only places that you can actually store items and NOT lose them are the inns and Dandelion in one of the quests...

gibbersome 20/06/2008 05:24

Wow, that is really really funny and as far as I know, once gone you can't get your items back. Good news is you haven't lost too much, except for the runes and meteorites. Just restart the game or keep going.

daPREdaTOR 19/06/2008 10:53

HELP PLEASE!!! At the start of chapter 2, I found the fish people shrine at the brick makers camp at the swamp.....(I hadn't been to the hairy bear yet). I thought it would be a good place to put some of my stuff to make some room, so I placed the following in it: 2x CAT potions 1x Cocatrice Feather 8x Salamander Broaches 1x Orthnosaurus eye 11x Stammeifords dust 8x Suet 4x Fisstech 1x Blue Meteorite 1x Sun Rune 2x Red Meteorite 1x Gold and diamond necklace.... As you can see, some valuable items.. Now, 3 days and about 6 character levels later, I am doing the fish people mission, and I go to the alter and my gear is GONE!!! There is only a Hellbore petal left :( I went back over my savegames, but my stuff has gone missing for nearly the entire 3 days worth of game play... Is there any way I can get it back? (gve items in console etc), Is the gear important enough to warrent re-playing the missions again, or should I just cut my losses? Thanks, Pred.

Mongo1 04/05/2008 21:41

You could be right, but I had all weapon slots filled and no sword fell on the floor. One was replaced by the meteorite sword. Nothing of great value was lost, so I did not reload.

.ker 04/05/2008 16:19

No, thats not true Mongo1. He does forge a new sword. I had the blacksmith forge a new one out of 3 meteorites and i kept my old one, sold it afterwards. i think thats important because that way you aren't able to stack the effects but have to chose one of the blades..

Dark_(k)night 04/04/2008 10:06

Ok thanks...I just wanted to know because if you remember in Chapter one the dwarven blacksmith said: Bring me three different ores and I will forge you an excellent steel sword."...

Mongo1 04/04/2008 00:23

As stated in the first comment, it is best to have one made with three of the SAME color. Just remember he does not forge a new sword, but takes one from your inventory and reforges it with the meteorites. Hint - Save before the transaction to make sure you get what you want.this post has been modified by its author [2008-04-04 01:27:59]

Dark_(k)night 02/04/2008 13:24

Then is there another chance of taking a yellow meteorite???? Will the blacksmith make me a sword with three red meteorires perhaps?

Darktangent 25/03/2008 16:26

Figured out why I didn't get the two. Must've had a full inventory and dropped the earth rune because I loaded an old save and got it. The meteorite, however, I missed, because I lied to raymond about killing ramsmeat instead of actually going and killing him.

Darktangent 25/03/2008 15:41

I've completed vizima confidential and got no yellow meteorite, and completed memory of a blade and got no earth rune. Anyone know what conditions need to be met besides completing the quest?

taltamir 19/01/2008 08:02

A sword takes 3 meteorites, using different colored ones reduces their effectiveness, using all three of the same king greatly increases the effectiveness AND gives an additional bonus not mentioned normally. Making hybrid swords a waste of money and meteorites.

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