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Main quests - part 4

Chapter II - The Witcher Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Borys "Shuck" Zajaczkowski

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Q2.50. The Sentry

Phase 1. A Tarot Card

Ask Vaska (M10.16) about the mage tower and you'll learn a new chapter in its history. She'll also give you a tarot card.

Phase 2. The Lightning Rod

Kalkstein (M8.9) tells you to find a Lightning Rod and gives you a Golem's Heart scroll.

Phase 3. Money for the Dwarf

The blacksmith (M8.7) will make a Lightning Rod for 50 orens. If you want to trade with him, you must have Zoltan's recommendation (he'll grant it to you by the end of Q2.24. Memory of a Blade).

Phase 4. The Storm

Pay the Blacksmith to get the Rod.

Phase 5. Money for the Druids

Well, now you have to get yourself a storm. Go to Druids' Grove (M10.32) and ask the elder druid if it's true that they can control the forces of nature. Pay him 500 orens to cover the expenses.

Phase 6. The Golem

After talking to the Elder Druid, go to the Golem (M10.34) and stick a Lightning Rod on its head.

Phase 7. Waking the Golem

When a lightning strikes the golem, it will wake up. Now you have to defeat it - it's quite simple, most surprisingly. You can't do much with your swords or signs - you have to use pylons. Notice that you can activate two pylons, and when you activate the third one, they all go out. The trick is to activate the third one in the exact moment when the Golem is inside the triangle - a lightning will strike it. The Golem is always heading towards you, so you won't have any problems with guiding it in the desired direction. Repeat the operation before the monster drops dead.

Phase 8-9. The Sephirah

Search Golem's body for Golem's Obsidian Heart and Neh'tza Sephirah.

Q2.51. Clay Pits

Phase 1. Drowners

When you ask Vaska (M10.16) about the problems, she'll ask you to kill the Drowners that lurk in the Clay Pits (M10.5).

Phase 2. More Drowners

Kill some Drowners...

Phase 3. Success

... and when you're done with all of them, go back to Vaska.

Phase 4. Payment

Vaska doesn't have any money to pay you - instead, you get Kezath Sephirah.

Q2.58. Monoliths

Phase 1. The Monoliths

When you get all the sephirot in Q2.29. Mysterious Tower, this quest gets activated.

Phase 2-11. Sephirah in the monolith

Run around the swamp and place the right sephirot in their spots (M8.36) (the name of a sephirah is the same as the monolith's).

When you place all the sephirot in their right locations, this quest will be over and you'll be able to enter the tower (M10 - Main quests - part 4 - Walkthrough - The Witcher - Game Guide and Walkthrough

When you place all the sephirot in their right locations, this quest will be over and you'll be able to enter the tower (M10.19).

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J_Rog 17/12/2010 21:17

To keep Geralt from being electrocuted to death with the pylons... make sure he is OUTSIDE the triangle they create. I enjoyed cursing at the game during this battle because a flesh and blood person is more susceptible to lightning strikes than a huge stone monster with a metal rod stuck in its back.

gieforce 15/03/2010 14:27

where do i find a rod ?

Legal Eagle 05/06/2009 21:33

You must activate the pylons from the outside. Once activated anything inside the pylons will be struck by lightning.

witcherwhat 05/01/2009 04:38

Ok - the advice about the pylons is great - but how do you keep Geralt from getting struck by lightning? I died about 30 times - not fun. I even wailed on the golem until it stopped raining and then tried the pylons again - POW - dead again (and the golem was almost half dead). Do you just have to keep loading until you get lucky? Please help! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Mongo1 30/09/2008 00:03

Most likely you have always chosen to resolve issues in favor of order, thus the squirrels (S'coitel) don't like you so much. So you have to find the order blacksmith.this post has been modified by its author [2008-09-30 01:03:48]

msblast 28/09/2008 03:20

hello, i canīt go to the blacksmith beacause he says that i havenīt recomendation!! iīve talked many times with zoltan but he doesnīt give me any recomendation. what can i do??

Elandil 20/09/2008 01:15

There's a way to save 500 orens. The lightning will strike in the rod if it's raining. I did it when it was raining and didn't have to pay for the storm :)

yazanic 24/01/2008 10:22

Q2.50 The Sentry Hahah I knew there had to be an easier way to kill the golem. I never bothered trying the pylons, I just beat the crap out of it for 10 minutes. Gotta say was a really entertaining fight.

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