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The Next Big Thing Game Guide & Walkthrough

The Next Big Thing Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Katarzyna "Kayleigh" Michalowska
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The The Next BIG Thing walkthrough will guide you through all twists and turns of a plot of this pleasant game - The Next Big Thing - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The 'The Next BIG Thing' walkthrough will guide you through all twists and turns of a plot of this pleasant game. It is divided into six parts, corresponding to game chapters, and many subchapters where you can find hints to specific tasks.

As default, a mouse cursor takes a shape of an eye on all active objects. To change it into a hand (picking collectibles), speech bubble (conversation) or cog (objects handling), click the RMB. When in the inventory, a cursor takes a shape of hand automatically, but it is worth to change it into an eye and examine objects in close-up. You'll get additional information then and sometimes also new objects.

All available options appear when you move the cursor to the top of a screen. You'll find there (from the left): help (F1), active points (F3), the inventory (Tab), tasks (F3) and the menu (F4). Starting the game, you create a profile connected with avatar (one of the game characters), a nickname and a password. You also have to choose one of the 3 difficulty levels: easy (help and active points are available), medium (active points are on, menu is off) or hard (help and active points are off).

In a menu on the right, next to your avatar, there are three indicators. The first two lines illustrate a usage of narrator's hints and disclosure of active points. They are full at the beginning, but they shrink with use of these options. The last line shows completing tasks in the game and it is empty at the beginning. It fills up as the gameplay proceeds. You can also check your stats, as summarized in a rather humorous way.

A double-click with LMB speeds up passing to locations and characters themselves - they materialize in the indicated spot. A single-click skips dialogs. Collected items are highlighted in the text in red and puzzle solutions are bolded.

Katarzyna “Kayleigh” Michalowska

Translated by Maciej “Elrond” Myrcha

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The Next Big Thing Video Game

The Next Big Thing
  • genre: adventure

  • developer: Pendulo Studios

  • publisher: Focus Home Interactive

  • platform: PC

  • rated: PEGI: Age 12+

Are you ready for the next BIG thing?

The Next BIG Thing is Liz Allaire, a dashing, very talented blonde with a great deal of ambition but not much common sense. She may be the most outrageously insane main character in the history of all graphic adventures.

The Next BIG Thing is Dan Murray, the cheekiest, rudest, most deceptive, cheating and unbearably seductive sports reporter in all of California. A true gem.

The Next BIG Thing is a story that will force you to use your brain power thanks to hundreds of puzzles. You will be titillated by its movie-like action sequences, and you will go into hysterics during the countless moments of sheer comedy.

The Next BIG Thing has a 100% Pendulo look, in which painstaking care has been taken with the finest details, in which color is maximized, and characters and background will be seen in Full HD quality for the first time in an adventure.

To sum it up: The Next BIG Thing is the next thing by Pendulo Studios.
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