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There are three characters you can play in the game. Actually, it doesn't really matter whom you choose, as each of the three heroes - Champion, Loremaster or Ranger - can be trained to become a character excellent both in melee and ranged attacks. However, it is impossible to teach them everything, so you must decide in which direction your character will develop. There are some differences you should be aware of:

  • Eradan - a Human Ranger. He uses a bow when fighting from a distance. He can discover foot tracks leading to various hidden places. Eradan can also read other guards' signs, which lead to hidden places with items (secrets).
  • Farin - a Dwarven Champion. He has a crossbow as a ranged weapon and he can find veins of gold on rocky walls (it's a source of additional income). Farin can also destroy cracked walls to get to hidden rooms (secrets).
  • Andriel - an Elven Loremaster. She can shoot magic missiles and pick various kinds of plants and mushrooms, which she then uses to prepare magic potions or cakes with special properties (after preparing 15 such potions you will unlock the [ACHIEVEMENT] Herb-master). Andriel can also identify false walls (marked with a blue circle), behind which there are hidden rooms (secrets).

If you completed a particular level with one character and, despite having searched it thoroughly, you are surprised that you didn't find all the secrets, then you should know that each character simply has his/her own. There are also secrets connected with side quests for all three characters.

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