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The Siren's Deception

Quest From: Gogan and Maelona;

When talking to Anvil townsfolk, you'll hear that there's a female gang threatening the city. You'll be told to talk to Gogan about it, who turns out to be their last victim. Talk to Maelona in his house. She'll tell you to reclaim a valuable ring from the gang's hands.

Go to Flowing Bowl in the docks. In a few moments you'll be approached by two gals, who will tell you to meet them in a house outside the city (they'll tell you to join them if you are a woman).

1 - Anvil - Miscellaneous quests - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Go to the house indicated by a map marker and enter it after 11 PM - Anvil - Miscellaneous quests - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Go to the house indicated by a map marker and enter it after 11 PM. Sooner or later, fight breaks out. You'll have to defeat all the girls. After they're dead, Gogan and Maelona appear. It turns out they are sort of secret agents and just had you do their Job. As your reward, you can take anything you like from the house. Look around - you'll find some interesting stuff here (including possessions of gang's former victims).

The Ghost Ship of Anvil

Quest From: Varulae;

There's a ship named The Serpent's Wake in Anvil docks. On its deck there an elf Varulae, who'll ask you to go to the storage hold and find a magical artifact that is in there. Go below the deck, and enter captain's cabin. Take a key from his body - you can use it to open the treasure chest nearby. Go to the lower level and follow the map marker. You'll eventually find a crystal ball you're looking for. In exchange for it, Varulae will give you an enchanted cutlass, Redwave.

Quest From: Velvyn Benirus - Anvil - Miscellaneous quests - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Where Spirits Have Lease

Quest From: Velvyn Benirus;

Velvyn is in The Count's Arms. He'll offer you to buy his mansion for 2500 Gold. Agree and you'll be able to enter Benirus Manor in eastern part of the city. Enter your new house and have some sleep. You'll be attacked by ghosts. Go downstairs and you'll see a broken flask on the floor, together with a skeletal hand and a note. You have to find Velvyn, as only a member of Benirus family can open the secret passage, where the riddle's solution is hidden.

Ask around the city about Velvyn - Anvil - Miscellaneous quests - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Ask around the city about Velvyn. You'll know that he's off to Imperial City. You'll find him in The King and Queen tavern in Elven Gardens. Tell him everything and he'll agree to back to Anvil with you. Meet him again in The Count's Arms and follow him to the manor. Enter the basement.

Approach the map marker. Velvyn will open the passage for you and run. Touch the altar and use the skeletal hand. The necromancer will come back to life, and you'll have to make sure his visit among the living is as short as possible. When you (re)kill him, go back to The Count's Arms.

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Comments and responses

bubblimi 14/12/2012 23:05

the best way to get money for ps3 version is the duplication glitch with the scrolls on the poisoned apple u get from the dark brotherhood mission and keep selling it as it costs over 150 and you can carry however many you want since it weighs nothing

Vixtrina 05/07/2012 14:24

Fun tip for killing them pesky spirits on the ghost the captain room after you kill the first one as it can not get you if you stay near the door... Have the other liches follow you to the captains room and stand beside the bed...use a fire spell and just stand there shooting them one by one... may take awhile as your magika restores but will get the job done if you are haven't trouble with them...repeat till they are all dead💋

CbG 11/04/2011 22:10

Can anyone give me some tips on killing the Lich in" Where Spirits Have Lease"? I've been trying for a while now and I'm not sure what else to do :/

(fieldman) 05/01/2011 02:23

To: best money glitch. in the chest in private room is base ring of frost shield. worth 730 gold, and also in that box is a jeweled necklace worth 200 gold. in box by bed is 4 iron arrows, silver emerald ring, (140 gp). and 5 gold. P.S. the money glitch did not work for me. PS3 version.

Oblivi-baby 19/11/2009 21:52

Thanks Legendary Chicken Chaser! You don't know how long i've been working on this quest.

Legendary Chicken Chaser 16/11/2009 03:44

Oblivi-baby: He wont agree to help you until you show him the note that was in the broken jar which fell over in your living room (The room you first enter going in the house). It's also where you find the evil spirit's missing hand. After he reads the note he is guilted into helping you.

Imperial_Breton 16/11/2009 03:17

1. The Siren's Deception quest when ever I did it the items sucked 2. This quest sucked because I didn't have silver when I did it and I had to use magika because that High Elf took the saber. Bitch. 3. Why does it cost so much to by the house. Other wise this is the best quest in Anvil.

Oblivi-baby 15/11/2009 23:23

SO i dunno if anyone ever gets on these things anymore, but it took me forever to figure out that damn spirts have lease quest and so i slept, got attacked, and went and found the guy, but the chickenshit wont help me. he keeps telling me i bought the house now it's my problem. and his disposition is maxed so i can't presuade or bribe him. help please, before i just kill the bastard. btw, i did kill the ghost, is that my issue?

cuban plantain 01/11/2009 03:30

madman. try getting the skeleton key from nocturnal. it is an unbreakable lockpick

Imperial_Breton 07/08/2009 20:57

UPDATE TO THE "BEST GLITCH EVER" first house bon the right coming from the TEMPLE district

madman0007 20/07/2009 19:12

READ THIS ITS THE BEST MONEY GLITCH EVER!!!!!!!!! 1. go to the Imperial City Plaza District 2: walk until you get to the first house on the right (dorians house) 3: open the door to your right where you will find him and close it behind you 4: bribe him until your deposition is maxed to speed up the prosess (he sould now have someware around 500gp on him) TIP: go to the options menu and lower the difficulty alot but not all the way,so now you can kill him in a hard blow 5: kill him as fast as you can dont let him yell or run. (Because then you will have to pay a boutny even if its 45 gold) 6: take his much as you can (it never goes away, this making it an unlimmited stash of $$$$$$$$$$$) Part two 1:lockpick your way into his basement ware you can find like 3+ more lockpicks 2: lockpick you way to his private quarters. 3: look to your lef when you enter his bed room. On the left you will find a jewlry box on top of some drawers. lockpick this (i an out of lockpicks so i couldnt see whats insode so plse tell me whats in side) 4: next to his bed there is a chest where you can lockpick it and idk whats in side (there may be a weapon considering that in every other place i looked in (witch is the whole house) there were no weapons........... hopefully there worth it PLESE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT THIS GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD TRY TO MOVE HIS BODY IN THE BASEMANT SO THAT THE GAURDS WONT FIND HIM

Armageddon 22/04/2009 22:18

HELP!! I did the sirens deception, and went in the house then saved. The girls never came and the doors were locked. My last autosave was at lvl 13 and im now a lvl 22 with 20k. Anyone got any suggestions?

the great gate 21/03/2009 12:34

i got a glich when i got to benirus just after the ghosted hunted the house i told him everything but he still won't come with "anvil is cool place to live"

Mighty Joe Laith 01/02/2009 21:59

Yeah, I ran into that glitch twice too. Load the save and keep trying. 3rd time's the charm for me.

flyboy7788 01/02/2009 01:26

when we go down to the basement he just stands at the wall searching it forever.

Mighty Joe Laith 24/01/2009 00:20

the vase is downstairs in the main living room and has fallen off the cupboard near the fireplace. It's green and glowing (it's haunted :D) and if you still can't find it, I would suggest looking up a video of the quest walkthrough.

ConReflex 21/01/2009 02:12

The vase didn't brake !!!! I NEED HELLLLLP! v.v i cant get any of the items for the quest there are just ghosts attacking the crap out of me T-T

Mighty Joe Laith 09/01/2009 00:25

Here's some stuff that'll help with the, "Where Spirits Have Lease" quest. When you hear the crash, the fallen vase will contain every item you need to finnish this quest. The skeletal hand and the page from the diary. I got the hand but I completely forgot about the scrap of paper which got me stuck pretty bad. Velvyn won't come back to the manor without it. Another thing is, make sure you kill the necromancer in the general area you want his body to be, because I've lived in this house for some time now and it's not going away >:( Anvil is such an awesome place too. this quest is totally worth it. Especially after Hyronimus Lex is transfered to Anvil from the Thieves Guild quest. You can kinda joke him about it xD

mikejones 03/12/2008 05:02

Can someone tell me how to Control the items you move with the Left Bumper Thanks

Leevi 16/10/2008 16:24

what is the skeletal hand in the mission Where Spirits Have Lease i have to touch altar then i have to use skeletal hand where i'm going to get it?

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