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15. The Great Battle/The White Witch

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Peter: Before the battle started, we had to choose our support troops. When the battle got on we decided there's no point in trying to use support troops to quickly, but to try to fight as many enemies as we can by ourselves. Fiercely, we fended off incoming swarms of enemies. When archers appeared, Susan immediately eliminated them with her bow.

We won the battle but not the war - 15. The Great Battle/The White Witch - Walkthrough - The Chronicles of Narnia - Game Guide and Walkthrough

We won the battle but not the war. It was time to face the evil witch. Each of us knew what to do thanks to the marks above the Witch's head.

Peter: At first I dodged her attack, and only when she stopped I started to use my sword. After a while though, I clearly saw that Susan's bow would inflict more damage.

Susan: Immediately I fired all my arrows, so that the Witch would feel them for a long time.

Edmund: Then it was my turn. I charged at the Witch with all my might, until she backed up to the rocks.

Peter: After that, a horde of enemies attacked us. Cyclops could be only hurt in the way we learned in our first battle, all the rest didn't stand a chance with Peter. After our victory, we had to face the Witch again. First time of the fight looked similar to what we did earlier... Lucy healed us when need for that arose, but it still wasn't easy. We attacked in this order: when a bow mark appeared, Susan fired arrows at the Witch. After that, we could see a flame mark, which meant we should it her with bundles of wood, previously set on fire. When, the Witch burst into flames, I ran over and slashed her with my sword. Then a circle appeared - Susan knew what to do and played on her pipes.

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blablaX 30/03/2009 11:44

i need to finish the game but i am stuck in defeating the white witch/ how to get her down from the rocks after defeating the two cyclops.

Abs 23/03/2007 19:32

Hi its me again. Narnia on PS2 is best when you have 2 players. It makes it go quicker.

Abs 23/03/2007 19:31

Narnia is a great game. On PS2

Mell 26/02/2007 17:43

Yah Wna Fuk Off Coz What People Du Is Non Of Yure FuKin Buisness Sum1 Med Dis Syt In Order Too Help People Strugling Wiff Games Cozz Sum People Care Enuff Ta Fukin Elp Yahh!!!!! N Its Oryt Now Av Passed Dat Level Am On The Batttle Nw So0o Am Guna Go Be A Lil Fat Twinkie Eating By My Tv All Day Tryin Ta Solve Narnia!!!

Skandar's Girl 14/02/2007 21:08

Heyyy! I need some help. I need to know how to defeat the White Witch and/or get her down from the rocks after beating the second cyclops. I'm only 7 and can't seem to find the right web site to help me with my problem. I'm talking about the PC game by the way. Well, Long Live Aslan!

luv u 11/02/2007 17:40

Hey Peter, I love your character and the game. Had a little trouble but I figured out a way.

the person that HAS a life 28/01/2007 20:32

okay mell what you do is go outside and go play dont be a fking FAT TWINKIE EATING BY YOUR TV ALL DAY trying to solve NARNIA asoduibiasjdnfkls

mell 16/01/2007 18:30

Hyaa am on the level were susan n lucy av tu follow aslan av played tha panpipes n all tha bur im stuk on tha woods part wen ya get tu tha top n its gerin on ma nerves coz theres no way of gerin out ?? or is they plzzz am so00o confused lol cheers x x x x

nowhereman 29/12/2006 23:12

Hey guys! Yes, there is a problem with the PC version of the game. However there is a patch to solve it. Here is the link: (Narnia official site) More information can be found on:,_the_Witch_and_the_Wardrobe_(video_game)

aa 29/12/2006 23:00


harry 23/12/2006 17:28

hi adam all u have 2 do to get past the cyclops is to get susan and lucy to team up and keep hitting the rocks near the white witch until she jumps down and pulls out her swords and the real battle begins.....

~Narnia~ 23/12/2006 17:01

My name is Adam and me and my friend can't get past the part after the cyclops. HELP US!

fun of evanescence 07/12/2006 16:43

is somebody help me? I don't know how i can defeat White Witch. Is tere any knowledge person here?

peter is fab 07/12/2006 08:03

talk 2 me im

cheetsta kid! 28/10/2006 20:33

sorry u ave 2 press insert not control for my cheat!

cheetsta kid! 23/10/2006 20:34

i had 2 cheat on like 4 lvls! heres a cheat hold down space and press delete 1 delete 1 delete 2 delete 2 control lvl automatically finishes 4 u!

HELP MEEE! 22/10/2006 01:30

i have tried everything! shooting at her giving her lions roar the whole works! the white witch will not come down from the rocks!!! does anyone get how to finish this level?! HELP MEEEE!

having trouble 22/10/2006 00:39

i have compleated 65% of the game and completed all levels except the white witch. it will not let me get past defeating the cyclopses! i m so frustrated! does any one know why the PC game won't let me finish it?

Chrissy 21/10/2006 11:23

Iv'e loved playing Narnia'I havn't finished yet but i'm having a good time'Iv'e just started to follow Aslan so I supose the hard battle is about to begin

jam 20/10/2006 04:33

i LOVE narnia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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