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South Park: The Stick of Truth Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Backstab - the attack at the last opponent in the row. If successfully performed, it causes bleeding. It is easy to eliminate the enemy casters in this way.

II - increases the damage;

III - increases the damage per the opponent's every bleeding level (Bleeding can accumulate five-fold)

IV - your attack adds two levels of Bleeding;

V - increased damage to the stunned and slowed opponents. The basic for the thief. Upgrade to the maximum, as fast as possible.

Mug - a stunning attack. Additionally, you steal and item from the opponent - an useful potion, if you are lucky. Valuable only for the sake of the stunning effect. Do not upgrade this ability.

II - increases damage;

III - successful stealing also steals you the positive effect;

IV - stealing heals you;

V - the stunning effect lasts longer.

Execute - an attack that also destroys the armor and the weapon.

II - the final blow deals the most damage;

III - increased damage to the stunned opponents;

IV - perfect attack provides you with a bonus;

V - perfect attack enables you to perform two actions.

Stink Bombs - a throw of a series of bombs, they Gross Out and remove positive effects.

II - increased damage;

III - more bombs;

IV - you piss off the enemies;

V - the AoE attack.

Death by Thousand Blades - AoE attack that causes bleeding.

II - increased damage. Death inflicts more damage, in itself. With this attack, they are even higher. All of the additional points can be ignored and upgrade the Stink Bombs instead.

III - Attack Down on the opponents;

IV - requires less PP;

V - the attacks heal you.

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