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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Game Guide & Walkthrough

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Game Guide & Walkthrough

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Jaroslaw "Sir Dakr" Oziemblewski

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I would like to present the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel guide - Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Game Guide and Walkthrough

I would like to present the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel guide. I hope that informations contained in this text will help you in rescuing another world from the destruction (or conquering it just to for fun).

Jaroslaw "Sir Dakr" Oziemblewski

The contents of the guide

Basic elements of the map - Chests, Resurrection Monoliths, Portals, and ports from all chapters are presented on the maps below.

Main Quests - you have description of all main quests here (with maps) from both campaigns (Shadow and Light). I have described different starting situations too (they depend on the character that you have chosen at the beginning).

Side Quests - hundreds of other missions with the description of where to start and how to complete them. They are divided into Campaigns (some missions may have the same beginning but they may differ later), Chapters, chain quests and single missions. In addition, two most important minor missions have been described in a very detailed way.

Places, that are worth seeing - it means shrines, mini-bosses, dragons and hidden Easter Eggs. You do not have to visit them to complete the game but they may help and will make Sacred 2 even more interesting.

Character abilities - description of all abilities with suggestions of how to use them. Remember that when you will pick one ability you won't be able to change it later. As a matter of fact, your choices must be taken wisely.

Gods and their blessings - a very powerful abilities from which you have to choose one at the beginning of the game. That is why it is good to read something about them before you will create your character.

General tips and curiosities - some advices for the beginners

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel



Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Ascaron

  • publisher: CDV Software Entertainment USA / Ascaron

  • platform: PC, XBOX360, PS3

  • rated: PEGI: 16+ / ESRB: Mature

The fast 3-D action, a multitude of effects, realistic physical features and beautiful animations of the intricate Hi-Res models create a huge and realistic game world, which does not require any reloading.

An innovative emotional system and the depiction of an authentic world give life to both friend and foe. A further striking component of the graphic presentation is the unique Gore Feedback, which displays the strength and power of the player's own game character.

"Sacred 2" is the superb 3D enhanced sequel to the original Sacred, and provides more action, monsters, scenes, weapons, combos and feedback for even more fun.

- A massive, seamless and dynamic world delivering hundreds of hours of free-form exploration
- Two campaigns: play as the “Light” or “Shadow” side, complete with distinct skills, rewards and story-elements tailored to the chosen path
- Six exceptional, playable characters, each with a distinct look, capabilities and in-game motivation
- Modifiable combat arts: change, upgrade and link together your alter ego’s combat skills to match your playing style
- Fight effectively from the back of a number of mounts under your control; equip and upgrade your character’s unlockable special mount.
- Deities offer unique combat disciplines and unlock additional quests.
- The ultimate multiplayer experience – seamless transition between single- and multiplayer gaming modes via LAN, the Internet, or Xbox Live
- Captivating online modes of play challenge gamers in cooperative, PvP and PvE play
- Extraordinary, cutting-edge graphics and Dolby™ 5.1 channel surround sound utilize the latest technologies for a truly immersive experience

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Comments and responses

candesco 07/08/2011 12:26

Forgot to say (and you can't edit your own post), but i also miss the Epic Office Quest. It's a very long quest. First you need to press a button in a cave, which is in the Jungle. After that you get the message that something wonderfull has happen. Then go to Tyr Lysia, to Libi's pratfall, which is past the huge t-energy lake (this is also the place where you encounter the mini-boss daloriel the depraved) Pass the temple and get over the bridge. You will be welcomed by a hydra. You will see a sortkind of cave with a door. This is called something wonderfull. Entering it and you will find yourself in the Ascaron headquarters. Speak with the npc with the arabian like clothes. This is Heiko tom Felde. He will give you the Epic Office Quest and that's where the long part now start: you have to find all of the 89 (!) employees, which are scattered all over Ancaria. Yes, 89. That's the epic of this quest. You can recognize them with the ! mark above them. With the alt key you reveal their names. After you collect all of them you can now visit each floor of the HQ and some employees will have a present for you.

candesco 07/08/2011 12:12

Next to the mainquest and the sidequests you also have character specific quests. You can recognize them as the questgiver have a green or blue marker above them. But there are 2 of them. One is the chainquest, which will be showed under de sacred logo in your journal. The other is just a single one per chapter. For example; the character quest of the Seraphim is called Children & Demons I and starts in Sloeford. Follow the directions to Thylysium and on your left is a farmer with a blue ?! The character chain quest will take you all over Ancaria to finish it. The character specific quest will come with a reward at the end. Some will be a legendary weapon. If you finish the Dryad's character quest, then you get Kybele's Song. As for the single character quest: for example in Thylysium you can start Settlements from the grave for the High Elf and Woops for the Seraphim near Noriath's Temple. I miss also Ice & Blood in this guide, the expansion of Sacred 2. I&B adds 2 new locations and tons of more quests and bosses and new loot. There is also a new mount quest with it. It's called A roof over the head and starts in the Village Ruins in the Cursed Forest. Nice guide, but not very complete if you compare it with the SacredWiki.

rob57 21/11/2009 19:13

does anybody know how to ccomplete the battle underground

isengard 02/07/2009 19:47

poate mil iau si io daca imi va merge! tnx anyway

OutcastNeedhelp 26/06/2009 02:41

Does this guide cover xbox 360 version and I'm very confused on how to start all 6 charcter starting quest.

Rickg 23/06/2009 23:01

Thank you very much!!!!

jmms 22/06/2009 20:39

Does this Guide go along with the PS3 game as well or are there significant changes?????

CorpseFlower 10/06/2009 21:29

Thank you, thank you! I'm downloading this guide right now.

NHNona 07/06/2009 00:29

has a PDF file been produced? And... can anyone suggest a good place to get information on how to play online with another player? I am having a difficult time figuring out which way to go. Too many choices! Multiplayer closednet opennet what???? Thanksthis post has been modified by its author [2009-06-07 01:29:43]

CorpseFlower 03/06/2009 17:00

I'm checking everyday for this guide. I really am looking for better details about skills, runes, sockets, etc. Completeing every quest is really secondary to me. Still love the gave though. And I have a new respect for Blind Guardian.

Hellmaker 29/05/2009 07:34

This guide will be available for download today/tomorrow :)

CorpseFlower 28/05/2009 18:30

How do I download this guide? It doesn't even look complete.

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