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A New Ship

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Quest giver: Patty [#1] - A New Ship - The Sword Coast - Quests - Risen 2: Dark Waters - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Quest giver: Patty [#1]

After Captain Steelbeard's ship had been sunken, the Nameless Hero and Patty have to find a new source of transportation. Since there is only one ship docking in Puerto Isabella, the choice is simple - that ship is the object of your desire.

To obtain a new boat, you need to complete several sidequests:

  • Secure a water supply - can be done in two ways, depending on whether you've sided with the Inquisition (Golden Masks) or the Natives (The Puppet). In the first case, you need to help the innkeeper [#2] from the city acquire the treasures of Commandant Sebastiano (three golden masks are his garrison [#3]), and in the second - possess him through Chani's [#4] ritual and use his body to ask Miguel [#5] to deliver the merchandise.
  • Assemble a proper crew - you can recruit the cook, Hawkins [#6], the soldier, Venturo [#2] or the shaman, Chani [#4] (depending on the chosen faction). It involves The Third Crew Member and The Fourth Crew Member quests.
  • Destroy the cannons in the docks - if you don't do it, the ship's journey will be very short and painful. Sabotage is necessary. Damaging the cannons isn't difficult - ask Patty for Rusty nails and perform the work of destruction. The guns are on the coast [#7] and on the Inquisition's Tower [#8]. Fighting guards is inevitable, so bring your companions along!
  • Take over the ship in an open battle - this is the goal of the Liberate the Ship quest. You will have the support of your future crew members during the attack, so the battle won't be too difficult.
It's big, so it puts a smile on the face. - A New Ship - The Sword Coast - Quests - Risen 2: Dark Waters - Game Guide and Walkthrough
It's big, so it puts a smile on the face.

When all the conditions above are met, talk to Patty aboard your new ship. This completes the mission and allows you to sail wherever your heart desires. The order at which to visit subsequent islands is completely up to you - you can chose your destination without a care in the world.


  • 500 Glory points for completing the quest.
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Blu5hit 06/10/2012 22:09

ok so im at sabotage and nither Benito or Miguel are sleeping i dont know wath too doo if i try to fight them i always loose ....

morty marty 27/06/2012 05:19

hi TNX for this guide .. but there is still a question for me!! where is chani ? I cant find her anywhere

Rigolax 11/05/2012 06:38

Fighting is not inevitable when sabotaging cannons. Just wait for the patroling guard to leave at the tower, and wait to midnight for the three others, Benito will be off to slepp. Just be careful of the patrol.

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