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There's the long platform in front of you, where you can find ammunition, health and armor. Gather everything you can, reload weapons, save the game and approach the door. It's time for the final duel with Makron (#221).

Stroggs' leader is a though enemy, but not immortal. The fight can be very easy or really hard - it depends on the Dark Matter Gun's ammunition that you have. Traditionally, Makron energy is showed on the belt located in the top part of the screen. You have to deprive him of energy twice (during the second approach he'll begin to fly). Hit Makron with all you got (Dark Matter Gun is the best option). Try to run all the time and avoid enemy's bullets. This is the revenge time!

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Killing Makron doesn't end your adventure with Quake 4 - The Nexus - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Killing Makron doesn't end your adventure with Quake 4. As soon as the enemy falls, save the game and use one of the teleports (they are located in every corner of the vast hall), get to the balcony. Quickly recover energy by using machine placed on the wall and wait until the protected by force field brain will appear in the center of the room.

The organ isn't dangerous, but the enemies that will show up suddenly on the battlefield, are. Try to eliminate opponents and shoot with any machine weapon to blue bar (#222), located under the ceiling. In this way the brain will be deprived of the force field and than you can start frontal attack. Rocket Launcher is the best option here (it's fast and makes a lot of damage), alternatively use Railgun. The brain will again obtain the force field after a while, so repeat the whole operation. If other enemies are really bothering you, shoot in their direction with Dark Matter Gun.

After exhausting fight, the brain will be destroyed for good. Your adventure with newest Raven Software's game has came to an end. You can't do anything more, but only wait for possible expansion...

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just a lazzy idiot 20/04/2007 14:23

Hello Finley, and all people who contribute to this guide, I bought very recently, Q4 , and can say woooaaaah good game, , and as a newbie , and totale begginert in game , without this guide it will be not easy to play , i try to play eah section in normal mode , just reading this great guide , and the second time i try a bit of cheats for fun, I'm appretiating very much this walkt . many thanks.

Jimmy '69 19/04/2007 21:08

I have to say thanks, as without this guide I'd probably have gone mad, but have to agree that the game is too easy and wasn't that long. Also, why are the people complaining about the grammar unable to spell? Has anyone heard of irony...?

disapointed 17/04/2007 19:25

wtf? why was that so freakin easy... I was seriously disapointed with the ending.

Clayton 29/03/2007 11:21

I have reinstalled the game and put the saves again in the folder will the difficulty remain the same ?

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xrayspex 17/03/2007 21:18

"Try to eliminate opponents and shoot with any machine weapon to blue bar" ...What the hell does that mean...shoot the blue bar...shoot from the blue bar....statement is in poor form and is confusing at best...not helpful at all

St.Anger 15/03/2007 19:04

screw d grammar...u guys rock! And hey wen is Q5 comin????

Tommyboi67 (IM NOT A GAY^^) 08/03/2007 19:17

Hey, Thx 4 da walkthrough... ... dont u guys think the game is too short??

Jimbob 21/02/2007 23:09

Good guide. I have to admit the atrocious grammar makes you sound like a 10 year old, but still thanks for the effort. It's appreciated!

who? 23/01/2007 01:41

What's that, the dude with a cellphone...does he recieve the order to kill kane? too bad tho! And that evil laugh comin out when the cam zooms on the hero, thats scary..haha Seriously, the ending dialog should be added to the walktrought:P

Slayerrrr 16/01/2007 04:46

finished this game in 2 days =D this guide helped me lots

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