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The Nexus/Find Elevator

At this stage, all you need to do is fighting. Developers decided to give you the chance to eliminate all enemies, which you have encountered in the game.

Walk straight ahead. Stroggos will close the door behind you and run into you from the other side. Few perfect shots from Grenade Launcher should do the trick. Walk trough the gate, which enemies fell into the hall 'with'. Turn left and use the panel (#211). Move forward.

1 - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
After short walk, youll find yourself in relatively big elevator (#212), protected temporarily by Light Tank and some Tacticals - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

After short walk, you'll find yourself in relatively big elevator (#212), protected temporarily by Light Tank and some Tacticals. Push the button to travel down. The Stroggos will rush into the lift through panes. Use Shotgun to eliminate them. When the elevator will stop, another fight awaits you. This time you'll face the Gladiator, Iron Maidens and Tacticals. Kill them and move forward.

Eventually you will get to the big hall. There's the teleport in the center (#213) and you can't destroy it. Quickly run ahead with only available patch and call for the elevator. Mind Tacticals during the ride. After the fight, move forward. After a while You'll reach the lift cage that will take you deep into the complex.

2 - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
3 - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
4 - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
After short ride, youll reach the hall with TV screen (you can see Makron on it) - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Scan Failed: Lock Down

After short ride, you'll reach the hall with TV screen (you can see Makron on it). Wait until the door will open and start the enemies' extermination. Than approach the place, where the screen was located in and jump onto the pipes (#214). Walk trough the tunnels to the ladder (#215) and climb up.

Gather ammunition and move forward. Use the elevator - you will get to the security's room. Push the button (#216) that unlocks all doors in the neighborhood and return to the lift cage, which brought you on this level. On the left side you'll find the gate. Walk through them to get to the next part of the complex.

You'll find yourself in the big hall (#217). Reload all weapons, save the game and move forward when you'll be ready for the really though challenge. Now, you have to face three groups of monsters: Light Tanks, Heavy Hover Tanks and Stream Protectors. The fight won't be easy, so use Dark Matter Gun, but also save ammunition for Makron. End battle with victory and move forward.

5 - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
6 - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
7 - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
At the end of the route, youll see the ladder - Nexus Core - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

At the end of the route, you'll see the ladder. Climb down, get onto the pipes through the bay and run on the other side (#218) of the vast hall. Climb the next ladder up and jump over security barriers towards the pipes on the left side. Finally, you'll get to the last platform with the only available door.

In the next room (#219) turn right find the ladder leading down. If you use it, and then run the long tunnel, you'll find armor. Climb back up and encounter the last big group of monsters. Kill them all and walk through the door. Push the button (#220) to finish this level.

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Comments and responses

ChefDude321 24/02/2009 18:08

This game is insane on General difficulty. The heavy hover tanks are the hardest enemy to fight without a vehicle, hands down.

[ see image ]The_Donster 17/02/2008 08:39

Like everyone else, I found this last wave of monsters(3 light tanks, 3 heavy hover tanks and 2 steam protectors) in the long corridor featured in 217 to be the hardest. My suggestion is save when you can, preferrable after you've killed the Heavy Hover tanks. Something the game guide forgets to mention is once you've killed each monster, another one transports in. I used the rockets to kill the light tanks, the nail gun for the hover tanks and a mix of things for the steam protectors. I'm still trying to navigate through the pipes at the moment and hope the guide is a little better on the next level. Something I will say, I enjoyed this game alot more than Halo 3, which I've beaten twice on multiple difficulty levels.

TYTY 03/03/2007 00:23

wtf-i said Nexus Hub on google it gave me nexus core-stupid google

vince 18/01/2007 22:30

Very useful comments!! Thank you. Just concerning the fight against Light Tanks, Heavy Hover Tanks and Stream Protectors (#217) do not hesitate to use Dark Matter Gun: you will find 3 times 5 ammunitions of this just before encountering Makron.

small 21/12/2006 18:29

many greetings.

big  19/10/2006 08:45

how do i get panel #

big 19/10/2006 08:43

i do not show leavel # on my scren

pochykicksass 09/10/2006 19:33

that was usefull thankyou

Shadow2569 14/06/2006 17:55

hey RICHO i dont understand all u have to do is jump down on to the pipes and walk across to the ladder and climb up it. Hopefuly That Quik Reveiw Helped!!! : )

RICHO 14/06/2006 12:50

man i have a lil problem look @ pic 214 where u said that i must jump on the pips in my game i exterminated all the enemies but still there is that cover over the pips so i cant jump on them !!!!! plz tell me how to take it down !!

LightDecon 09/06/2006 22:09

There are some useful hints for the fight in #217 I have not done the general level yet, if someone who plays Hardest one, could you mind to try those hints to check if vaild? after this fight you will get about 15 DMG bullets and Markon+ brian I think 15 DMG are enough, so, dont worry about your DMG bullets :P 3 LightTanks: Just use your DMG+Grenade+nailgun to solve the first two. You even just need shotgun for the second and third one, 3 HoverTanks: the most difficult part, Lighting Gun is the best candidate, there are some trick: just run to one the side tunnel (where hovertank initially appeared). You will face one of them and the other side of Hovertank wont come to this side to give you a sandwich. So you will get the chance for 1v1 with one of the Hovertanks . Just use lighting gun with left-right move, 400 bullets definitely will destory one. There are some extra lighting gun bullets in this hall, so just quickly run to be recharged and to fight another one by this approach. If lightening gun ran out, nailgun + machinegun + hyperblaster(just switch, dont reload) will finish the rest of works. If two hovertanks are in one side together. You probably need DMG them first. Steam Protector: DMG+rockets, should be very easy anyway.

Shadow2569 03/06/2006 07:29

does any1 here hav 360 onlineif they do tell me and ill sed ya a friend request and ill v.s. ya sometime online deathmatch or arena capture the flag so tell me ur nickname and ill tell ya mine and we can play one another sometime SEE YA

Shadow2569 01/06/2006 20:39

( '-' )

Shadow2569 01/06/2006 20:34


romulus 01/06/2006 19:09

I played this game on General level and its damn hard. First there is two Light tanks poping up, when you kill one, another comes in. Kill the two reminding and two Heavy Hovertanks is comming. Kill one and a thired appeirs. When the last two is dead, two Stream Protectors comming up. When you killed them, this room is clear. I walked out of this room with only my Pistol and 12 in health :)

shadow2569 27/05/2006 01:05

hey its me again if nobody knows the answer to question21 just help me out wit what weapons i should use , but if u know the exact answer to question21 plz tell me its a have to know great game guide i use it everyday thanks for everything 8-]

shadow2569 27/05/2006 00:55

if u look up a little bit u will c 4 pictures on the top left u will c where im havin trouble I get in the room and i get attacked by these big dudes that shoot fire and heavy hover tanks and every time i kill them more keep comin every time i keep on dyin i dont think they will ever stop and i cant find the source of where they are comin from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME AND FAST (thanks)

Mr Frustration 16/05/2006 08:15

Well I finally made it through the hallway - I have no idea how I could do again using any particular method. Just sheer perserverance and alot of F5 ing !!!!!!!!!

Sheriff 15/05/2006 06:24

hi, my name is sheriff and im not sure how to beat the game cause like I go to the dude at the end and shoot him but then all my ammo runs out and he revives and like i dunno what else to do, i figured that maybe i should just like walk away from the whole mission and just go back to the hannibal get my shit together and come back and fihgt him again, but they dun let me leave the room so plzz somebody help me with this situation

Mr Frustration 10/05/2006 12:41

The hallway level is impossible !!!!! How the hell can you kill the heavy tanks - 3 at once, they made this level far too hard

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