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Waste Processing Facility

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Before we start, one useful tip. Try not to waste ammunition for Rocket Launcher, HyperBlaster, Railgun (option), Lightning Gun and Nailgun. These guns will be useful for the fight against the boss at the end of this stage.

After the channel's exit you'll meet allied soldiers. Unfortunately, he's located on the other side of the barricade (#133). Enter the tunnel before device with poisoned gas will appear (it can deprive you of health, so be careful). A few dozen seconds later you'll run into the new enemy - Zombie. Undead in Quake 4 are relatively fast and they're spitting dangerous acid (some of them use weapons too). Remember about saving ammunition. Shotgun and Grenade Launcher are the most effective at this moment and should be enough.

1 - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
2 - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
3 - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Walk ahead and eliminate opponents all the time - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Walk ahead and eliminate opponents all the time. Stop in the room, where you'll see bulldozers moving on the floor (#134). You must get to the other end of the tunnel, avoiding the contact with moving traps because they're able them to hurt you effectively. When you'll reach the place, look inside the last gap. There will be a passage and small ladder (#135). Climb up. Hide behind chests, choose Railgun and watch the environment carefully. The big Tacticals number will appear nearby - they'll try to kill you from cover. Eliminate them one by one and (after battle), visit rooms behind the door (useful ammunition lies there).

In order to penetrate into the other end of the channel you have to use the small panel (#136) to create the bridge. Visit remaining rooms there, recover everything you can and go trough the last door. During the attempt to pass onto the next bridge, you'll fall down. Retreat immediately (towards blue flare) and start Zombie's extermination. There will be quite a lot of them, so be careful and don't get yourself killed.

4 - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
After passing through the small tunnel, youll hear the characteristic hiss spent by the acid device - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

After passing through the small tunnel, you'll hear the characteristic hiss spent by the 'acid device'. You should find the shelter under the bridge (#137). When the threat will pass away, run to the door. You will meet the soldier seen earlier (#138), with who move towards stairs (if you look inside the tunnel on the right side earlier, you'll find some armor and ammunition).

You must break through the next rooms and eliminate Tacticals on the way. Be vigilant because Stroggos are able to hide well and attack only when you'll approach them. Eventually, you'll reach the other soldiers (#139).

Deactivate Laser Scanner

You'll receive Rocket Launcher upgrade from the engineer (now you can target rockets with ray and shoot them up quicker). The group will ask you to go through the laser trap and deactivate it. It's not causing trouble for Strogg after all.

5 - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Recover health, armor and smoothly go through the laser field - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Recover health, armor and smoothly go through the laser field. Save the game before entering the door. Once inside the next hall, you'll fight with Voss, err, robot (#140) created by Stroggos from your former commander. Taking care of him isn't an easy task and requires a few words of the comment.

After beginning of the fight, you'll see energy's belt in the top part of the screen. Liveliness is being symbolized by the orange color but in order to hurt Voss actually, you have to get rid of his shields first (grey belts all around). It requires non-stop fire on the target with HyperBlaster / Nailgun, or sending a few rockets. When the armor disables, hit the enemy with all you got. Voss will try to approach the electric field to load shields - try to hurt him as much as you can before he'll complete this operation.

6 - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Dont forget that fighting with Voss is a hard challenge - Waste Processing Facility - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Don't forget that fighting with Voss is a hard challenge. He uses Dark Matter Gun and also can throw balls, that summon other Stroggos. He shoots rockets and machine gun too. As you can see, the fight won't be like taking candy from a baby. The best advice is to run all the time and avoid shots from Dark Matter Gun at all cost (purple balls). With rockets you can easily destroy the containers, which Voss is using to teleportate his support. However, it's better to leave the missiles for the main enemy and destroy new, showing up enemies at the opportunity.

When the fight ends, go through the door located right next to the hall's entrance. Once inside, press the button deactivating the laser field (#141). Now, the rest of the team can move forward. Before you'll end this stage, you'll have to fight some Tacticals, that accommodated themselves at top level of stairs. Eliminate the enemy's soldiers in turn and carefully approach the top. After going through two passages, you'll reach the confederate ship (#142). It's time to return on Hannibal's deck.

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abhinavs645 10/06/2010 04:52

hey i am abhinav when i play quake 4 in waste processing facility it shows loading but as soon as the loading appears it comes back to main menu is there any way to fix this problem pls help

stigbone 19/04/2007 00:58

rockets and railgun. yum yum

juss2000 25/03/2007 12:32

Hi, just done this! The easiest way to do it, is to use the Nailgun, then when Voss is recharging his armour concetrate on the smaller Strogg. You'll be able to do this without using any other weapon! Just use the zoom!! P.s. Very helpful website!

kissarmy 09/02/2007 01:42

excellent web sight keep up the great work

Another Anon 31/01/2007 21:46

Lol OWNED ^^

anon 21/01/2007 15:18

"Learn how to use proper grammer and punctuation.." Coming from someone who cannot even spell "Grammar". :-P

The legend 19/11/2006 04:41

everyone is a dick when Kane returns haha

SuperSquish 04/10/2006 11:20

completed quake 4... voss is easy compared 2 the brain and makron.. theyre nasty!

SuperSquish 04/10/2006 11:19

hey its voss... maybe he forgot his mannequre lol

hbgnar 13/08/2006 00:21

oh, man I HAAAAAAAAATE voss!!!!!!! even though I want a robot suit like that.

lazy lightning 05/08/2006 23:43

Awesome! I just cleared this level...granades for the teleported ppl, and hide in the crevice behind the charger, as soon as Voss comes around, lock-target him with your Nailgun and run around the room shooting him, avoiding the dark matter gun...note: don't spend time aiming at the muthafker...remember, you locked him as the target with your railgun...maybe you'll need to lock him many times, because you'll have to change your weapon to kill those mini-stroggs.

UnholyConfessions 23/07/2006 20:19

A nasty looking level, a human 'dump' site. A very easy level avoid zombie attacks from the rear they are annoying as most spit the armour melting acid on you! Otherwise no troubles until Voss, I found him quite easy to kill. All I did was running constantly around him bombarding him with rockets until he died. Not so tough really as he looks.

tobz 23/07/2006 15:50

jus did wha you said...finished with 125 health and 5 armour...thanks you dude are amazing and kep close to him..,.works a treat

biscuit 05/07/2006 17:43

the light hurts my eyes

Clayton of the dead 01/07/2006 20:48

I'm 13 and I play Quake and those Zombies scare the CRAP OUTTA ME! My advice, put on hamster Dance while Killing Zombies it is Humorous and FUN. It Helped me alot until my mom told me to turn it off cuz it was getting annoying. so I'm not going any further without my HAMSTERS!............I Love lenore she's the only dead person that agrees with me. Quote Lenore- What kinda person goes around and scares the poo out of ten year old little girls!........I don't like poo. -Lenore

The Warrior 10/06/2006 06:04

Pretty tough. . .in the hardest mode. . .but finally I got it, after 2-3 times, try to save often. Granades are very usefull for killing the "others". . while you are trying to kill Stroog.

Dre 14/04/2006 01:46

Stroog dispose of the failed experiments/zombies, yet when you kill then, they still get harvested by the Nexus.

Fat Bastard 29/03/2006 22:56

Undead? All strogg are undead and unnatural creatures. By the way, those zombies are useless strogg soldiers, who were sent to the waste facility, because the other strogg were 'too soft' to kill them... The guide is good, wish the Voss boss wouldn't be so ugly and hard, killed him anyway, hehehe...

Foot 23/03/2006 15:32

Oh and make sure you have fulll armor and health beforehand! The tech before the forcefield seemed reluctant to patch me up (may be an problem with the linux version..who knows) so I just pushed him a bit (physically moving into him) and then waited 10 seconds or so and he then did patch me up...weird!

Foot 23/03/2006 15:28

Tried blowing up the recharge points and they didn't seem to succumb to half a dozen or so rockets :( Someone below suggested keeping at a certain distance from the Voss Boss - this makes a BIG difference. Though it doesn't feel right to be too near to him, it does stop him from throwing dark matter balls and seems to cut the number of homing missiles he sends down. As long as you make sure that you're not close enough for him to hit you with his melee weapons. For the first two recharges I hit him with homing nails and hyperblaster shots, then backed off majorly when he was recharging and just threw grenades at the general direction of the teleporting strogg - this wasn't perfect and I had at least one strogg hanging around, but they're not too much of a worry as you're moving a lot anyway. To finally kill Voss I just hit him with everything without an area effect (keeping close to him still). Very messy, but worked..and I didn't even get to use a health pack (not that I didn't need one, I was just too busy concentrating on keeping the right distance). Great battle :) Hope that helps.

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