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Destroy the Tetranode with Strauss

Enter the elevator (#83) and travel down. Turn right to meet Strauss (#84). The engineer will explain to you that in order to destroy the core, it's necessary to do a few other things first.

Activate the Power Plant

Strauss has to run the power station and you're his bodyguard (nothing new). Go through the nearest door. Climb up the ladder located on the left side. It's leading to the chamber with some armor, but due to the fact that engineer is with you, it not necessary to collect it. Run straight ahead and kill all met enemies. Eventually you'll reach the room, where the panel activating the power station is located (#85). Wait until Strauss will use it, eliminate Gladiator and return to the elevator.

1 - Nexus Hub - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
2 - Nexus Hub - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
3 - Nexus Hub - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
This time youll run in the other direction - Nexus Hub - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Find the Emergency ShutOff Controls

This time you'll run in the other direction. Actively participate in the fight with monsters. Thanks to that, you will protect Strauss. You will reach the elevator which will take you up. There, the engineer will use another control pad (#86) and complete his mission.

Shut Down the Coolant Pumps

Now your job to execute the last point of the destruction of the Nexus complex's plan. On the right from Strauss you'll find useful ammunition. Recover everything you can and go to the door. After short walk, safe and sound, you'll reach the big room with the panel in the middle #87). Make a save, choose strong weapon (e.g. Grenade Launcher) and prepare yourself for the fight.

After pushing the button you will be surrounded by two spiders (Stream Protectors), relatively though beast, that are using machine guns and flame throwers as weapons. Do not save ammunition - it won't be necessary later. When both spiders will fall down, prepare yourself for the fight against the final boss.

4 - Nexus Hub - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
You dont stand a chance with the new Makrons incarnation (#88), but you can try your best - Nexus Hub - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You don't stand a chance with the new Makron's incarnation (#88), but you can try your best. As soon as the big creature will stand up with you face to face, start to fire and avoid his bullets at the same time. Stroggos leader will get nervous. He'll use the other weapon to capture you.

Do not load a save game. Kane's not dead. But his life will never be the same.

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Comments and responses

vikx 11/09/2008 15:06

ok i killed the spiders that was ok, but the fat makron kills me but i was at the far end of the room hididng behind the blue tubes, so let me follow the ideas posted. but this pisses me off..every time i die at this level i am taken back to the aqueducts annex, no matter what i save it happens and my hard drive on xbox 360 still has 107 gb of free space..dudes help me out here

dan 09/04/2007 19:37

Heres how I beat him; go to the corner closest to him then the wall closest to him and if you shoot grenades onto the very leftof the pillar closest to you, it should bounce off and splash damage him.

keytoaster 08/04/2007 17:44

I've followed your tips, but I can't defeat that guy. I can throw unlimited grenades at it, after a short while he uses the gravity thing and it seems like I'd die. Then there is a small animation where the big dude laughs. Then the game loads the next level partly: After a quarter of the loading bar is filled, it stops and the main menu appears. I think this isn't normal, is it?

Jimmy the Fish 24/03/2007 12:09

Take the advice from Tomba, use the full clip of grenades from the launcher and it's all sorted

how to beat level 11/03/2007 06:26

Kill the 2 Spiders with your grenade launcher while hiding and strafing behind the blue glowing tubes. After they die run to far right or left of the door where the big dude comes out. Hide behind there while jumping out and shooting him with grenades. Eventually he will grab you with his gravity gun, as soon as he does stop shooting him just wait (put down your controller!). The screen will go black and load the next level. It shouldn't show u the menu if u did it right.

Screw you 26/01/2007 14:34

Those 2 spiders were noobs...

Mark 01/01/2007 20:47

Uh, why don't you quake save as soon as that huge thing comes out so if he kills you, you can load back to that point, and not start the level over again.

franconbean 27/12/2006 22:54

i tried it... but those bastard spider guys before him took a large chunk of my health out before i killed them... meaning the leader comes and kills me pretty quick then, i lose a save point! meaning i must start the lvl again - bastard thing

Sabre Tooth 18/11/2006 05:50

This boss pissed me off, if u try to dodge, he hits you with the 3-shot-at-a-time red energy ball thing, if u hide, he shoots about 5-6 grenades around where u are standing, it will do like 150 damage almost no matter where u are (in the hard difficulty anyway), my advice is get into a corner where he doesn't see you and where his grenades dont hurt you (to he far right or left of where he enters), and launch grenades till u have to reload 2-3 times (about 15-20 genades lol), the grnades wont hit him directly, but will still do damage, then his weird energy floating device thing will end the battle

phun-ky 25/10/2006 19:02

i do not really get it either. he used the gravity thing on me, i died, and the "restart menu" appears..

Sambov1 10/10/2006 16:18

Thanks Depressionistical that worked a charm.

JAVI-YO 09/10/2006 07:57

The MAKRON uses his gravity gun and after that the windows turns in black. For 2 or 3 seconds ever?thing is black but I can listen the sound of the MAKRON launching rockets, but then it seems like I die and start the main menu of the game.

gordo 17/09/2006 16:03

how do you kill the makron on corporal level

AUSTINJ91 31/08/2006 11:41

Yey i done it now i get to see his legs getting sawed off.

AUSTINJ91 30/08/2006 22:37

Damn i cant kill the damn spiders there homing rockets keep killing me straight away.

tomba 13/08/2006 22:20

THNX for this info :))) my expirience ... the spiders are gone with blaster : concentrate on one while dodging others ... with one & half load of blaster per spider you will quickly squish them ... then run to the left side pillars, switch to the grenade gun and as soon as that BIG mother fu*ker is out launch all 8 grenades underneath his feet (really feet?) .... as soon as the last grenade explodes he will pick you up with his gravity thingy and in minutes after you will feel like the "seven from nine" ... hehe ... resistance is futile :) cheers JASON

just another quake fan 13/08/2006 01:12

i killed that fag by just nailing him with the best weapons i had easily done on my first try

Bubba 10/08/2006 23:18

A way easier way to beat the Stroggos leader is to run to the far right corner of the area so that you are hidden from your ennemy. He weapons can't hit you here. Everytime he reloads jump out of hidding and shoot him until he eventually gives up and captures you.

Depressionistical 13/07/2006 22:55

Heres how i defeated the damn nuisance... NAILGUN the spider creature things IN THE HEAD!!! (VERY IMPORTANT) whilst strafing around like a nutter (ALSO IMPORTANT!) When dealing with Makron be HIGHLY FEROCIOUS with the NAILGUN AGAIN - Strafe like a nutter again, left and right, not too close, but certainly not too far away. Ensure you remain in front of him, He'll fire off a cluster of grenades, then quickly dodge to the left/right whilst continuing to NAIL his ass, keep this strategy up and that should just about do it! Hope it helps

Travace 08/07/2006 04:37

same for me stevieb ... he just lobs a nade right behind the middle pillare and boom im dead.. this part is getting frustrating

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