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Run straight ahead. There're some trucks just behind the spaceship (#47). Jump on first one and the convoy will start moving. Kane's position will be frozen - you'll be able only to turn around and shoot. A few dozen seconds later, you'll have the first opportunity to defend the convoy from enemy's infantry. Help your allies in eliminating danger (tip: shoot in explosive barrels). Than you'll ride forward.

1 - Canyon - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
After the ride, jump down from the truck - Canyon - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Locate Bidwell

After the ride, jump down from the truck. Go into the tunnel on left side (#48) and walk straight ahead. You'll meet Bidwell (#49). He'll order you to jump on another vehicle and take stationary machine gun shooter's position. Save the game, especially when you're playing on higher difficulty levels.

Protect the Convoy

Theoretically, your task is simple. Guard the convoy from enemy's attack. Machine gun has unlimited ammunition (no reloading), so shoot as often as you can and don't worry. Your ride will be split in three phases.

In the first one, the convoy will be attack by enemy's infantry. Hovercraft will trample opponents standing in your vehicle's route, but it's much better to eliminate them sooner. During the ride, a rocket will hit the ground and transform into turret (#50). Destroy it in the first place (new challenges are coming).

2 - Canyon - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Convoy will stop - there're some landmines on the track - Canyon - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Convoy will stop - there're some landmines on the track. Save the game. Sapper will be send to disable exploding traps. You'll have to protect him (#51) from enemy's attacks (right flank). Try to concentrate fire on opponent's groups, but watch out for sapper (some Stroggos will approach from left). He can't die before he disables all landmines, so be careful. When the convoy will start, save the game (again). Last, third page of this ride is the toughest one.

3 - Canyon - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Now, Kane will find himself alone on the battlefield - Canyon - Walkthrough - Quake 4 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Clear Area of Turrets

Now, Kane will find himself alone on the battlefield. Your vehicle rides in established direction and your task is shooting and some more shooting. Be aware, that in the left, lower corner of the screen you'll see energy bar. Every hit decreases hovercraft's resistance, so don't let it decrease to zero (game over). If you're not shooting, energy will recharge over time. During the fight you'll have exactly one opportunity to increase the energy (after hiding behind the chests). Make it happen.

You must destroy three types of turrets on your way. First one is stationary machine gun (#52). There're six of them on the level (concentrate fire on them for few seconds). Secondly, you'll run into well-known rockets that transform into turrets. Lastly, you'll encounter rockets launcher, placed in the building located in the level's centre. Of course you can shoot down missiles fired in yours direction, but the better option is to destroy launchers themselves.

Locate Voss

After the ride, vehicle will stop near the complex. Go inside through the big hatch. In there, you'll find another passage and the panel. Click on the button, and you'll finish the level.

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akbar 21/03/2007 06:29

my god.. last two days im stuck in it ! dont wanna use god but any hidden idea?

SJP 17/01/2007 00:52

canyon is impossible. only way is to play in GOD mode. CTRL + ALT + ~, then type in god. U can turn off after beating Canyon

sa 23/12/2006 16:05

Any trick to jumpin on the convoy in Canyon?

Refereejones 07/12/2006 07:34

When I am in the canyon, everything is so dark that I can't see what is going on. The screenshots seem very clear, so how do I get my screen to show so much detail. I have tried adjusting all the game controls etc with no luck. Thanks.

thatkid238 02/09/2006 04:20

is it better to get rid of the rockets first or the turrets

Shadow2569 19/06/2006 21:01

well ur in a big kinda ship with a powerful machine gun the monsters usually come from the right but every so often they go to the left so protect ur teammate even if he has a machine gun he cant protect himself WIMP

someone 04/06/2006 00:22

tell us how to beat that level. not whats in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^

Devan 31/05/2006 01:14

Lol. this game is easy except when you get to a certain mission called Data Processing room and I still can't beat it but yeah im on general and it was a pretty easy level.

evildave 16/03/2006 10:46

Help!! i can't jump on the truck. Any idea?

Sam 17/02/2006 14:13

You have to be Chuck Norris to finish this part.

E=mc2 15/02/2006 13:01

Hard task?? this level is everythig but hard...

kumaboss 08/02/2006 01:51

this is a hard ass task - save often