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Most important events in that day


First buy 3 Bio Nutrients in Shibuya Underground Mall. Then drink juice in Underground Walkway (Proficiency +1). Finally order a coffee in Shibuya Diner (Guts +1, Knowledge +2). Go to the Bathhouse in the evening (Charm +2).


You will face the repercussions of stealing Kamoshida's heart. In the evening go to the bathhouse (Charm +3).


Watch TV news.


Sell the unneeded items you gathered at Untouchables.


A celebration of success with your party. Use Bio Nutrients on the flower (Kindness +2) in the evening.


At school you will obtain upgrade knowledge +1. Then spend some time with Ann Takamaki (select the following dialogue options: A, B, B, B - Lovers Rank 2).

In the evening read job booklets about Beef Bowl Shop and Flower Shop (Underground Walkway). Start working in Beef Bowl Shop (Proficiency +2).


Pick answer B at school (Knowledge +1). Now you will complete a tutorial and spend some times in Mementoes.


First spend some time with Yuuki Mishima. In the evening drink juice in Underground Walkway (Guts +1) and go to work to Beef Bowl Shop (Proficiency +3, remember about serving according to the orders).


Spend time with Ryuji Sakamoto (Select answer: B, A, B - Chariot Rank 5). In the evening meet with Toranosuke Yoshida.


The correct answer at school is B (Knowledge +1). Spend some time at afternoon with Ryuji Sakamoto (Dialogue answers: C, A, B - Chariot Rank 6). In the evening go meet with Toranosuke Yoshida (Sun Rank 1).


Exams! The correct answers: B, C, A, A.


Exams! The correct answers: B, A.


Exams! The correct answers: A, B.


Speak to Ann's stalker.


Go to the art gallery.


The answer to the question at school: B (Knowledge +1). Then go visit Yusuke Kitagawa. You will be introduced to infiltration of Madarame's Palace.


Meet Yusuke again.


Once the school is over, spend some time with Tae Takemi (Guts +1, answers: B, A - Death Rank 4). In the evening learn how to make coffee (Hierophant arcane is mandatory).

Important! From today you can work on Strength Confidant.


Now you will infiltrate Madarame palace. Reach the inaccessible barrier. In the evening go to Leblanc and interact with the TV. Select answer B in the quiz (Knowledge +1).


Return to Madarame Palace.


Read The Alluring Dancer (Charm +3) in the train.

Answer C in the class (Charm +3).

Switch the Alluring Dancer to Gallant Rogue in the library.

Spend some time with Ann Takamaki (dialogue options: 1. Any you want 2. Any you want 3. Any you want 4. Any you want 5. C 6. Any you want 7. Any you want 8. B 9. B - Lovers Rank 3.

In the evening use Bio Nutrients in your room (Kindess +2).

Spend the end of the day with Sojiro Sakura.


Drink juice in Underground Walkway (Kindness +1).

Spend time with Tae Takemi (Guts +1, select A in third dialogue) - Death Rank 5.

Spend time with Toranosuke Yoshida (Charm +3 - Sun Rank 2).


In school select answer C (Knowledge +1). In the afternoon go to work at the convenience store. In the evening go to the bathhouse (Charm +3).


Read The Gallant Rogue in the train.

Spend some time afternoon with Ann Takamaki (Dialogue options: 1) A, 2) B, 3) A, 4) A, 5) C - Lovers Rank 4.

In the evening go to Lebranc to learn how to make coffee (Hierophant arcana).


Spend time with Tae Takemi (Guts +1, select B in third dialogue - Death Rank 6). In the evening read the message from Ryuji Sakamoto and accept his invitation. The dialogue options in the conversation with him: B, A - Chariot Rank 7.


Select B in school (Knowledge +1),

Spend the afternoon with Ann Takamaki (dialogue options: B, B, A - Lovers Rank 5).

In the evening interact with TV in Leblanc and select answer A (Knowledge +1).

Go to Bathhouse (Charm +3) at the end of the day.


Reach the treasure in Madarame's Palace.


Spend the time with Tae Takemi during the day (Guts +1, important dialogue options: 1) A, 3) A, 4) B - Death Rank 7). Spend the evening with Sojiro Sakura.


Drink juice in Shibuya Underground Walkway (Knowledge +1)

Watch movies with Ryuji Sakamoto (Kindness +3, answer A).

Spend the evening with Toranosuke Yoshida (Sun Runk 3).


Finish The Gallant Rogue in the train (Guts +3).

Pick answer A at school (Knowledge +1).

In the afternoon switch the current book to Arsene book.

Go to the hideout and write a calling card.

Save the game in the evening and use crafting bench. Keep loading the game until you get Proficiency +3.


Steal Madarame's Heart in Madarame's Palace.

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