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Find Rose's wayward sister Velvet - part 2

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Magdalena Tomkowicz & Bartek Kossakowski

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Break the statues if you want - there's gold in some of them. Send one minion to grab the spoke in the middle of the room and put it back on to the broken mechanism (#1) - now you can open the door and set Velvet... free? Watch the scene and you'll see what's going on here: now choose if you stay with Rose or dump her for Velvet. We're going the normal evil option so at that point you stay by Rose. Now you've learnt an important thing: Rose can upgrade your minions in the tower: browns for free, but for the blues you have to pay 5000 gold. If you want to see the effects, go to your tower private chambers. You can also get a new carpet or some statues on the occasion.

1 - Find Rose's wayward sister Velvet - part 2 - Walkthrough - Overlord - Game Guide and Walkthrough
2 - Find Rose's wayward sister Velvet - part 2 - Walkthrough - Overlord - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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Comments and responses

candesco 14/04/2014 12:28

Actually there ain't much difference between the two sisters. Yes, Velvet gives you access to a more darker decoration for your tower, but does that make her more evil? I don't think so. Rose is quite evil too. Rose is the spoiled brat and has a thing for placing things in the right order. Cares probably a little more for people then her sister, as she offers shelter for those plague victims. Velvet is the greedy one, cares only for things if it makes her better. Probably that's why she would marry the paladin. But for the game it doesn't matter who you side with. If you start to rampage spree, but decide to stick with rose nothing extra happens. You only have to think which kind of minion do you use most and which kind of decoration you like more. Last time i went for rose, but i pillaged spree, making them angry on me. Also kidnapped the women from spree. I think i will go for velvet now, as i use the greens alot. Also, rose is getting on my nerves sometimes.

jollyroger53 09/01/2010 20:23

I stuck with Rose because better the b*tch you know than the one you don't! BTW, has anyonyone ever targeted Rose in the tower, and then smacked her? It's a hoot!!!

[killjoy] 15/07/2009 05:11

Just a note as this guide doesn't state too many specifics as to your other option. Velvet is the more evil of the choices and can conversely upgrade your greens and reds (minions). Also, she comes with the bed you carry her off on and you will then find it up in your bedroom. The bedroom and upper rooms will have gotten a slight remodel in decor as well, accommodating Velvet's taste. Last, several new Tower Upgrades became available. Two new banner flags - Skull and Serpent - and the removal of most of the previous flags, buttress fang spikes and fang top for the tower itself, throne of darkness, black carpet, chandeliers, a banquet hall for the room across from the bedroom, and more. Few of these such as the statues, carpet and throne have further upgraded versions once purchased also. Check out the link below to see some pics of said upgrades.

Zodiac795 10/04/2009 23:34

i would of chose velvet because she's obviously better than rose but rose could upgrade my browns and i use them the most so it was rose all the way. overlord 2 is out soon too 2 months to wait :)

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