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I've already said earlier that tuning options in "Most Wanted" aren't too complicated. The game is less "demanding" than the products from the "Underground" series, HOWEVER you mustn't forget about buying new performance upgrades. Otherwise you would have some serious problems with most of the challenges. Thankfully, you won't have to buy every possible upgrade, especially at the beginning of the Career mode. Better parts will be unlocked after beating drivers from the Black List. Performance upgrades are the most important elements of the vehicle tuning. Here's what you can buy:

Engine: Bear in mind that the list of the unlocked packages depends on how many drivers you were able to defeat. You should also know that some cars will only allow you to choose between two sets of parts (not three). I'd personally recommend avoiding any contact with these type of vehicles, because you'd have some serious problems with the early challenges. These type of modifications affect acceleration and top speed.

Gearbox: Gearbox modifications affect two bars. You will be able to notice a slight increase in acceleration, however the more important factor is the top speed. As a result, you should be interested in these packages if you have one of the slower cars.

Suspension: The answer is a rather obvious one, at least in this case. You will be able handling abilities of the current vehicle. Furthermore, the most expensive suspension upgrades will also allow a minimal increase in acceleration and top speed.

Nitro: You should already know something about these kind of parts, especially from the previous Chapter of this game guide. You will be able to choose between several different types of instalations. Buying Nitro upgrades will affect your acceleration, however you will also be able to increase an overall top speed.

Tires: The results will be similar to the Suspension upgrades. Buying better tires will affect your handling. Furthermore, you will be able to notice a very high increase of this value. As a result, you should buy new tire sets as soon as possible.

Brakes: I think it's rather obvious that this modification will affect your handling abilities. While the increase seems to be very slight, you should notice the difference during the race itself. There are many challenging corners in the game. You should have the best possible brake sets in order to decrease a possibility of hitting the nearby walls.

Turbocharger: You should know what to expect from these kinds of parts, especially when you've taken a closer look at the Performance Tuning window. As for the bars, you will notice a slight increase in acceleration and top speed.

Two other windows aren't that important. You will have an opportunity to improve the visuals of your current car. The first group contains full body-kits. The list of possible upgrades depends on the chosen car. Some vehicles have only 2-3 body-kits, while the others may be rewarded with 4 or even 5 different packages. You will also have an opportunity to buy other groups of parts - rear spoilers, new rims or the improved hoods. Bear in mind that new parts will be unlocked after taking down drivers from the Black List. Third menu will allow you to paint your vehicle or its rims (there are three types of paint available), buy additional vinyls (also unique ones), apply window tint or acquire sport gauges.

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simon1302 21/05/2012 14:36

naz13 no one will believe you,cause you can only store 25 cars in your garage(15 blacklist cars and 10 from shop).

BoogieManTHC 05/01/2012 06:32

you guys are hilarious!! oh use these preformance stats they are the best. each car is different you morons so if you are going to waste your time posting specs at least state what car they perform for!

haydog1234 12/05/2010 01:40

hi guys im new to this website... I love nfsmw it is my fave game in the world ive beat it like 20 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Already Beat the Game to Kyaw 14/02/2007 22:00

you can get it only in the Need for Speed: Most Wanted Black Edition

naz13 08/01/2007 18:30

I beat all the blcklists in just 1 week what do you say to that ha! I've got every single car with so much money and bounty

Kyaw 26/12/2006 13:46

Can I get a BMW Customising Car!

FLAMER 2 GANGSTER 10/12/2006 10:02


nikhil 28/11/2006 03:02

i have a problem in my game,whenever i play this game and i am almost about to win ,the game will suddenly get minimised and the application will close.i cant even beat one rival properly,with great great difficulty i could beat Izzy.someone please help me PPLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

Fj Wasi 04/11/2006 10:17

get unique performance parts instead of pink slips cuz nd put it on ya fav ride...mine was da carrera nd ive seen it do 360

Bazooka 30/10/2006 21:47

PROBLEM: ... when i go and try to upgrade my car with performance i can't ... i have defeted no10 on the list and still no upgrades available ... i can only see stock and i cant go right or left ... the menu is available on Visual but not on parts and performance ... can somebody help me ???? PLS ...

bull 02/10/2006 23:34

ive seen the bmw in races how so u get it not the bonus one the one u can cuztimize

Tomi 23/09/2006 11:05

Hello skacok !

supper37 05/09/2006 21:04

yeah, but you can only get it in quick race mode

Taz 05/09/2006 14:29

dont u win da c6.r wen u beat the game 4 da 1st time??

supper37 02/09/2006 21:24

yeah, its a good car, but you can only use it Quick Race

it's mE 01/09/2006 02:01

is it a good car?

supper37 30/08/2006 17:11

once you get number 1 in everything on the rap sheet, go to quick race and when you are choosing your cars, choose up and cycle through to bonus cars. you will get the Corvette C6.R in there.

cash-8 30/08/2006 05:28

its says at the end that after yur number 1 on all catogories on the rap sheet ur 1 step closer to a reward. can anyone tell me what the hell that is

ingrainedhydra 17/08/2006 22:01

yea just try to take on me and ShrunkShRoOmZ

almighty 05/08/2006 20:35

oh ya my email is

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