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Resistances MMX: Legacy Guide

During your journey you'll often come across variety barrels full of colorful liquid or crystals which can be touched. You do not know their effects until you "taste" them, but here you can find information on which color influences which skills or resistances.

Two resistance crystals - Resistances - Might & Magic X: Legacy - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Two resistance crystals


Red - Resistance to Fire Magic

Green - Resistance to Earth Magic

Purple - Resistance to Prime Magic

Black - Resistance to Dark Magic

White - Resistance to Air Magic

Blue - Resistance to Water Magic

Yellow - Resistance to Light Magic

Dark blue - +1 Magic

Dark red - +1 Might

White - +1 Perception

Purple - +1 Destiny


Blue crystal - Resistance to Water Magic

Green crystal - Resistance to Earth Magic

Black crystal - Resistance to Dark Magic

Purple crystal - Resistance to Prime Magic

Red crystal - Resistance to Fire Magic

Yellow crystal - Resistance to Light Magic

White crystal - Resistance to Air Magic

Pink crystal - Resistance to all Magic schools.

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