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The Murder of Crows

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Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz

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You set off in a restaurant, following a guy in a red bird suit - The Murder of Crows - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You set off in a restaurant, following a guy in a red bird suit. Keep track of him - it's easy to loose him with all the crowds out in the streets. His path is somewhat random, he won't be taking the same way each time. You have to sedate him before he reaches the bookstore in the North-Western corner of the map. Do it when he enters a back alley, preferably with a container nearby to store a body. Wear that idiotic costume of his and take the suitcase. Recovering it is an optional task in this mission, so you'll be carrying it the rest of the level.

1 - The Murder of Crows - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Enter the bookstore and go to the first floor - The Murder of Crows - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Enter the bookstore and go to the first floor. Place the suitcase on the desk when you're told to. Don't listen to the guard who orders you to leave. Instead, wait for him to leave (duh). Your first target is here for you to kill. Get rid of him and place the body in a container. Take his radio.

2 - The Murder of Crows - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough
You now have to leave the bookstore - it won't be easy, as long as you want to take the suitcase with you (and you do) - The Murder of Crows - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You now have to leave the bookstore - it won't be easy, as long as you want to take the suitcase with you (and you do). To do that, you'll have to get a yellow costume. Wait for the guard to enter the room and sedate him. You don't have to hide the body. Take the suitcase and wear his costume, then leave the building.

3 - The Murder of Crows - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The two targets you now have to kill are talking through the radio - The Murder of Crows - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The two targets you now have to kill are talking through the radio. The woman is walking around the streets and you should see her on yours map when you're close enough (listen to what they're saying to know where she is). Wait for her to enter a back alley and strangle her. Remember to do that near a container to hide the body, as the back alleys are also being patrolled by the cops. Don't forget the suitcase - if you leave it alone for too long, one of the policemen will grab it.

To get the final target, you'll have to enter the club he's in (it's chosen randomly from among 3 available on the map). The procedure is the same in each case - you first go to the back to find a waiter/partygoer having a break, then sedate (or knock out, it you're out of sedatives) him and take his clothes. You're free to enter the building (remember that as a guest you can't go to the kitchen or so). The birdie you're hunting for is at the top floor. Go there and get rid of him. Grab your suit on your way to the exit.

HINT: There's a fine sniper rifle near the last target, but taking it will alert everyone around, so don't do it unless you're not running for Silent Assassin on this one.

4 - The Murder of Crows - Walkthrough - Hitman: Blood Money - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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Comments and responses

Silent_Assasin 18/07/2011 03:44

When you start in the hotel, watch where the delivery bird leaves, if he walks to the Left after exiting it will be much easier to sedate him near a dumpster so you don't have to rack up a kill, if he enters the large square alleyway your in luck, there are no patrols through that area but to be safe sedate him, take the outfit and the case, at this point there are 2 things that can make things simple, 1. you can place a bomb in the suitcase (You cannot recover it but It will only kill mark quickly) or 2. Take it into the office and WAIT for the guard bird to leave the room as soon as he does close the door and place the case on the table, quickly kill mark, take the walkie-talkie you will hear Raymond and Angelina talking suggestively to eachother while also giving away Angelina's positions, there is a way to cause an accident for Angelina by dropping a piano on her, I wont get into details, She will normally be in alleyways and take up to 10-30 second pauses before moving again, Raymond will be on the 3rd floor of one of the clubs sometimes there will be a couple making out near the top of the stairs so it's advised you take a waiter/chef outfit before entering a stairwell, if raymond sees you in any outfit he will fire upon you alerting everyone below, take him out from behind, there will be a Trg (I assume its like the TPG rifle) sitting against a wall, although there is no case to conceal it in so collect it after you have already completed the mission. All there is to do now is retrieve your suit from the alley you knocked out the delivery bird in, take the diamond's case if it is not destroyed by using the bombing technique and make your escape, if no one witnessed you killing them you will have a silent assassin rating Notes: -Don't put the diamond's case too quickly on the table as you may be fired upon. (A bug possibly) -If exiting the building as the delivery bird, walk slowly out of the building if you have the case with you for less suspicion. -Mark carries a desert eagle, you should collect it when you kill him, it can come in handy in later missions. -Don't try to cause fall accidents as you will be seen from the floors below. -A quick tip, silencers are not required for any mission, so long as there are 2+ doors (Closed) between the rooms of you and your enemies if you fire, conceal and hide in a closet you shouldn't worry unless it isn't one of your targets. -Drunken characters may not notice dead or unconscious people, Ive killed Angelina multiple times not noticing a drunkard coming around the alley and he seemed to just stare at her with a bullet in her head, walk past, and take a piss someplace

[ see image ]bald_47 17/09/2008 15:22

pity i can't post my own walkthrough . i wish i would . but even if i do , my walkthrough won't be much different from the originally poster's.

degude 01/07/2008 03:07

This guide is pretty good but u should make some changes. First of all you don't need to kill the red bird. Just let him deliver the suitcase. During the time he goes to the bookshop you go to the place where the piano is and place a bomb. If you are good you also can kill Raymond after that before the red bird delivers the suitcase (see descibtion above). Then you will see (no matter where u are) how the red bird delivers the suitcase. To get it you go to the bookshop but u don't take the mainentrance, instead you go to the backyard (left from the mainentrance) and you'll find a yellow bird on the left next to a container. You simply sedate him but you have to watch out because there is another yellow bird. When you have his suit and got rid of his body, go inside through the backentrance and go upstairs. Kill Mark, get rid of him, take the suitcase and leave.

geek 18/06/2008 16:19

i liked the walkthrough but i found my own way to do it that is what i like about blood money you can do something different every time you play

Datadanne 07/05/2008 06:00

If you put the briefcase on the table before he tells you to do it, Then the yellow guard bird will start shooting you. :S

MadMacStew 18/01/2008 12:34

Only if you sneak into the right bar when the staff aren't looking, which is *very* tricky if you're trying for Silent Assassin - especially on Pro when you don't have helpful target symbols.this post has been modified by its author [2008-01-18 13:39:52]

UnKn0wN 09/01/2008 19:59

I could do this mission without any diguises.

MadMacStew 09/01/2008 08:13

There are many ways to complete this level, here's an entirely different approach from the guide - a silenced pistol should be just fine. Quickly leave the start hotel, turn left into the first alleway and a cop will enter it on patrol. Follow him until he turns through the archway, drop him, take his clothes and dump his body in the nearby container. Then run back onto the main street, turn left and enter the next alleway (with the raised platform and dumpster). You should be in time to sneak up behind red bird having a pee beside the dumpster. Kill/sedate him, don't take his costume but quickly dump his body (a cop will soon appear) and grab the briefcase. Mason will soon appear - follow her until she is in a quiet spot, then kill her and hide her body. Then (and here's why you need the cop uniform) enter as many of the bars as you need to until you find Kulinsky. Shoot him in the head and grab his gun, which you can place in the briefcase. Then you have all the time in the world - enter the book store to the right of the yellow-bird guarded alleway, sneak upstairs and place a bomb behind Purayah's desk. Then leave the store, cross the street to where you can see Purayah through the balcony door and wait until he goes behind his desk. Boom! and you're done. Retrieve your suit on the way out and there you have it - no need for red or yellow bird costumes, and a place to hide a rifle.

dIeGuIxD 24/11/2007 06:41

WOW DUDE, i just got this mission done as silen assassin n it took me 3 tries to get it finally done, i changed my plan by puttin the RU-AP mine to the piano, the rest was the same stuff above, this one was cool b/cthere's a bunch of peeps in here

dIeGuIxD 24/11/2007 04:59

u can go to any club if u r dressed as a polica officer

[ see image ]falcon43 14/10/2007 23:20

if you dont want to get the delivery guys uniform to kill the guy in the bookstore you dont have to. take your sniper rifle on this mission and in the alleyway where the piano is suspended, theres a pipe you can climb and you can see the balcony your target walks out on. when hes out there just snipe him.

legendkeano94 03/09/2007 10:16

the easiest way to take out the woman is to put a mine on a winch which is suspending a piano in an alley section on a west part of the map, then simply wait for her to walk inderneath-activacte the mine-the winch will break and the piano will crush her.

Black Star 16/04/2007 22:45

1.Do get the red suit and kill the guy at the bookstore as said above. But then throw the case out of the balcony and ran down fast so no one else gets it. Retrive it. 2.Get to the ally opposite to the book store, thats where she is coming. Then u see two guys drinking. Get to work here and climb up until u reach the end where the piono is held and put a bomb there. that piano will kill her. 3.Last is yours and u choose any way to finish him off... Good luck..........

shap47 14/04/2007 14:15

wait fpr him to get in mark's place and sedate him quick.

madross 13/04/2007 09:03

i cant seem to get the delivery guy with the breifcase without alerting the cops and advice??

shap47 09/04/2007 22:09

suit only silent assassin for this level: (1 accident) (youre going to need a handgun for this, i suggest a silenced silverballer) go to the alley on ur right where mason is, then go behind her, nd drop a coin. when she sees it, human-shield her then put her where the coin is, then poison/shoot her (must be silenced!) note:if u put her somewhere eles, the police might find her body. go to the back alley at mark's place near the library. wait for the yellow bird to walk in the door and then wait for him to come out. if he caught you, go behind him and human sheild him, then know him out. go up stairs and purayah's bodyguard may catch u so human shield him and KO him. wait for the red bird to come in, if u didn't pick up the yellow bird's gun, he is going to pick it up, sedate him quick. ok, clear the bodys where purayh cant see them before you kill him. now purayah's turn. drop a gun for him and go back of him, and human shield him. you could either KO him and drop him over rail (not outside) or press a drop to attamally drop him over rail. now go where raymond is on ur map. it may be hard but go to the bar's back alley and you find urself at a bar with your suit! =P go in the kitchen but the tricky part is the waiter that takes out the trash is trouble. if he catches you, dont leave but leave the kitchen not the bar. ok, go where's raymond is hiding then, bang! or close combat him. dont forget the diamonds case!

shap47 06/04/2007 21:39

i hate raymond. how do you get his snioer when hes at the rock bar? your ica drop box is far away! wear a police uniform?

raymond snipe 02/04/2007 08:37

if you want kill ramond easy, find the apartmant block with the sleeping man. with your own sniper rifle look out the window and you should see him in the oppersite building. [ sometimes isnt in the building] snipe him, done.

Hawk 25/03/2007 14:10

IMAO.....whenever i steal raymond's suit the guards are like WTF? then they shoot me, thought i was "everybody kills raymond"/"everybody hates raymond"/"everybody F*CKS up with raymond" yay!! raymond's a hated person!! ;) i hate raymond because he sniped the freaking polictic while i was awaiting for that mason girl. lol that was long ago.

fleaz 24/03/2007 02:27

kill raymond at the first of the mission, and throw the sniper rifle over the balcony into the streets. the cops will pick it up an bring it to the "security alley", when your finished the mission, head there and wait for the smoking guard to turn his back, then grab the sniper rifle and get it to the ICA box in a nearby building. BOO-YAH! Silent Assassin w. sniper rifle.

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