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Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of Fate Game Guide

Campaign 3, Mission 3 - Meeting | Campaign 3 - Ylaya's Task HOM&M V HOF Guide

This is a very weird mission, kind of "I'll attack that one, but another will hit me from the back - so I'll move back to strengthen my positions but they will capture my second castle. At the same time third one will attack me and fourth enemy will surprise me from other side". Very hard mission because there are also 5 other players. But computer players will eliminate each other so after two weeks there will be only two more opponents.

Main task:

  • Find portal leading to Raelag secret hideout;
  • Malassa'a child must survive;
  • Ylala must survive.

Secondary tasks:

  • Collect six artifact made of Dragon Bone (task from Seer Hut).
Hero: Main hero will reach 22nd experience level - Campaign 3, Mission 3 - Meeting - Campaign 3 - Ylaya's Task - Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of Fate - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Hero: Main hero will reach 22nd experience level.

Bonus: As a bonus choose 7 Crystals. They will be useful for efficient town expanding.

You start in (1) having only one castle. Start expanding it. Occupy nearby mines with your hero. You should possess majority of buildings bought within two and a half weeks. In the middle of third week take your army to Ylala and head to (2). After capturing the city stay in it a little bit longer.

Now the scenario looks like this: one of your opponents will be attacking castle 2, hoping to capture it. You should stand in garrison nearby (white square close to (2)) and wait for next waves of opponent's forces. The second enemy will attack you from southeast. Wait two weeks then buy second hero and move him to (3). After capturing the castle wait week or two eliminating all enemies that may appear near you.

Now go to the (4). You can recruit here Dungeon units. The only thing you can do now is to recruit new units, take them to Ylaya and move to take over the (5). After battle you will be left alone on the map and you can easily explore it.

Remember to build 5th level Mage Guild in all your cities. Implosion and Meteor Shower will be very useful.

After defeating all fighting units you will get 8-piece set made of Dragon Bone on place situated in (6). When you get it to the Seer Hut (7) you will be automatically teleported to the front of strong unit. You can also find there a portal leading to the end of this mission (8). In other case you have to enter portal labyrinth nearby (7) and then finally get to the (8).

Units on your way are very strong and there are quite many of them (17 Archangels for example). But first you also got strong army and second if you followed my advices your Empowered Implosion should inflict now about 2100 injuries.

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