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Campaign 6: The Mage - Heroes of Might and Magic V Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Malwina "Mal" Kalinowska

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Campaign 6. Mission 4.

Quests - Missions IV, V - Campaign 6: The Mage - Heroes of Might and Magic V - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Capture Isabel and stop the ritual.

Zehir, Godric and Findan must survive.

In this mission you should focus on Godric, as he has the shortest way before him and the most opportunities to hire new troops. First you'll have to eliminate the light-blue player, so he doesn't interrupt.

Godric and Findan are for now separated from Zehir. Visit all the recruitment points with them and capture the city to the West (1). Meanwhile, use Zehir to capture the one to the East (2). South of it, there's a huge Academy recruitment point. Now use Zehir to destroy the Eastern garrison (3) and Godric or Findan to destroy the Western one (4).


Confront Raelag.

Raelag and Shadia (green) appear to the North-West.

Zahir's next quest will be to capture the blue castle (5) and the others should take care of the one to the South of the center of the map (6). When you capture the fourth castle, the light-blue player is out. The paths meet above those towns, so your heroes can finally meet.

Now Godric will take the brown post (7). Behind it there's an upgrade point, a lookout point and a brown Haven-type city (8), worth capturing. Expand the city and take the troops from it. To get some additional funds, have Zehir use the road along the Eastern border of the map. He'll reach a teleport which will lead him to two spots full of gold.

There's a road from your newly acquired Haven city to another post (9). Go further to find the next city (10), which should be claimed by Godric. The way to the North-West is leading straight to the place where the green player is (11). All that's left is to defeat the dark-blue garrison defenders that are blocking the way. Approach Raelag and Shadia, but don't attack them. A cut-scene will occur, and they will join you. They don't have to do anything particular, just use them to capture some more mines.

Isabel awaits you in the North-Western corner of the map. - Missions IV, V - Campaign 6: The Mage - Heroes of Might and Magic V - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Isabel awaits you in the North-Western corner of the map.


Raelag and Shadia must survive.

Go West of the meeting place to find the last garrison, and behind it - Isabel's castle (12). Godric should defeat her in battle, thus ending this scenario. It's good to destroy the castle's defenses first. If you lack units to be successful here, capture some more of brown player's cities.

Campaign 6. Mission 5.

Quests - Missions IV, V - Campaign 6: The Mage - Heroes of Might and Magic V - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Save Isabel.

Capture Biara.

Heroes must survive.

This mission consists of consecutive battles for all your heroes. There are no recruitment points here. The key is to *save* units. On higher difficulty levels it's best to repeat a battle each time you think the losses are too great. Make use of all of your assets here.

At first each hero will have to defeat the nearby garrison's defendants. You want to minimize your losses here. Everyone will meet in the center of the map, where Biara is hiding. It doesn't matter which hero you use to attack the city, every one of them will have his turn here. When you win, you'll be teleported to a one-way path to Demon Lord's castle.


Confront the Demon Lord.

There's a castle at the end of the road - spot the mana regeneration point nearby. The situation is the same as before, all of your heroes will fight in this one. Focus on destroying the magical barrier using the catapults or any other means necessary.

The shield is not very strong, one or two catapult shots will do. - Missions IV, V - Campaign 6: The Mage - Heroes of Might and Magic V - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The shield is not very strong, one or two catapult shots will do.

The last series of battles is of course against the Demon Lord himself. Try to finish him off as soon as possible, as he has some powerful massive damage destructive spells. This time you don't have to save your units, as it's the last battle you'll fight in the campaign. Isabel is free, hazza for you.

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Comments and responses

stlw 01/09/2010 16:18

I suprised that don't see this tip in the walkthrough - in last mission you don't to fight the garnisons in the beginning, I just jumped over the garnison using 'Instant Travel' spell and saved all my troops for final battle.

Lky Labs 20/03/2010 01:53

In Campaign 6 Mission IV it is not important which of your heroes will beat Isabel. Use your strongest one! The more important thing is to cope with the number of her armies, which is possible! First of all, we have to clear the question, how Isabel is getting so many paladins. The answer is simple. She is using her Expert Training skill and converts other troops into Cavaliers, then she upgrades them to Paladins. That is what you can do too, and you will be able to size up a really powerful army against her. Only Godric is able to do this, however, since the other heroes do not have the Expert Trainer knight skill. Soon after you try to do it, you will realize that Isabel is obviously cheating regarding gold, since this kind of upgrading units is extremely expensive. Although Isabel has a built-in Tear of Asha, she wouldn't have enough gold to upgrade most of her troops all the time, when you cannot do the same with 8 cities, of which 4 are necropolises, bringing only gold! Well, how can you get enough gold? First, conquer all other enemy cities and upgrade their income to maximum! Buy peasants, and recruit them from the peasant huts, but DO NOT upgrade them to Conscripts, since only peasants are paying taxes! After a few months they will be your main source of income. Search for hero Ellaine in the tavern, who has a bonus to double the income received from the peasants in her army. You should have defeated her previously, and there is a good chance that she will appear in your tavern for hiring. I got her and took her. Give her all of the peasants! You will be very surprised how your income will rise from week to week! I collected some 8K peasants, which generated 16K daily income being with Ellaine! When I met Isabel, she had only some 30 more paladins than I had in my army, while I had more than double other troops she had! You may have even more troops than she has if you follow this strategy, I just had no more patience to continue with this. There is quicker way to defeat Isabel, but I don't think it is so secure as this one. Also, you may use the time to advance all of your heroes to their maximum on this map, which may be reasonably good for the last mission. In Campaign 6 Mission V there are not many questions. If you advanced your heroes properly, they should defeat quite easily all enemies. I was surprised though that I didn't usually have time for resurrecting my troops in the heat of the battle. Banish is, however, more than a useful skill here. On some places, like breaking down the walls protecting the Demon Sovereign, you may save some of your troops if you do not let enter all of them into battle. Final comment: Heroes V is a nice addition to the collection, the 3D is awesome, but unfortunately I missed some of the old spells. Also there were some extremely good innovations in Heroes IV, which disappeared here. All in all, it was fun! About the parts: - Heroes 1 was a realt innovation. - Heroes 2 had the best atmosphere. - Heroes 3 was technically perfect, and had an extremely advanced AI. - Heroes 4 was more reasonable, logical and even more comfortable than any other parts. - Heroes 5 has awesome visual solutions, and also a few good innovations (like the possibility to save some units before the battle starts).

beadaal 06/03/2009 16:14

What a let down. After finally finishing the last battle, instead of seeing the last movie, I'm sent back to start the battle all over again, in an endless cycle. I've had some real frustrations with this game and this is the real capper.

beadaal 03/03/2009 22:45

Mission 4 seemed easy, I breezed through it right up until I got to isabel who had me outpowered 4 to 1. So, I sent all of my heroes around, gathered up every army I could, and converted them all to undead troops. All of the heroes had armies from different factions so that was a way of getting a 'common denominator' for all armies. Then I parked them all outside one town while I sent one hero (Godric, I think) up with 400-500 low power troops, 50-150 mid power troops, and 33 shadow dragons. I took Isabel without problem on Day 5, Week 3, Month 2.

GoBlue/Michigan 19/01/2009 23:08

Playing Mission 5, final battle, Findley is obviously woefully underdeveloped, he can't win to save his life. Is there a way to redevelop findley without having to do all the other characters and missions?

Jason200032 31/08/2008 02:17

campaign 5 mission 4 is easy, got it my first try. I went normal pace...didnt rush, didnt build an army. just followed pathways, collected treasure, used stat boosts etc. my Findan and Raelag are my best heroes, each with expert luck. oh, if you read this, ALWAYS get luck...each clan has a special luck bonus when at expert. elves get double 225% dmg when luck is hit (instead of the normal 200%), and eventually get "natures luck" where every hit is "lucky". so it basically makes your army have 2.25 times more units...huge! Raelag has the luck bonus where spells get the luck roll as well., so, my 800 dmg Metoer shower + empowered spell skill does 1400 + luck does 2800 to a large area, usually 5 units. 2800 to 5 units? hell yea! or Implosion: 1400 + empowered spell = 2100 + luck bonus = 4200 to one unit...yes! anyway, i used Raelag and gave him Findan's unicorns. Isabell had 11 arch angels, 35 paladins, and 40-100 of the lesser units. i did this on Hard, maybe the 1000 paladin guy has it on heroic? anyway, with Raelags powerful destructive magic, the battle was quite simple. great game, had loads of fun playing it! good walkthru too, is there an expansion for Heroes 5?

hommvmast11 17/01/2008 09:28

i had been playing this game without any trouble until mission 4. when i attacked isabel in mission 4, she had like 391 paladins, 541 marksmen, 55 archangels, 1029 squires, and 186 imperial griffins. umm how am i supposed to beat that. i have an army that is similar except for a 250 paladin difference. i don't know how to stop them and i moved reasonably fast throughout the mission. is this a glitch or what?

hjjh 08/12/2007 16:56

Hey, First it's a great guide! Now, I'm stuck at the 5th campaign at the last mission when Findan must kill Vampire Lord Nicolai. So I did the quest given to get the Phoenixes but I was dumb enough to toss (I know I know dumb) anyway I also saved instead of my previous save since I'm using quick saves (F5). Right now I'm trying to kill Nicolai but unfortunately hes always reviving him self! I tried to let him conquer one of my towns (I own all of the castles) and then kill him but it didn't work, I mean he took the town then I attacked him with Findan and he died, I got the town and nothing happant he just revived him self as usual! What do I do? Thanks ahead.

Vladimir 21/11/2007 06:24

Yep, campaign 5 mission 4: did it 3 times, game doesn't allow me to play mission 5. I went rather fast to Isabel's castle and made sure i had only 4 heroes so Raelag and Shadya could join me. Then attacked isabel and won. Game let me choose skill, then shows Missions completed, victory, then the video of the ritual, then again let me choose skill, then again Victory missions completed. then screen to select the missons BUT... can't select mission 5. What's going on ? What's wrong ? I play games for as long as there are computers, i'm an experienced high level player. I love PC games but i don't like to be screwed by any developer that brings a game out that can't be completed. Got all the patches, got all the expansions installed. I WANT TO FINISH A GAME THAT I BOUGHT = payed money for !!!! I visited many sites and the lack of given any answer to players shows the disrespect of the developer towards costumers !! I'm a big fan of Heroes V, got them all, played them all. I want to finish Heroes V !!!! And don't blame it on my PC as it is a brand new one Duel core with all latest graphic and soundcards !!! Hey developer, where is your answer ? Wher is the patch or guideline to fix that problem ??? MB

Madhava 26/10/2007 19:41

@2bs: me also stuck in mission4! I have all 9 towns and the entire map under control, but Raelag and Shadya are nowhere to be found. Probably that is because I instant-travelled over the trees and defeated the garrison 11 from the left side? Isabell was defeated by Findan and an army of 1K marksman+others, using phanom forces. BTW, my Findan had 120=Attack+Defense+Spellpower+Knowledge. Anyway, will have to play the mission again, following the excellent walkthrough.

Vampire_Lord 21/07/2007 20:06

I am at the Ranges. When and how does the first campaign come to an end. I have been guarding the gates for more than a year. Can anyone help?

jss 09/06/2007 02:08

In mission4, Isabel has got like 35 archangels, 100 paladins= others....its impossible to beat her :-( The strategy given here does not work.....I dont know what else to do.....Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

BC 30/03/2007 05:14

Great walkthrough....started using it in the 4th campaign nd it really helped...about 16 consectuvie battles in the last mission not bad.....isabel...i will hate that name forever though

BC 29/03/2007 01:33

whats the easiest way to kill to beat isabel if anyone could give me a clue thanks in misssion 4

Rikstrr 24/03/2007 04:15

Not much fun in Biara for me2.. crash crash, and another crash, always immediately after killing a horned thingy. Bah. Happily it is in the last mission of the last campaign, so I only missed the last cut scene. But compliments for the walkthrough, it helped me out many times.

Sef 12/02/2007 18:50

I am still in campaign one, mission 4. Whenever I try to get to the green crypt to get the boot of levitation I can't. It won't let me move anywhere near it. Anyone have any ideas.

delaner 10/02/2007 15:29

when I'm fighting Biara the game crashes in either the first fight or the last, I've tried it quite a lot of times, but the game always crashes, does anyone know why?

Lord Dragon 07/02/2007 03:17

I have found it! :) I hate cheats - but since it was the only way so... @Win(); this will give the possibility to finish the game! :)

Banditt 06/02/2007 23:07

I have the same problem as Lord Dragon. Isabel is beaten but the mission does not end. Maybe someone knows the cheat to get an instant win in mision????

Lord Dragon 06/02/2007 23:00

Raelag and Shadia did not joined me. They are not hostile but I have no control over them. I won the battle with Isabel, seen the cut scene but mission is not completed! Any advice you can give to solve this problem?? I have not patched the game yet. Is patch going to fix this problem?

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