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Heroes of Might and Magic V Game Guide & Walkthrough

Heroes of Might and Magic V Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Malwina "Mal" Kalinowska
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Six campaigns, thirty missions - Introduction - Strategy guide - Heroes of Might and Magic V - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Six campaigns, thirty missions. You must complete them in a given order, as they are all connected by the game’s story. There’s a dramatic and touching scenario before you, a story of love and power. What’s unusual in video games’ world, most plots don’t get any happy endings here.

The further, the tougher – as always. This guide points out how to complete all the missions as fast as possible. It contains maps of all them. On some of them, there are additional hints on how to find certain places and objects. In order to complete the game, you have to perform all the quests pointed out below.

Good fighting!

Author: Malwina “Mal” Kalinowska

1 - Introduction - Strategy guide - Heroes of Might and Magic V - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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Heroes of Might and Magic V Video Game

Heroes of Might and Magic V
  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Nival Interactive

  • publisher: Ubi Soft

  • platform: PC

  • rated: 12+

Discover the perilous world of Ashan and ultimately lead your armies and Heroes to victory.

In the renowned Might & Magic universe, demon swarms spread chaos over the land in a relentless assault. The fate of the world is at stake and heroes from a variety of legendary factions must stand up and defend their causes. Live their fate, lead their forces to victory and unveil the secret goal of the demon lords.
Become a strategy gaming legend by raising unique hero characters, assembling armies and defeating enemies using the brand-new dynamic battle system both offline and online.
- Cutting-edge visual technology: For the first time, experience the world of Might & Magic in a full, breathtaking 3D animated world supported by a consistent and modern graphic style.
- A more mature & consistent heroic fantasy universe: Includes all the features that made the series successful in a completely revamped and more mature universe – with six unique factions and over 40 different creatures and spells.
- Complete strategy experience and RPG gameplay: During six campaigns and more than 30 missions, explore and conquer territories, manage your cities, recruit armies and raise and upgrade your heroes through a user-friendly yet deep turn-based system.
- Complete scalable turn-based battle system for challenging and tactical combats: Discover the combat system that made the Heroes series successful or experience the brand-new dynamic battle system that transforms a chessboard into a lively battlefield.
- Competitive, addictive, and intense multiplayer mode: Play five different online modes via hot seat, LAN or the Internet. Challenge your friends in furious battles and create your own level with the editor.
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Comments and responses

meme 14/02/2007 09:45

'how the hell do you split a stack in your army?' press and hold <shift>, then click on the monster and plce in onto another box

b2 07/02/2007 23:08

I'm playing the 'Dark knight' custom game and can't get the blue key master tent to give me the key. in the scenario info it just says 'second quest'... I cleaned the whole area and still nothing.. help!!!

MC 07/02/2007 07:25

slpit a army by clicking and holding the stack u want to split and put it over the box u want it in. while still holding the mouse buton press shift and u should get a window much like heroes 3 window

jimmy 16/01/2007 00:22

how the hell do you split a stack in your army?

latino dude 21/11/2006 11:53

muchas gracias

elmo 07/10/2006 21:12

but still the game is grrrrreat! the best strategy I ever played.

elmo 07/10/2006 21:10

2 weeks,and I still cant go further then 2nd ranger mission

thankful player 24/07/2006 07:39

great help, other web sites had guids but had unfinished levels on them.

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